Sunday, July 13, 2008

long distance arousal

Picking up his freshly charged champagne flute he presses send on his phone. With a wry smile he imagines her expression of defiance as she reads his words so far away on the other side of the world. He knows her initial response will be one of astonishment that he has dared to make this request. She will possible stick out her tongue in a gesture of impudence but then the twinkle of mischief will reach her eyes as she decides to give in to him but she won't be too compliant. This is part of their game. He gives her a request she turns him down so he gives her an order which she will challenge so he becomes her stern master and she becomes putty to his will. taking another sip of his chilled wine he muses how long will it be before he gets her reply, if the airwaves are busy he could be on his plane flying back to her before he gets the reply.

beep beep her text here already now that was quicker than he had expected. mmmm if their messages are getting through this fast he can have some real fun and she will be in a real tizz by the time he reaches her side. If only his flight wasn't so long. Opening her message it is as he had expected.

I'm busy working, I don't have time for your games, why don't you touch yourself instead? xxx

I am only asking you to play with your nipple and pretend it is my touch then send me a picture xxx

how much have you been drinking? xxx

thats my business now send me the picture of your hard nipple xxx

I told you I am too busy, why don't you take a picture of your own nipple and pretend it is mine ......ok x

what only one kiss, now, now, we are in a strop, where is the picture I want? xxx

He waves away the waiter he doesn't need any more champagne this game is going to be all the stimulation he needs for now, besides he mustn't have too much before boarding his flight. another hour before his driver will take him back to the airport, half an hour later he will be in the sky heading towards his lady love.

I told you I am working before I go to the gym, you want me to look good for you don't you sweetheart xxx

Now I am not happy I have asked you to play with your nipple and send me a picture why has this not arrived yet. Now as you have not done as I asked I am telling you that your picture must be here in 10 minutes. xx

giving orders now are you sir? xxx

yes now be a good girl and play with your nipple only now as you are taking so long I want pictures of both your nippples xxx

that should give her something to keep her busy for a few minutes, he knows she will make the pictures the best she can. opening his brief case he reads a couple of pages of the document he will be checking over on the plane. 15 minutes have passed and still nothing.

your master is displeased with you for your disobedience, you can be sure you will be taken in hand on my return. xx

Just as he presses the send button he receives a new text from her.

getting demanding now are you my master? here is one picture for you, I hope you are happy now. xxx

Your master concedes that this picture will go someway to making him happier on his journey. However you have not been as obedient as your master

my master I am sorry to have displeased, how can I make it up to you sir? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

young lady do you really think you will be spared punishment by lavishing your master with kisses. Please think again. xxx

Please master, you know I will do anything for you, what would you have me do so you won't need to punish me? xxxxxxxx

He feels now is the time to be bold with this woman of his. He has never pushed her in this way before, but he knows she enjoys a little spice. This distance between them is hard for them both. He has been trying to ignore the tightness in his pants. But now he feels close to bursting. He will
just send his demand then he will have to go to the discreet gents washroom to sort himself out. Just thinking about this woman gives him a rock hard arousal. here goes either she will do as he demands 'as it is for you my darling' or she will refuse. He finishes typing, shuts his eyes as he presses that little button with the word send. He is still busy in the freshly scented, immaculate cloakroom when he feels the vibration in his breast pocket followed by the beep beep.

Sir I cannot believe my master want's me to do this!!!

do you dare to disobey your master? xx

that was awkward he has never text while dealing with his manhood beforenow to finish this impotant business of what some refer to as wanking, such a distateful expression for something so exsquisite. back at his table he drains the flute eats the last of the little dish of stuffed green olives.

Master if you really wish a photo of my fingers in my pussy I shall do this as it is for my master, but I thought we had agreed that we both prefer suggestive pictures xxxx

young lady you are quite correct I do prefer suggestive photos but you will do this to prove to me that you belong to me and no one else.xxxxx

So it seems she is willing to do this for me he smiles to himself with satisfaction as he sees the hotel manager coming in his direction.

'Mr King if you would please follow me, your car is waiting, your bags are already checked in for you, we hope you have enjoyed your stay, it is such a pity you were only here such a short time on this visit. Will we be seeing you again soon sir? It is always such a pleasure to have you here, such a gentleman.'

Thank you Charles, aways a pleasure to be here, I am sure you will see me again later in the year.

As he slides into the waiting car he thinks to himself that perhaps they wouldn't consider him such a gentleman if they knew what he had in mind for his woman. Holding his briefcase to him he thinks of the silk ties,matching blindfold and handcuffs he has bought. If these go down well perhaps he would take her shopping for some other toys. Regretfully he switches off his phone , he will have to wait now until he lands in London to see her picture. If he knows anything about her she will be deep in the throes of orgasm as she brings herself off several times before she is in any state to take the demanded evidence of her love for her man.