Monday, March 15, 2010

anna's new Master

Anna knocked on her Master's door at precisely 8pm as he had instructed. She hoped that he wouldn't keep her waiting out in the cold for long. The cold wind was reaching inside her coat wrapping itself around her stocking clad legs. The feel of it against the bare skin at the top of her thighs simultaeously sending icy shivers through her whilst her pussy burned with the heat of excitement.

Anna had stood there for an eternity that was in reality only about 2 minutes when the door opened and there towering over her stood her Master. Griping her wrist he pulled her into the hallway of his home. Closing the door behind her with click of the lock anna knew there was no going back now. Master still had hold of her wrist keeping her rigid where she stood. anna braced herself for what would come next. Her Master didn't let her down he grabs anna by the back of her neck and pulls her close.

Kissing her hard on the mouth, his tongue fighting with hers as his other hand reaches for her boob. Easing it out of her bra he drops his mouth, taking her nipple between his teeth. He gently bites and flicks her nipple with his tongue. Dropping to his knees in front of anna. Kissing all the way down he gently pushes her against the wall and spreads her beautiful thighs. Breathing in her musky scent he reach forwards and eases her knickers to one side and gently tastes her with the tip of his tongue. Inserting a finger inside anna, he licks up till he finds her clit. Taking it between his teeth he rolls it with his tongue as he fingers her hard and fast,making her cum. Remaining silent apart from her deep breathing anna stays stands still the trickle from her pussy giving away her arousal.

Once her orgasm has subsided anna's Master got to his feet ordering her to go into his livingroom.

'Take off your coat, place it on the back of the chair then sit, spread your legs and masturbate for me.'

anna began to step towards the open door of the brightly lit room. But she was brought to a halt when her Master hissed in her ear.

'where are you going? what have you to say for yourself slut'.

'thank you Master. May I go now please Master?'

'very well you may enter the room but in future remember your manners. You are my slave, my cunt now and I demand that you remember your manners at all times. Is that understood slut?'

'yes Master, I am your slut and will remember my manners, thank you Master'

Silently anna places her purple coat on the chair and takes her seat. Keeping her eyes lowered to the floor she places her right hand onto the soft flesh of her pussy, slowly inserting her finger into her wetness. anna has never masturbated in front of anyone before and feels shy in doing so now. But she knows that in accepting him as her Master anna had given herself to him and must now obey his every command. He crouches before her one hand on her knee the other cupping her chin, lifting her face until she has no choice but to look him in the eye. His look daring her not to look away. The hand on her knee now moves along her inner thigh caressing in gentle circles creeping nearer to her pussy and the hand that she is furiously rubbing it with. anna can't help herself, as she gushes over her hand.

Suddeny without warning the hand cupping her chin slaps her lightly across the cheek.

'slut, did I give you permission to cum? You will learn that you only cum when I command it. since you are still learning I shall be lenient. you will now lick your hand clean removing all trace of your scent, when you are finished you will offer me your hand for me to check that you have been thorough.'

'thank you Master'

Shyly at first then greedily anna licks her fingers clean of her own juice. Offering her hand to her Master, he slaps it away.

'I can still smell you on your palm.'

anna licks her palm until her tongue is dry from all the licking, again she offers her hand to her Master. One by one he licks her fingers then her palm. smiling he stands.

'You do well, now you shall have your reward. Unzip my trousers and remove my penis. You may suck him for 5 minutes. But make sure you suck him well. Master demands that his slut gives him her best at all times.'

to be continued

Friday, January 01, 2010


some secrets are good
some secrets are bad
this secret was just a secret
neither good or bad
but now it is nolonger
the cat is out of the bag
they all know
there is no more hiding the truth
they are relentless
they will not rest
a secret once revealed
is no longer a secret
in time it might be forgotten
but it won't be a secret again

Now that they know
they will bully and cajole
until they get what they want
they will plead
some might beg
demands are made
no excuses are acceptable
now that they have realised
mother makes the best roast potatoes ever!!