Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Winding down

I have decided that my reasons for keeping this blog seperate from battle are no longer relevant so I am going to wind this one down and concentrate on Battle to find myself.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

taking aim

A man who can aim where he wants

not only can fireman Sam make me squirt just where he wants me to I now know he can also aim his spunk just where he wants it too.

At the end of a couple of deligtful hours whiled away with much sucking, licking , teasing and caressing he climbed on top of me and while I held my boobs together he aimed his spunk first onto one nipple then the other then back to the first and so on until he had finished shooting his load just where he wanted it. Nothing random about these sticky puddles. yes I know I said I wasn't going to go see him as it would just be sex for the sake of sex. But within minutes of publishing that post I was getting horny. I have promised to send some horny emails to Percy. I
was thinking about this when I got horny myself and although my head had rejected the idea my body decided that I needed a dose of attention from Fireman Sam. I jumped into the shower then dressed in lacy black skirt, black bra and orange sun top, putting a pair of black knickers into my bag for later I text FS

do you still want to play?


half hour?


35 minutes later I was knocking on his door, he had been watching the football we stayed in front of the tv long enough to see the owen goal then we went up to his bed to play. It was lovely just to chill out, the sun shining through the open windows on this pleasant summer like evening, playing and teasing with no pressure to perform. No pressure on time,just enjoying ourselves. MMMMMMMMM I wonder if all firemen have the same talents.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

sex for sex sake

He is sexy and sweet both at the same time
he calls himself my reserve fuck buddy
for over week he has been suggesting
that I go over to his place and suck his cock
we chat on msn in the morning
he suggests I go suck his cock before I go shopping
put a smile on my face while I select my groceries
I text him I wont be there
half my tooth has come away could be dangerous for him
he replies come anyway let me play with your pussy
I tell him maybe later
but later I am back home from shopping
I am tired and want to sleep
but more than sleep I want to be in the arms
not of him but of the one
the one my heart desires
the one who I am pretending to both
myself and him doesnt mean so much to me
I have promised myself I will play it cool
I wont be first to make contact
I need him to miss me
I need him to know that he wants me
I promise myself I wont make a fool of myself
its up to him now to show he cares
why should it always be me
he encourages me to see others
it would be no big deal to him
if I go to suck this cock
and have my pussy stimulated to arousal
but I know I wont go
it isnt because I dont like him
I do enjoy his sexy body
and his fun sense of humour
but if I go it will be
sex for the sake of sex
not sex because its what I want

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

no news

I have just been asked if I have any new news?

Do you mean sexual news? I respond


not really there was this on sunday

then today I was asked if I fancy a 3some in about 2 weeks.

I would have considered it except that the person asking was this man and I won't be going back there again.

I have had a few nice suprises on msn today. Early this morning I had a nice chat with Thomas before work. then this evening apart from chatting with both Rusty and JJ I was amazed to see another name pop up on my screen. A man I met last december. We had a drink together one night then we went for a drive and snog one lunch time. Since then we have chatted briefly once back in about feb/march time then nothing until tonight when he said he wanted to check I am ok and to keep in touch.

oh and last night I missed forest he signed online just as I was going out to rescue #1 son and had gone when I got back.
I have also been exchanging messages on a dating site with a very interesting man (Mars)who lives a little further away than I would prefer but you never know. we have been discusing Mr Rochester and other such types.


finally got back online in time to catch forest just as he was going offline tonight we managed to chat for awhile. I shall sleep well tonight :-D

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Ok so I said I wouldn't go, he text me asking when I would arrive, I phone him back saying I'm not, my nose is streaming and I can't breathe. He persuades me that he will take care of me and make me feel better.
I set off on my journey, I've been drving for about twenty minutes when I realise that I am really driving quite slowly, I am not enthusiastic about going, I could turn around at the next junction and go home. But I don't, instead I keep driving. Finally I pull up at his place and let myself in, to be greeted warmly by his dog.
After a kiss hello he breaks open two cans of cider and we settle together on his cream leather sofa. His dog Zak decides its my turn to play games with her and she keeps presenting me with her rubber toy to throw. I am left to entertain Zak and try to tire her out while a special hot drink infused with ginger, lemon, honey, cloves and camomile is prepared for me. Zak is still very young not much more than a puppy so it isn't going to be easy to make her tired.
I am made to drink his hot remedy, while olbas oil is rubbed into my chest and back. Mmmmmmmm my nose clears immediately making kissing possible. On my return from a trip to the bathroom I am serenaded as he plays his acoustic guitar for me, Free bird, stairway to heaven and one or two others, his singing could be better but his guitar playing is good. soon it is time for bed and I slip naked under the duvet while he is in the bathroom, I feel movement beside me only to discover that zak has escaped from her bedroom, I am all giggly as she tickles my face and tries to get under the cover with me. She is promptly plucked from the bed and banished to the other bedroom.

He doesn't waste much time before he is fucking me, we have a few firsts like he has never slapped my ass before and it is the first time I have been slapped while my arse is fucked. Just like Mr Passionate he loves to fuck me from behind, this time he finger fucks my cunt as he thrusts into my ass, I feel I could faint it is so exsquisite, I tell him over and over, between moans, to take me, make me his, I want him to claim me, he bites the nape of my neck. I climax yet again just as he does, we collapse together but istead of whispering we both fall asleep quickly.
In the morning he brings me mugs of steaming tea as we sit in bed talking. We have a lazy morning just drinking and chatting as we lay naked in his bed. I can feel my nose becoming stuffed up again and my head beginning to hurt, time for me to depart and get home to my family. It was good to be pampered for once thank you Oxo