Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A sunny April afternoon

As Lacey sped along the motorway heading for home and her children she noticed a stinging sensation just by her ankle. A smile slowly spread across her lips as she remembered. It was the holly that had scratched her ankle.

They had been chatting on msn on and off all day in between doing other things. He kept telling her how much he was looking forward to seeing her again. He wanted to lick her and make her cum all over him. He had tasted her before and he wanted more. He would lay her out on the picnic rug she was bringing. He was going to bury his face in her sex and lick her to delirium. She wanted to suck him, she had sucked his cock with such relish whenever they were together. Gordon asked Lacey if she would suck his balls too as last time she hadn’t sucked his balls for very long and he had enjoyed it so much. Lacey was going to suck Gordon’s balls and lick his cock before taking him in her mouth so that he could shoot his load in her mouth. Gordon wasn’t sure if he wanted to cum in her mouth or all over her boobs so she could lick his sperm from her own boobs. The idea of that really tickled Gordon. Then she would straddle him and they would fuck in that position which they both enjoyed, with his cock hitting just the right place that no one else seemed to manage.

Lacey was late leaving and then got stuck in traffic trying to avoid a hold up on the motorway. The nearer she got to their meeting place she could feel herself growing excited and her thong was getting damper and damper. Finally she pulled up in front of Gordon’s car he flashed her a big grin. They both got out and locked their cars. He pulled her to him in an embrace as they kissed beside her car. Holding hands they set off towards the woods. As he had waited for her Gordon watched most of the other visitors to this beauty spot disappearing in their cars. The pair of them chatted amiably about anything as they walked along him tall in his black trousers and navy blue Jacket, her much shorter in her flat sandals, black skirt and soft red fleece to keep out the chill wind. The sun was still warm on her face as they talked. Gordon led Lacey along a narrow winding path picking their way over tree roots making their way down the steep slope of the wooded hill. After they had walked for about 10 minutes the path levelled out and Gordon took Lacey in his arms kissing her passionately. Lacey responded with just as much passion as they ground their hips together. Lacey reached down between them rubbing his hard erection through the material of his trousers. Gordon’s hand slid up under her loose skirt finding the small piece of fabric covering her sex so inadequately. His fingers delving rubbing making her cum as they stood together on the side of the hill. Their kisses becoming more urgent as they rubbed each other. Lacey was getting so wet she could feel the moisture run down the inside of her thigh dripping onto her foot. Shouts were heard not far away, kids larking around. Both of them searching the area for the source of the voices. Lacey spots a couple of teenagers running down the slope between the trees over to her right. They wait breathing heavily kissing until they were sure they were alone again. Together they sat on an old fallen tree trunk lying beside the path. Gordon slid his trousers down to his knees so that Lacey could kneel beside him holding onto the tree trunk as she put her head down into his lap taking his length into her hand, stroking, licking and sucking. She could hear the soft moans coming from Gordon as she took her pleasure from his rock hard tool. It wasn’t possible to carry out their fantasy of earlier. Lacey sat up kissing him on the lips before standing to remove her baby pink thong. Gordon positioned himself as close to the edge of the tree trunk as he could without slipping as Lacey straddled him lowering herself into his lap as they clung to eachother as they fucked gently in this precarious position knowing that behind them was a slope they didn’t want to go tumbling down with their clothes in disarray. Their fuck was short and unsatisfactory due to their position but the thrill of being in the open knowing that anyone could come upon them at any moment added to the pleasure they had. With giggles and sighs they stood up and straightened their clothes for the walk back along the path in the hope they would find somewhere flat where they could have a better fuck. All too soon they were back at the open space close to the carpark. By now Gordon was worrying that their cars might get locked in the carpark so they made their way to their cars kissing and saying they would speak tomorrow. Now Lacey looked down at her ankle the scratch was from the holly she had stood in while straddling Gordon.


Anonymous said...

Fuck are you boring, this shit isn't worth the time it took to read, much less write. You're fucking TERRIBLE!

Percy said...

...and your qualifications to pass such harsh and insensitive judgements on people's work are what, precisely?

( - the sound of silence - )

...I thought as much.

What a ray of sunshine you are.


Sexy Vixen said...

Thank you Percy

I saw that comment within 2 minutes of publishing this post. I decided to ignore it

Anonymous said...

Your interview questions can be found on my blog..

Lady in red said...

I have read your questions and will answer them soon