Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

what a difference a new year makes

New Year 2006 saw me starting my adventures.

I had been exchanging text messages with a very sexy guy in Glasgow, SF was still living in the house. He had been out all night and not long been home when I got a text from the sexy guy (Jim). I sent a sexy reply but accidentally sent it to 'HIM' instead of JIM. next thing I know SF comes crashing into my room abusing me.

New year 2007 saw me at home longing for a married man I hardly knew (GB). 3am my phone bleeps with a message from him but I couldn't read it as my phone chose that moment to go wrong. I had 3 text messages superimposed over each other. I turned it off, but when I turned it on again the screen wouldn't work. I have spent the last year trying to find a replacement.

This year saw me at home yet again. I purposefully didn't try to phone or text anyone knowing that the network would be busy. so imagine my suprise when my phone buzzed at 1.20am not only was it a text, but one from a man who thought I should know he was pissed and needed help. This I would have been only to glad to administer to my very favourite number one man if he had been in this country. We exchanged a few more saucy text last night and again today. I text him to let him know he had been he first man to make me cum in 2008.

This year seems to be getting off to a good start in less than 24 hours two sexy men have managed to arouse me ;-)

I wonder what next New Year will be like.