Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lazily lying back against the pillows Anna scans her emails, one or two from friends, half a dozen from companies that have her on their mailing lists. But still no email from Jack, fighting back her disappointment she reaches under the duvet slowly moving the cold metal that silently vibrates inside her. Drawing it out very slowly, so that the vibrations work on just the right spot. Now it is more than just her hot pussy that feels the vibrations, her whole body is overtaken by her convulsions. Anna is aware of the blood draining from her head as she reaches her silent climax. It is always like this when Jack is away. It is as though she has imposed this rule on herself. Solo orgasms are silent orgasms, her moans are reserved for her handsome husband.

Anna doesn’t mind the silent heat, she is used to keeping her noise to a minimum from all those years of house sharing with Kelly-Anne and the various other house mates who had come and gone. Anna had felt that after her string of no good boyfriends she would be single forever then out of the blue just a week before she turned 30 she had met Jack. Both simultaneously reaching for the last copy of Swallows and Amazons. A smile spreads over her face at the memory.
‘no I’m sorry......if you really want it, take it, I can get it elsewhere’
‘thank you, a gift for my niece, she thinks she’s a boy, loves boats and books’.
‘I have some time to kill do you fancy a coffee, I would love to hear about this niece of yours’.

Anna had been instantly attracted by his big brown eyes and cheeky smile. Now just over two years later she missed him so much when he was away, like now. Another 3 days and he should be back where he belongs here inside her. Mmmmm, coming back to the here and now Anna adjusts the angle of her wrist allowing the gentle vibrations to hit the spot with a little more pressure, twisting the end the movement inside her increases. Across the hall the telephone interrupts her thoughts, allowing it to ring unanswered Anna loses herself once more on the crest of another orgasm. The fuck ring beneath her ass spreading as her juice runs from her stimulated pussy. Damn another sheet that will need washing.

Catching sight of the clock Anna realises she has been here too long she will be later for work if she strips the bed before she goes but it will have to be done.
‘fuck, I feel so, so, so, gawd not horny what is it, horny but more than that hungry, yes hungry that will do. Watch out Mr Wonderful sexy pants cos I’m gonna eat you the minute you get through this door.’
‘Oh oh here we go again’,
biting down on her lip Anna shudders through another orgasm.
‘God damn you Mr Wilson, why are you away when I need your tight ass here between my legs as you pump right into me, how I miss you darling.’

The alarm goes off reminding her that its time to stop playing, but she can’t resist a slight twist as she clamps her thighs around the end of this smooth vibrating metal, now as hot as she. One more shuddering climax, her wetness dribbling from her hot cunt, the towel below her giving minimum protection to their bedding.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Kind of Wonderful

My kind of wonderful

‘Take a deep breath and kiss me passionately without letting go. ‘

Anna obeyed Jack holding onto him for dear life as his fingers worked inside her, she could feel her body exploding in the best orgasm she had ever had. Again and again Jack encouraged her to kiss him in this way. Again and again orgasm after orgasm burst from the depths of her being.

‘Darling I can’t get enough of your love babe, you’re my reality, my everything‘

Jack whispers in Anna’s ear as she slowly comes back to earth after such intense feelings. Lying spent in his arms; Anna wonders how she ever survives every time her husband is away from her, sometimes for weeks at a time. She has loved Jack for two years now, 18 months of that time as husband and wife after a whirlwind romance. But still she is always amazed at his skills in giving her the best sex of her life. It isn’t just sex and neither is it just making love it is more than that. In Anna’s mind the phrase ‘making love’ is sweet, gentle and passionate. What Jack and Anna have is beyond that.

They have their moments of sweet gentle passion but mostly it is an all consuming exploration of each other not just in body but in mind too, pushing boundaries, trying new things. Neither of them had been totally naive when they met but neither had either of them been completely versed in the different sexual activities possible. Together they were on a journey to heaven, no not heaven paradise.

Each time Jack’s work as an internationally renowned Lawyer took him away from her side, they both spent some of their time apart researching. Surfing the net, reading about sexual pleasure. Jack would find sites that explained various techniques , all very technical, whilst Anna preferred to read blogs. She had a list of sex blogs she would read, some informative but mostly women and sometimes men describing sex that they had. Anna had befriended some of these people who encouraged and taught her so much. Sometimes there were forums where she could read stories some real life others fantasies.

When Jack returned from his travels Anna would draw him a bath with essential oils, aromatic candles on the window ledge flickering their warm glow as Anna bathed away all the stresses of Jack’s travels. Once Jack was relaxed he would reach out and gently pull on the belt of Anna’s silk robe, watching as the fold slipped from her body and she would climb into the corner tub beside him. Very quickly the oily water making both their bodies slippery as they clung together making love gently, the warm water lapping at their skin. As the water cooled Jack would pull the plug as they both absently watched the water disappearing until they were left in puddles of tepid liquid. Climbing out, taking Anna’s hand he gently pulls her to her feet, lifting her in his strong arms he carries her naked body to their Queen sized bed. Nuzzling his neck as he carries her Anna tells her husband for perhaps the hundredth time that she feels so lucky to have found him.

Placing her onto the bed so that her legs are draped over the side Jack kneels before her, lifting her legs over his shoulders he leans forward kissing her inner thighs with butterfly kisses. She knows he will drive her wild as her hands reach for his head, her fingers twisting in his luxurious deep brown hair. She tries to resist but she knows she will soon be pulling him to her pushing his face into her hot swollen cunt as he teases her labia with his tongue. They both knew the delirium she will be in as he taunts her body. He will be merciless in his play. He has learnt over the two years how to press her buttons sending her to the heights she tries to resist. Sometimes as she is climbing the walls of desire he will move back away from her, leaving her wanting more. There have been times he has even left the room. She wants to follow him and drag him back to the bed but her legs are too weak to hold her and all she can do is wait for his return.

She was shocked the first time he returned with pink silk scarves, as he tied her hands to the bed. She had never been tied before, but he wanted her to let go just let herself go with the release of having no control. It had been good, better than she had imagined. But if she thought that was a shock it was nothing compared to the time he had rolled her onto her stomach, again tying her hands not to the bed but together above her head. Silence had been followed by a sudden sting as he slapped her butt, he had revelled in the growing glow of red on her cheeks the warmth that emanated from her stinging flesh. She was surprised to find that she had enjoyed this, she hadn’t wanted to admit it to him but her body had given her away as the moisture trickled down her thighs.

When she felt she had had enough he would go back to licking her out, oh god how he drives her wild with his tongue, she misses it when he is away. But as he licks her she craves his delicious cock in her mouth. She wants to suck him to fill her mouth with his hard shaft. Anna can never quite decide what she wants more his cock in her mouth or his tongue in her pussy. Sometimes she clamps her legs together refusing to let him in until he joins her on the bed and they get into a 69 position so that she can suck and lick him while he has his nose pressing on her clit as he licks her out. Pure, unadulterated, bliss. She sucks and licks him until he comes in her mouth, she swallows some of it but savours the rest until she can kiss his lips, gifting him some of his precious cum. He had been startled the first time she had done that but now he enjoys it as much as she.

As they lie cuddled together her hand works on his penis bring back his hardness as she nips and flicks his nipples, he strokes her hair telling her how much he has missed her. Before long he is ready for her and slips between her legs, nudging her thighs apart he enters her slowly at first then gradually faster and harder until they collapse in a heap as they climax together. They fall asleep happy, when they wake that’s when the real acrobatic and experimental sex begins. When they show each other what they have learnt, the things they want to try. She is aware he still has those cute nipple clamps in his bedside drawer but she is afraid of those and she knows he won’t try them on her unless she feels ready.

‘Baby you are my dream, my wish and all my fantasies’

‘I want to lie like this with you forever.’ he replies.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

long distance arousal

Picking up his freshly charged champagne flute he presses send on his phone. With a wry smile he imagines her expression of defiance as she reads his words so far away on the other side of the world. He knows her initial response will be one of astonishment that he has dared to make this request. She will possible stick out her tongue in a gesture of impudence but then the twinkle of mischief will reach her eyes as she decides to give in to him but she won't be too compliant. This is part of their game. He gives her a request she turns him down so he gives her an order which she will challenge so he becomes her stern master and she becomes putty to his will. taking another sip of his chilled wine he muses how long will it be before he gets her reply, if the airwaves are busy he could be on his plane flying back to her before he gets the reply.

beep beep her text here already now that was quicker than he had expected. mmmm if their messages are getting through this fast he can have some real fun and she will be in a real tizz by the time he reaches her side. If only his flight wasn't so long. Opening her message it is as he had expected.

I'm busy working, I don't have time for your games, why don't you touch yourself instead? xxx

I am only asking you to play with your nipple and pretend it is my touch then send me a picture xxx

how much have you been drinking? xxx

thats my business now send me the picture of your hard nipple xxx

I told you I am too busy, why don't you take a picture of your own nipple and pretend it is mine ......ok x

what only one kiss, now, now, we are in a strop, where is the picture I want? xxx

He waves away the waiter he doesn't need any more champagne this game is going to be all the stimulation he needs for now, besides he mustn't have too much before boarding his flight. another hour before his driver will take him back to the airport, half an hour later he will be in the sky heading towards his lady love.

I told you I am working before I go to the gym, you want me to look good for you don't you sweetheart xxx

Now I am not happy I have asked you to play with your nipple and send me a picture why has this not arrived yet. Now as you have not done as I asked I am telling you that your picture must be here in 10 minutes. xx

giving orders now are you sir? xxx

yes now be a good girl and play with your nipple only now as you are taking so long I want pictures of both your nippples xxx

that should give her something to keep her busy for a few minutes, he knows she will make the pictures the best she can. opening his brief case he reads a couple of pages of the document he will be checking over on the plane. 15 minutes have passed and still nothing.

your master is displeased with you for your disobedience, you can be sure you will be taken in hand on my return. xx

Just as he presses the send button he receives a new text from her.

getting demanding now are you my master? here is one picture for you, I hope you are happy now. xxx

Your master concedes that this picture will go someway to making him happier on his journey. However you have not been as obedient as your master

my master I am sorry to have displeased, how can I make it up to you sir? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

young lady do you really think you will be spared punishment by lavishing your master with kisses. Please think again. xxx

Please master, you know I will do anything for you, what would you have me do so you won't need to punish me? xxxxxxxx

He feels now is the time to be bold with this woman of his. He has never pushed her in this way before, but he knows she enjoys a little spice. This distance between them is hard for them both. He has been trying to ignore the tightness in his pants. But now he feels close to bursting. He will
just send his demand then he will have to go to the discreet gents washroom to sort himself out. Just thinking about this woman gives him a rock hard arousal. here goes either she will do as he demands 'as it is for you my darling' or she will refuse. He finishes typing, shuts his eyes as he presses that little button with the word send. He is still busy in the freshly scented, immaculate cloakroom when he feels the vibration in his breast pocket followed by the beep beep.

Sir I cannot believe my master want's me to do this!!!

do you dare to disobey your master? xx

that was awkward he has never text while dealing with his manhood beforenow to finish this impotant business of what some refer to as wanking, such a distateful expression for something so exsquisite. back at his table he drains the flute eats the last of the little dish of stuffed green olives.

Master if you really wish a photo of my fingers in my pussy I shall do this as it is for my master, but I thought we had agreed that we both prefer suggestive pictures xxxx

young lady you are quite correct I do prefer suggestive photos but you will do this to prove to me that you belong to me and no one else.xxxxx

So it seems she is willing to do this for me he smiles to himself with satisfaction as he sees the hotel manager coming in his direction.

'Mr King if you would please follow me, your car is waiting, your bags are already checked in for you, we hope you have enjoyed your stay, it is such a pity you were only here such a short time on this visit. Will we be seeing you again soon sir? It is always such a pleasure to have you here, such a gentleman.'

Thank you Charles, aways a pleasure to be here, I am sure you will see me again later in the year.

As he slides into the waiting car he thinks to himself that perhaps they wouldn't consider him such a gentleman if they knew what he had in mind for his woman. Holding his briefcase to him he thinks of the silk ties,matching blindfold and handcuffs he has bought. If these go down well perhaps he would take her shopping for some other toys. Regretfully he switches off his phone , he will have to wait now until he lands in London to see her picture. If he knows anything about her she will be deep in the throes of orgasm as she brings herself off several times before she is in any state to take the demanded evidence of her love for her man.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saucy Maggie

‘Maggie please come into the boardroom for a moment’
Maggie leaves her cubicle and makes her way to the boardroom wondering what they are going to say. Taking a seat opposite her boss and the manager of HR, Maggie is only slighty worried.
‘Maggie, as you know it has been a couple of months now since we began using the direct dial system for our customers to contact us to place orders. This was partly so that you could all build a better relationship with your regular customers instead of them getting whoever answers the phone.’
Nodding Maggie wonders where this is leading to, has someone made a complaint about her. But neither Pauline or Hazel are looking stern which allays any worries she might have had.
The two women facing her look at each other before Pauline continues
‘the new system has also made it easier for us to monitor the calls coming through each line, we have noticed that you seem to be on the phone 90% of the time. With a higher number of calls than any of your 5 colleagues but not only that each call is longer than those to your colleagues. Do you have any idea why this is?’
‘We have also noticed a high volume of outgoing emails from your computer’ adds Hazel with a definite glint in her eye.
Maggie can feel the heat in her face and knows beyond any doubt that her face is now crimson. Clearing her throat and looking at her foot. Her right leg being crossed over the left her foot is bouncing the way it does when she is nervous. After an age Pauline prompts her.
‘Is there any reason you think you are more popular than the others?’
‘umm maybe its because when they phone me it’s more of an experience than just plain giving an order’
Hazel has her pen poised over her note pad ready to start writing in short hand, while grinning Pauline simply says
‘go on’
‘Well I have just been utilising my talents. I know I am good at flirting on the phone and by doing so I can get the customers, well the male ones at least to want to talk to me every time.’
‘yes we know you are good at that but we think there is more to it than that.’
‘they know that by talking to me they will have a laugh, lots of innuendos and finish the call feeling glad they spoke to me.’
‘we don’t believe that’s all there is to it.’
Maggie feels her crimson face getting hotter
‘Ummm well someone said that talking to me was like phoning a sex line but better. So I just took that on board. If it encourages them to phone me with orders why not. Um is that ok?’
‘Does this explain the increase in sales you are getting but what about the increase in emails?’

‘Oh I have been using a spot of blackmail, if they place a bigger order they get a paragraph from one of my fantasies, for every £100 over carriage paid if they are one of the smaller accounts or every £200 if they are a bigger account they get a paragraph, the more they order the quicker they receive the completed story ’.

‘the increase in sales on offer products is because? What do they get for that?’
‘er um yes, for that I tell them what I am wearing.‘
Laughing Pauline claps her hands
‘I knew you were a cheeky one Maggie but thats a good one, do you tell them everything or just outer clothes, truth or made up?’
‘oh that depends on whether its just a small sample, the more offers they order the more they are told. Like if its 6 of one thing just to try them then I might tell them what top or skirt I am wearing, but if its over £100 worth then I will tell them if I am wearing stockings and or what lingerie I have on. Yes most of the time I am being truthful, that way I can put in more detail.’
‘So if you do all this for the men what do the women get when they ring you?’
Hazel wanted to know.
‘The women, they get a friend. Smeone who remembers who they are, someone to moan about families to, someone who understands the rising cost of the weekly shopping,’
‘but what about offer products?’
‘for a good sized order on special offer products I write a short poem on any subject they choose.’
‘Maggie go back out there now ad get selling, at this rate you will soon be the highest earner here. Now go.’
As she leaves the room Maggie hears Pauline say to Hazel,
‘perhaps we need to soundproof her cubicle’
Returning to her desk Maggie sees that there are 3 voicemail messages waiting for her but before she can check them her phone rings. Glancing at the number displayed on the small screen, she picks up the handset.
‘good morning gerald how are you today? Have you got a big one for me you know how i do like it when you give me a big one’
‘oh you know me, size doesn’t matter but I do like something to get my teeth into’
‘no I wouldn’t do that .....well not unless you like that.......oh you do do you.....hmmm I shall have to remember that. Of course its the highlight of my week when you call. Did you now? Well I think you have nearly got to the end of that one, which bit did you enjoy the most?
Picking up her pen and order pad, Maggie continues
‘so Gerald what do you want to do first today......yes of course, I don’t mind, do really you want some of those, if you buy 4 you get an extra 2 completely free. Yes its a black skirt with blue pin stripes, yes just above the knee but as I have my legs crossed......., yes you will like those they are similar to the ones you normally have but at cost price we can’t get them anymore, yes how many ok 300 of those and 200 of those yes I know as I am so hot a blue blouse, cap sleeves oh yes i never wear a blouse buttoned right the way up......wouldn’t you like to know....hmmm yes I thought you would.’

Monday, June 09, 2008

Meet me at the airport

'meet me at Chez Gerard's, Gatwick North Terminal at 8 am on saturday don't be late'

That was all the email said. She had read it dozens of times since it arrived yesterday. It was now friday evening and Helen wasn't sure how to feel. One minute she was full of butterflies, the next euphoric that she was going to meet him at last. All evening she has been trying on clothes trying to decide what to wear for her day (well she hoped it would be a whole day) with Marcus.

Helen pampered herself with a long soak in the bath with her favourite bath creme, buffing her nails, applying fresh varnish the colour of gleaming gold. setting out her soft brown skirt and cream blouse with golden threads that glisten in the light finishing her outfit with strappy gold sandals. Her plans for an early night so that she would awaken refreshed, a mockery as she lay there too excited to sleep. Her mind playing over the first words they would speak to each other. Would they both be very formal, with this being the first time they meet or would she follow her heart and throw herself at him. Would they even like each other after all his time. How awful would that be if they don't.

Finally at 2.30 she falls asleep to be woken a few hours later by her alarm. grabbing a mug of tea as the shower runs she gets ready for her day out, by 6.30 she is on the road heading to Gatwick. No time now for nerves there will be time for those later, once she has found her way to the North terminal and into Gerards. As the miles pass she finds jerself wondering which flight he will be on, is he coming in from Belgium or could it be Holland or will it be somewhere further afield?

It has been a good run up, she has made good time and is looking for a good parking spot by 7.15 giving herself plenty of time for a visit to the powder room to make sure her lips and eyes are made up just how she likes them in time for her 8am rendevouz.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Spaces everywhere
Spaces full of noise
Where children play
Where dogs bark

Spaces everywhere
Spaces full of things
Where books spill over
Where food wrappers collect

Spaces everywhere
Spaces packed tight
With houses and shops
With factories and schools

Spaces everywhere
Spaced dotted with things
Where occasional trees grow
Where lone sheep graze

Spaces everywhere
Spaces full of activity
With people hurrying
With music shouting

Spaces everywhere
Spaces that hurt
Spaces that feel so empty
Spaces where you should be

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Waking he finds the empty space beside him where she had lain as she fell asleep wrapped in his arms. He knows she has not long left his side; there is still the residue of her warmth emanating from the sheet that still carries the scent of her. Turning his face into her pillow he breathes in the faint reminder that she was here recently. Silently he arises from the pale blue king sized bed, padding across the deep cream pile he moves through the door. It is not long before his eyes rest on her silhouette. He stands for a moment or two as he watches her. He knows why she is there, he knows what she is looking at, he has heard it too.

Another crash and the room around him becomes illuminated for a split second. He watches her as she stands there all alone watching the storm as it makes its wild and beautiful way across the bay towards them. This is another thing they share this love of the wild weather. They are so lucky to be so close to the beach, the storms that race across the ocean towards the land like this are always the best. From where he stands he can hear the waves crashing on the shingle so close yet still a safe distance away. He marvels at her serenity as she stands there with the wind and rain whipping at her.

He knows that taste of salt as the rain runs in tiny rivulets down her face and the tails of her hair as the water drips from the end of her soft brown curls. He can imagine the tiny beads of moisture resting on her eye lashes as she stands oblivious in her fascination. Slowly he moves forward until he reaches out his hand to her naked shoulder. Gripping her softly but firmly, she turns her head to look at him as he slides his free arm around her cold waist drawing her back into the warmth of his body, sheltering her from the chill that will soon have her shivering. He places her black silk wrap, which he had carried with him, upon her shoulders.

He kisses her neck and shoulder before he moves to stand slightly behind and to the side of her with his arm still around her.
‘I knew you would come.’ She whispers,
‘ how could I miss such a beautiful sight’ his soft heartfelt reply.
He means this beautiful creature he thinks of as his soul mate as much as the storm. The combination of both delight and arouse him so that he swiftly lifts her in his strong arms carrying her to the fur rug beside the gas fire, they can still see the storm through the Picture window that he now closes. The room suddenly silent, now that the weather has been shut out once again. Mutely he collects a fluffy cream towel from the Airing cupboard. Testing the warmth against his face he returns to his sweetheart. Removing the slip of black silk from her skin he gently dries her as she gazes into his eyes. Her attention now fully on him, she watches as he pours two chilled glasses of champagne from the now empty bottle from last night.
A toast ‘to a beautiful woman on a wild stormy night’
‘to my handsome, sexy hero who knows me so well’

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Decision

I have written and submitted a short story related to my life for the book that Peach is organising. It is to be a collection of short stories and all profts will go to the charity WAR CHILD.
I have no idea if my story will be included. I believe the ladies putting the book together had rather a lot of entries. Anyway here is my contribution. I changed my mind many times regarding what I was going to write but finally decide to write about a fairly recent period of my life in a waythat has hopefully come across in a light hearted and positive way.


It has been a couple of years now and I don’t have any regrets. Some time ago, I think it was the middle of last summer my mother asked the question.

‘If you had known how hard it was going to be would you still have done it?’

I consider this carefully before replying. I am not sure why as I knew the answer, there was never any doubt in my mind.

‘Yes most definitely, it was the best thing I could have done.’

Indeed it was the only thing I could have done. I had given it my best shot. 19 years of my life I had given to that man. But the day had come when I realised that enough was enough. He couldn’t understand it when I told him I didn’t want to continue living with him. He couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. We had a good marriage didn’t we, we never argued did we?

He was right in a way, as until the last few months we had very rarely had a row. Firstly he was never around to have a row with as he was always either at work, pub or asleep. (the perfect marriage in some ways).

Secondly we never rowed because, when he was around he made me feel so useless and weak that I never dared to argue with him and on the occasions when I tried to vent my anger on him he would turn it around to be my fault. Like the many Saturday mornings when he came home from shopping. (I wasn’t allowed to shop I spent too much, whereas he always bought bargains – you know the deals where if you buy this you get that free or the end of date things). We had a freezer full of things we would never use and a fridge full of things that had to be eaten in one day but nothing for the rest of the week.

He often came in with a mood on, this would make me grumpy, (no one likes to be moaned at for no reason). Because I was now grumpy he would complain about my mood and stomp off to the pub.

During all these years he would tell me that I was

‘fat, ugly, useless with a brain like a sieve’

Now after so many years of being told this it becomes hard to believe otherwise. I believe that if you get married you should try to make the marriage work. I was not going to give up easily. I had to try to make it work. Besides I had nowhere to go and 4 children to consider. Because I had done such a good job of trying to make our marriage work he had no idea that it wasn’t working. The end of our marriage came as a big shock to him. For me it never really was a marriage. I had never been in love with him. We had never courted as such, just fell into a relationship as when we met we were both getting over broken hearts and needed someone to turn to. If I hadn’t got pregnant the marriage would never have happened.

Now, though we are divorced and I have never been happier. Financially we were never really solvent as a couple. Does anyone know a solvent alcoholic? But we did have two wages coming in, his full time wage and my part time wage (part time!! I worked longer hours than he did for half the money).

Now it is just me and the boys, I am the only one bringing any money into the home. It has been a struggle and there are days when we have to keep our coats on because it’s too darn cold and I don’t have any spare cash to buy gas. (Yes I have had to get a key meter for both the gas and electricity). There are days when we have just 2 slices of bread and no milk. But we manage, I have not killed any of them off yet.

Are we better off now? Financially no we are worse off but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it isn’t going to be like this forever and now that I have a full time job that I enjoy things can only get better.

However we as a family unit are much happier. Gone are the days of dreading the door opening, wondering if he is in one of his soppy drunk moods or in a nasty bad tempered mood that has everyone either cowering behind a cushion or hiding away in the bedrooms. Gone are the days where everyone had to be silent or risk his bellow of

‘Stop that noise’ or ‘be quiet’

In the past two years there has very rarely been a cross word spoke between any of the five of us. It took me a few months to realise that he was never going to be here again chastising me for staying up late or reading when I should be doing something else. I can have friends here if I choose. (visitors were forbidden when he was here).

Our house rings with the sound of music (not always to my taste, teenagers!!) and laughter where before there was only silence broken by shouts of ‘silence’.

There is an air of confidence about us all that was not there before. I have learnt that I am worth so much more than I ever knew. I am happy, I laugh, I joke, I feel sexy, I feel worthy, I have finally come to love the person I am.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


The sun is shining brightly
Can you see the sun
The sun is shining warmly
Can you feel the warmth

The day is dull
The sky a dismal one
The clouds of grey
A world full of frowns

But not for me
Planted firmly
Upon this face of mine
A smile so broad

A voice I heard
It whispered in my ear
It spoke of life
Of things held dear

A voice full of promise
A voice of authority
A voice so charming
A voice again I long to hear

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

what a difference a new year makes

New Year 2006 saw me starting my adventures.

I had been exchanging text messages with a very sexy guy in Glasgow, SF was still living in the house. He had been out all night and not long been home when I got a text from the sexy guy (Jim). I sent a sexy reply but accidentally sent it to 'HIM' instead of JIM. next thing I know SF comes crashing into my room abusing me.

New year 2007 saw me at home longing for a married man I hardly knew (GB). 3am my phone bleeps with a message from him but I couldn't read it as my phone chose that moment to go wrong. I had 3 text messages superimposed over each other. I turned it off, but when I turned it on again the screen wouldn't work. I have spent the last year trying to find a replacement.

This year saw me at home yet again. I purposefully didn't try to phone or text anyone knowing that the network would be busy. so imagine my suprise when my phone buzzed at 1.20am not only was it a text, but one from a man who thought I should know he was pissed and needed help. This I would have been only to glad to administer to my very favourite number one man if he had been in this country. We exchanged a few more saucy text last night and again today. I text him to let him know he had been he first man to make me cum in 2008.

This year seems to be getting off to a good start in less than 24 hours two sexy men have managed to arouse me ;-)

I wonder what next New Year will be like.