Saturday, March 31, 2007

lack of blogging

its now saturday afternoon and I have not posted anything since thursday morning.

I spent thursday evening at a local golf club for the Rotary club presidents dinner. (I was a guest). It was a pleasant evening with my mother and friends real DJ and cocktail dress occasion. The entertainment was not quite what I'm used to but very funny. The people on our table were entertaining including the vicar who was bright red with laughter at some of the inuendos from the lady sat beside him whose girlfriend was also at our table.

Friday I had a lunchtime drink with a very nice man, but unfortunately I had a headche which was just getting worse and worse not allowing me to be my normal bubbly self. by mid afternoon I was tucked up in my bed taking one of my strong migraine tablets. At 7.15pm #2 son phoned me asking where I was (nice to know they miss me!) whats for dinner? I eventually got up at 10pm to discover that two of them had eaten saturday's dinner enough for 4!!!! greedy or what.!

Today I am have been acting as mum's taxi service. Next I shall be getting my glad rags on ready to catch the train to London for a meeting of bloggers. I shall be taking my camera so watch out!

blogging should be back to normal tomorrow.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

talking bollocks

Here is the transcript of an IM conversation tonight with N. It is our third conversation today. does anyone think that I should have stayed with him. that I have made a mistake.

N says: how doin
ladyinred says: im ok
N says: where been
ladyinred says: here
N says: ive been waitin up for U all night
ladyinred says: then you shouldnt start talking crap
N says: what the on about
ladyinred says: i blocked you when you started talking crap
N says: U blocked me now then
N says: i only said what i thought was right
ladyinred says: well it was wrong
N says: U have been drinkin havant U
ladyinred says: water
N says: bollocks
ladyinred says: oh and before that lemonade and lime
N says: u speak to me like that normaly
ladyinred says: the last alcohol I had was a glass of wine on saturday
N says: unless got a severy problem
ladyinred says: only when you accuse me of shagging rich men for all I can get
N says: bring the ice bucket over tommorow
N says: as i wont b there after that
ladyinred says: i will bring it when I have time
N says: if leave it outside my door , bother take it back home with
N says: make a date when imm in
N says:
N says: fuck2 up the arse
N says: fuck2
ladyinred says: i think you have been drinking
N says: wrong , i am anoued with U
N says: and ur moods
N says: speak to me as i speak to
ladyinred says: ok I shall speak to you as you speak to me
N says: go on then
ladyinred says: when you are pleasant I shall be pleasant but when you start talking bollocks I shall tell you its bollocks then if you continue I shall block you
N says: so what are doing now then
ladyinred says: im talking to you and reading a blog
N says: i told U last night U are the one with the problem not me
ladyinred says: and listening to music
N says: OK
ladyinred says: I said I was reassessing what I want that doesn not mean I ahve a problem
N says: sort of i suppose to na stressed woman
N says: reasssessing , reassessing what is this for crist sake
N says: no i suppose it doesant , u aint the woman i know
N says: or like at moment
N says: get to grips with urself3
ladyinred says: you mean you want to get to grips with me
N says: yes please
N says: any objections
ladyinred says: even though you just said you dont like me
N says: i love u and u know it
ladyinred says: no you dont love me you are lonely
N says: is that what u think well U are wrong
N says: i ve had offers of 5 dates this week,but i dont want to know coz i want a peacfull life
N says: lonely i am not
N says: if U think that U are sad
N says: deep down i know U think something of me
N says: U would not be normal if u did not
N says: U can call me a bastard but i loved U like hell
N says: so blocked me have again U
ladyinred says: no i have not and I have not called you anything either
N says: u what
ladyinred says: I said I did not block you or call you any names
N says: but u are being a cow its just not like ****
ladyinred says: in what way am I being a cow?
N says: Ur not Ur normal nice self, like U usuahally are,
N says: U are a nice person but U are being nasty
N says: its not U
N says: OK

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

strange events part two

after a hectic couple of hours I was soon ready to drive to my rendevous with SL. I text him as I was leaving my house so that he would know when to expect my arrival in the appointed meeting spot. I had been deliberating about what to wear for our outing. My decision being my red fishnet stockings and black mini skirt with my red jacket covering my black lacy bra. however I couldnt find the red fishnets so decided on sheer black stockings instead. I had been worried about my head cold but it seemed to be holding off for the moment. I arrived at our meeting place. As we travelled along the motorway we chatted on and off as we listened to the music. SL had arranged to meet FM and BW at a service station near to our destination. We arrived a few minutes late but there was no sign of them. I text BW to say we had arrived we soon got the reply that they were on their way and wouldn’t be long. Whilst we waited SL went and bought us a drink each and we played with our phones sending videos and pictures to each other by Bluetooth. We didn’t have to wait very long before we were joined by FM & BW. As we followed them along country roads we were a little concerned at FM’s driving. A few minutes later they pulled up at the side of the road and we parked a little further ahead. We thought they would be waiting by their car for us but they weren’t. We soon discovered though that they were already knocking at our host’s door. Can you imagine our surprise when we reached the house to find both FM & BW stood on the doorstep completely naked. I know we had discussed the possibility of BW arriving naked but we didn’t expect it of both of them. The door opened and we were greeted by CY also naked. I can’t think of another occasion in my life where I have been greeted by two men completely naked with very erect cocks. To my relief Mrs CY was fully clothed.

We were ushered into the living room lit only by candles and the strong scent of a joss stick burning in the adjoining conservatory. SL & I sat on the two seater brown leather sofa Mrs CY sat on a stool near us whilst the others all sat together on the three seater sofa. I joked about the room splitting into the three of us who were clothed at one side and the three nude ones at the otherside of the room. CY and BW busied them selves in the kitchen getting glasses of wine for everyone while FM went outside for a cigarette. I chatted to Mrs CY and SL. The others returned and Mrs CY joined BW & FM on the other sofa with CY perched on the arm. It didn’t take long before the women were wanking their men. The room was very warm with heat from the gas fire. I stroked SL’s thigh then sank onto my knees in front of him to remove his trousers and boxers which he very carefully folded and placed upon the dinning table beside him. By the time we were all on our second glass of wine everyone was relaxing. I was on my knees between SL’s naked legs stroking his thighs and giving his cock the treatment he has missed out on in recent months. He moaned with pleasure as I began licking and sucking this familiar penis. As I glanced across the room there was a tangle of bodies almost all naked apart from Mrs CY who was not feeling very well. She was sprawled on the sofa legs apart with CY’s hand buried inside her skirt as he was sprawled next to her BW between his legs sucking him off as her husband took her from behind. It was not much longer after this that someone I forget who but I think it was one of the women decided that we were over dressed and needed help out of our clothes especially me.

BW helped SL out of his clothes while Mrs CY approached me. I thought she was going for my skirt ( I had already taken my top off as it was so hot) but as her hand went up my leg with lightening speed it wasn’t my skirt but my lacy panties that she got a hold of and removed. BW was wanking SL but she also leaned across and both women were stroking and playing with my pussy. CY came into the room from making coffee he was now wearing a condom and it was decided by someone that I should be the first to receive his attentions. I lay on the floor wearing nothing now except my black stockings. I always feel sexier with them on. CY lowered himself on top of me and slowly entered my now wet pussy. Out of the three men he had the largest cock. It felt good to be filled again after the lack of sex in my life recently. I’m not sure what else was happening while I was being fucked by CY. I do believe that BW was playing with SL. After we had fucked and I was still on the floor CY sat back on his sofa allowing me full access to his cock so I could suck him off. It was most gratifying to hear him murmur that I have such a lovely soft touch. Especially as earlier I had heard one of the guys complaining about sharp nails with one of the others. During the evening I thought one of the funniest things was when both women were sucking cock…..their heads bobbing up and down fast as though it was a race. How could they have either given or received much pleasure like that. I love to take my time slowly running my tongue along and around the hard cock I have in my possession. Licking flicking swirling my tongue sometimes nibbling along the length more with my lips than my teeth. Yes I take the cock into my mouth I love to take this nice and slow too changing the angle of my mouth, sometimes taking it as far as I can then just a little way or maybe just the tip while my tongue plays. I love to tease the cock that I am playing with. Keeping my man guessing what I will do next, keeping the experience alive for both of us. Those who have experienced me giving head will know what I mean. I have never had any complaints yet although there may well come a day when I don’t satisfy my man.

During our discussions prior to the evening I had learnt that there may be some massages with baby oil on offer. CY spread a protective sheet upon his carpet and handed the baby oil to BW. SL knelt on the sheet and BW began to massage his shoulder, arm and back as he had mentioned a frozen shoulder. This massage seemed to ease his shoulder. Next BW lay on her front and FM massaged her back until someone suggested that she turn over and he massaged her front. I was told to help him. Kneeling on the floor I massaged BW’s stomach and legs gradually getting more adventurous and rubbing her boobs as well occasionally allowing my hand to wonder as far as her pubic hair. I am not brave enough to touch her pussy probably because I have never done this before and I am aware that there are four sets of eyes on the scene watching my hands moving constantly over and around her boobs, stomach and legs. Maybe if it had been just the two of us or if everyone else was busy playing not taking any notice I may have been braver. When I eventually sat back BW said I had wonderfully gentle hands. My second compliment…..I mustn’t start to get big headed. As I continued to sit on the floor FM lay face down while BW sat on his legs massaging his back and slapping his ass. This was a very short massage then he got up and sat next to SL, who gave me his cock to suck again. BW was next to me sucking off her husband while SL put his hand across to wank FM. I soon found that my mouth was joined by FM’s hand on SL’s cock. Both men were wanking the other while we sucked them off. Then BW was joining in licking SL who pulled my shoulders up so I was now kneeling up he turned me towards FM who was now standing so that I could suck him off alternating with BW. I remember a strong smell of cigarette smoke (they both smoke almost constantly). Just for fun FM began to fuck my mouth getting faster and faster until I couldn’t keep him in my mouth any longer as his movements became more and more frantic. I was laughing too by then which didn’t help. FM moved around behind his wife SL turned me so that the two of us women were now kneeling up facing each other. FM reached around BW to hold me against her. SL lifted up my right boob for BW. She fondled it at first then as SL lifted it higher she lowered her head to lick then suck my nipple. At first I felt nothing but gradually I could feel her sucking harder and harder. I began to feel the familiar thread that goes from my nipples directly to my damp sex. The tugging that begins slowly at first then spreads down through me to my thighs which tingle and drip as I become wetter and wetter. So there I was on my knees, BW sucking my right nipple while her husband has my left boob in his hand and SL has his hand rubbing my swollen clit. I have my hands on BW’s shoulders gently caressing her shoulders and back all the time concentrating on what is happening to my boobs. I let my hands slide downwards and play with BW’s boobs again. As FM is fucking his wife from behind and holding me to her. CY and Mrs CY re enter the room with more coffee. I collapse onto the sofa feeling a little overwhelmed. SL fingers my swollen clit and I have to put my cup down as the spasms of pleasure course through my body involuntarily. He lowers his head letting his tongue enter me tasting me, reminding me of what he does best. It has been a very long time since I felt his tongue between my lips making me cum in great gushes. He loves to make me squirt. He knows he can make me extremely wet and does so easily. I want him to pull me onto the floor and fuck me as we have not done for months. He obliges and he is quickly inside me with my stocking clad legs wrapped around his back pulling him deeper inside me. I am lost in the moment I have longed for his cock inside me for the last few months. We have both been too busy for one of our Monday morning sessions on my bed. I am moaning now telling him to fuck me baby yes this is so good. I feel him shoot his load inside me, I squeeze him a few more times with my hungry muscles as I feel myself cum once more. We collapse together in a heap as he kisses my nose and there is a round of applause. I had momentarily forgotten we were not alone. We finish our coffee and dress as SL has to get home. Everyone dresses and we say our goodbyes. FM is driving ahead of us along the road at a snai’ls pace. At least this time he is not undressing as he drives. Once we reach the motorway SL passes FM and we speed off on our way home. We are both quiet not saying much. I joke about how far we will have got by the time FM gets home. SL thinks we will be home first even though we have double the distance to drive. When we arrive at my car we kiss goodnight. Not the passionate kisses of the past but gentle kisses. He waits while I get into my car and pull away before he goes home. When I get home the kids are all asleep so I can go online. SL is there I tell him I got home in just 17 minutes which is good even for me. He has seen the football highlights and is going to bed now he knows I am home.

I catch up with blogging and other activities on the pc… no time at all its 3am so I take myself off to bed remembering to change the clocks first which makes it 4am L
In the morning I awaken to a silent house with just the sound of the shower running I know my son has an early start today, his band are planning to do some recording. I go back to sleep for a while knowing I don’t have to get up yet. When I do eventually get up everyone is out. I take the opportunity to go online. Within seconds I have 4 conversations on the go. One of these is a fellow blogger. He tells me that he has had an adventure. He has met a very nice handsome fit wealthy man who takes him back to his home and they play around by the pool. My friend tells me that while they were playing he sucked cock for the first time. He enjoyed it but wasn’t sure if he did it right. We spend the next few minutes with me giving him instructions on how to give a good blowjob. I hope I have helped him. I never imagined I would spend my Sunday online giving hints on cock sucking to man. This was the first strange event of Sunday. Not long after this I was checking my emails and found one from another blogger giving a phone number with instructions to text. I don’t do so for some time. But email back saying what kind of text do you want?
1) hiya
2) fancy a cuppa
3) come get me I need a shag
a while later I text the number I have been given…….what kind of text do you want?
Immediate reply………. whats on the menu ? so I reply with the choices I had set out in my email.
My phone rings, it is that number…..a very nice voice says …cuppa sounds good to me. I am in ****** Tesco carpark I have a spare half an hour. I say it will take me 15/20 minutes to get there. I have no idea who I am meeting…well that’s not quite true because I do now know the name of this person from the address on the email. All I know otherwise is that this person lives in the same part of the country and works in a town not far from mine, and we read each other’s bloggs very regularly. I arrive in said town and pull into the tesco car park which is almost deserted as the shop closed several hours ago. There is one car parked on its own with the lights on not far from the entrance. I pull up a couple of spaces from this car to see a face smiling and a hand waving at me. I get out of my car and walk over, he says are you getting in I only have a few minutes. So we spend the next 5 minutes or so sat in his car chatting. We mention one or two other bloggers and discuss my family situation and why I don’t work at present. Then he has to go to work. So we part company and I go home. I have things to do anyway.


I spent the day working as receptionist at a company that ask for me everytime they need cover for their receptionist. They are aware that I can only work less than 16 hrs per week otherwise it affects my benefits and my claim is cancelled meaning that I have to claim again. This time I am working Monday and Tuesday. The staff have got used to me now and I am learning who is who. The day goes without many problems and I set off home at the end of the day. Suprisingly only #3 son is home he has been on the pc for several hours and goes upstairs. While dinner is cooking I catch up with my blogs and email. Whilst I was checking my mail I see GB sign in. A few minutes later he is still there so I send him a funny face. We have a very short conversation and then he is gone. I just sit there tears streaming down my face, not that he said anything bad but I was reading between the lines. Not sure if I was being over sensitive. I decide that I cannot keep this situation as it is. I am feeling very upset and take myself upstairs. The boys come in from playing cricket. While I am serving up their dinner #2 gets a call from his dad who asks to speak to me. I do not want to speak to SF, I have no reason to. He insists tells #2 that he ahs to speak to me about money. It seems hes thinking of getting a job and wants to do a deal with me instead of CSA taking money from him. I tell him that I can’t do that or I will lose some of the paltry amount I get in benefits. We argue over how much I get from the state. He mistakenly thinks I get more than enough to cover everything. He then goes on to say that I have probably heard who he is seeing. I have not and what is more I do not care!! He tells me that he misses me he still loves me so I tell him that he has a new girlfriend now. he keeps saying he still loves me. I dont want to hear it. I can hear he is drunk. I ring off. but later when I am being miserable in my room he has rung again!!!! Again he keeps saying that he still loves me.....he admits that he is drunk....I can tell without being told!!
Later I go online I chat to HMU then N comes online ...he too is saying he loves and misses me. I really dont want to hear this not from N and not from SF either.
I am sure something else strange happened on monday but now its wednesday night and I cant remember.

Oh yes just remembered. I was having a text conversation with FF he asked if I wanted some fun on tuesday....he and Pp were due to have some fun with another couple but the wife had to go to scotland and they wondered if I would like to join them instead. I asked who and where. when he told me who it was i was amused this guy had been trying to get me to see them on my own without SL. his wife was always asleep whenever we spoke to them. I just said that I haven't been feeling well. then I went online via my mobile and the guy we had been talking about started chatting (first time in ages). He asked if I fancied a 4/5some..he had a couple coming round but his wife was away. He said he would try to find another lady and they said they would ask someone they knew. He didnt realise they had asked me lol.
yesterday which was when they were meant o be meeting I got a text from FF saying that he was being stood up it wasnt happening. I didnt ask why.

turning point

I know I have reached a point where I need to reassess where I am going and what I want.
have been chatting to N on and off tonight on msn. he thinks that maybe I need a woman or a 3some to sort me out!!!

this is the man who told me he thinks people who do that are weird. Not realising I had been in a 3some a few days earlier.

he has explained that going with a woman wont make me a lesbian.

a woman and a man, would sort u out for good, a good time, b, enjoy urself, c, the time of ur life

ask ur friends on line , u dont have to believe what i say, an old man like me (hes just turned 45)

I really dont know where he got these ideas from

I have decided that I am going to tell GB that its over. He has made me realise that I want more than any married man can give me. Mooning over someone who doesnt have the time for me is hurting me too much......its becoming more pain than pleasure so Im getting out now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

turning point

I have been feeling under the weather tonight so have not written up the rest of my weekend or today's strange events.......hope to catch up tomorrow.

seem to be reaching a turning point but dont know where I shall turn next.

Monday, March 26, 2007

strange events part one

Strange events

This has been one very strange weekend. Firstly I had arranged with my lover SL that we would meet another couple only this time it would be a slightly different evening to the last time we met another couple. When we first began chatting to this other couple who are married but live some distance from us they mentioned that they usually play with another couple at their place and maybe we could join the four of them. Ok this would be a little different but we would give it a go as it would mean that if there were 6 of us there was a greater chance of finding at least one person to play with.

Over the last few weeks we both chatted to FM and BW sometimes just me and one or both of them sometimes SL but there were also times when all of us were chatting together. FM turns out to be a real comedian……I doubt he can ever take anything seriously. BW is very friendly and chatty. She tells me that they have met up with CY and Mrs CY about 6 times now. FM and BW are married but CY and Mrs CY are a couple in the same sense as me and SL. I learnt that they are all bi which is good as SL is definitely bi and as I am curious it gives me more scope to discover if it is my scene or not. During one of our late night chats BW tells me that the last time they all got together she walked from the car to the door with no clothes on. We had a discussion about this and I said I would consider arriving in a coat and stockings but little else but I made no promises stating that I never tell SL what I am going to wear but keep it as a surprise. After many discussions back and forth it is decided that we would all get together on Saturday evening. I would drive over to a place near to SL’s home and he would drive us both from there.

In the meantime SL tells me that we have been invited to join another couple for a lunchtime drink on Saturday. He can get away for a couple of hours so we accept. I am a little dubious about meeting a couple I know nothing about as we have had very little contact and it has happened so quickly but these people are staying at a hotel half way between the two of us and are only here for the weekend. However my doubts are nothing compared to the desire to see SL. It has been over two months since we last saw each other even though we have been in contact online and by phone. It has been 4 months since we last had sex unless I count the night we had a xmas drink and I gave him blow job to completion as his xmas present while we were sat in his car just off a motorway junction.

I arrive at the hotel and for once SL has arrived before me. Together we enter the hotel looking for the bar where we are to meet PH & SH. Soon we were greeted by our hosts and a round of drinks ordered we took refuge in a room just off the bar which was full of golfers. We chat for perhaps 40 minutes. This is the first time this couple have met anyone else and it soon becomes obvious that they are not yet ready to take any further steps in this direction. We feel that they probably won’t ever. They take their leave of us after pleasantries all around. After their departure we continue to finish our drinks and chat. I am becoming uncomfortable and need to find a bathroom. I leave SL with his drink while I go in search of the nearest rest room. A member of staff points me in the direction of the leisure centre saying it is through the double doors. I pass the gents on my way to the double doors and take the first door I come to which has a brass figure on the door. As I step through the door then a second inner door my need is increasing. I find the first cubicle and quickly enter. I can hear voices in the adjoining changing room. Good I am not alone but hold on a second I know I am a little hard of hearing but those voices are a little deep and come to think about it I had seen no other females other than staff members. I realise that I had not looked at the door properly in my haste and am now in the men’s locker room. Perhaps I can make my escape without being noticed. But as I attempt to creep out I come face to face with two men. One older and stockier than his dark companion who it doesn’t take me long to notice is wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel around the waist of his still wet body.

Older man looks me up and down with a glint in his eye while his friend asks me what I was doing in there. I mumble that in my haste I had taken the wrong door. He gently but firmly takes me by the arm and leads me around the corner to where his belongings as laid out neatly on the wooden bench. His friend has his bag a short distance away. He presses me down onto the bench and the two men take their place on either side of me. Both pressing against my arms they are so close. The nearly naked man (he isn’t bad looking apart from a badly broken nose) whispers in my ear that he would like me to do something for him as I am here. The two men were meeting for a celebration lunch after their work out. It is the older man’s birthday and as he is separated from his wife of 24 years he has been feeling frustrated of late. The younger man his taut muscles gleaming as the water evaporated from his skin had already had a swim and the pair were about to go into the gym. Both changing into their gym clothes. Maybe now that I was here he could ask me to give his friend a little pleasure to put a smile on his face. He asked me if I knew what felatio was. Mmmmm one of my favourite pleasures. The older man had said very little during this exchange but he had a nice smile and he smelt very nice, I recognised his aftershave as joop. I had bought a bottle of it for my son for his 18th birthday. I looked him in the eye and he looked so friendly and humble that I agreed to do this for him if they would hand me one of the leisure club towels to place under my knees.

As I sink to my knees in front of the friendly older man I ask him his name Philip he says But it’s Phil to his friends. Ok Phil I say lets get you out of these trousers as I cant be too long as my companion will be wondering where I have got to. Eagerly he shrugs his trousers and blue cotton boxers off giving me a view of his now semi hard and not unimpressive cock. He gives me a wry grin as I take hold of his tool stroking him on the underside for a few seconds before I lean forward to touch his smooth head with the tip of my tongue. MMmmmm already there are beads of pre cum oozing from the tip of his now rock hard member. I begin to lick and suck as though he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. The kicks and flicks I feel from his cock together with the moans from Phil tell me that I am doing a good job. He leans forward putting his arms across the back of my shoulders pushing my head gently down over his cock. But then I feel something else. His mate has knelt on the floor behind me his arms around me to fondle my breasts I can feel the heat of his naked body through my thin blue striped blouse. The buttons are soon undone and damp hands are sliding inside my bra playing with my now hard nipples. I moan too now as I try to continue sucking on Phil’s cock but unable to concentrate fully with these fingers working on my nipples. I can feel my arousal as my panties are getting wetter inside my black jeans. The body behind me moves closer and I can feel the iron rod prodding into my lower back. His movements have forced his cock under the hem of my blouse and I can feel the slippery trail of precum on my hot skin as he moves in closer.
Phil says ‘hey Harry this was your treat to me you can’t muscle in on her not until she’s finished with me.’
He groans with pleasure before he can speak again. When he does he says you should get this girl’s number she is very good at this. With that his cock shudders and his hands clench on my shoulders as I feel the first hot dribble of cum in my mouth followed by another greater spurt and another, until my mouth is so full I have no choice but to swallow. It isn’t a great problem for me as I have become used to the taste in recent months with my lovers. As he falls back against the wood panelled wall I put my right hand behind my back and take a hold of the thing that is pushing against my spine making a slimy mess on my skin. I struggle to turn myself around to face this other man who I now know is called Harry this is when I notice that the towel has been discarded on the floor beside him and his cock, not as thick as Phil’s but just as long is ready and waiting to play. I tell him to get back onto the bench which he does with impressive speed and athleticism. My face is now level with his groin and my mouth slips easily around this new tool. As I begin my new task with renewed fervour I manage to glance at my watch its 1.40pm and I have been in here for at least 10 minutes. There is a rustle beside me as Phil changes into his gym shorts and t-shirt. He noticed my glance at my watch and tells Harry to be quick
‘this woman needs to be out of here before anyone finds us in here. Don’t know about you but I don’t really want to get kicked out of the club.’ Harry obligingly cums in my mouth a few short seconds later. I swallow this new shot of cum and straighten my clothes as I stand up. Phil helping me to my feet. He thanks me profusely as I attempt to make a quick exit. When I return to SL he is looking nervously at his watch….he had been playing with his mobile and hadn’t noticed at first how long I had been but by now he was worried. I told him I got lost and found myself in the gents and had to beat a hasty retreat and find the ladies before I embarrassed myself. I finished the dregs of my fruit juice and we departed. Kissing beside my car as we confirmed the tiem we would meet up later. (to be continued)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Innocent Meme

This is a bit of fun from Innocent. Below are my answers to questions for me - kind of like a personal tailor made meme..The rules for playing are here..
The Rules: Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." I respond by asking you five personal questions (I will leave these questions for you in my comments) so I can get to know you better. If I already know you well, expect the questions may be a little more intimate! You WILL update your journal/blog thing/whatever with the answers to the questions (please don't leave your answers in my comments). You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

1. Masturbation; hand or toys? As I only got my first toys a few months ago (2 vibrators which stopped vibrating within a week or so and yes I did change the batteries.....mostly hand but on occasions I do still use my vibrators

2. Money aside what is the one thing that you would like in your life above all else? Not sure if this counts as more than one....... love, affection and great sex

3. Tell me the reason for living where you do now I moved to this area just prior to the birth of my first child. My parents had moved down here from Kent and I didn't know if my baby's father was going to stick around he did and he found a job down here so we stayed.

.4. Tescos or Sainsburys and why? tesco before Sainsburys better service and cheaper but I do most of my shopping in ASDA

5. Favourite sexual position /act? depends on my partner and my mood.....but I guess my overall favourite is the missionary because I can be more interactive in that position than some others although with one partner it is better when I am sitting astride him. There are other positions that I also enjoy enormously

Saturday, March 24, 2007

busy day

having met up with SL and another couple at their hotel at lunch time I am now preparing to meet SL so we can travel together to have an evening of fun with 4 other people. I will describe what happens later.

Thursday, March 22, 2007



I know it doesn't take much to cheer me up when I have been feeling so sad recently. Last night I had an email from GB. We are talking about him taking me away somewhere for a night over the period around my birthday next month. It probably wont be on my birthday as that falls during the school holiday. I have known from the start that he wouldnt be able to give much time to us. But it has been hard. I did think we would see more of each other than we have. But if we get to spend a whole night together the wait will have been worth it. :-D

I did get to spend an hour with GP in his office the other night....we didnt quite manage the sex across the desk fantasy but we did use his chair but mostly the floor next to his desk...good thing I brought a couple of pillows with me.

I am meant to be having coffee right now with RS but hes late so im posting this until I hear tat hes arrived. It will only take me 5 mins or so to get there.

In the meantime I think I shall add this weeks HNT

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

this week updated

How my week should be going

Monday meet new man BB for coffee in town at midday

Tuesday drive for over an hour for couple of hours hot office sex with GP

Wed go with SL to meet another couple for lunchtime fun an hour away half way between us and them.

Thurs day off

Fri meet 2 other couples with SL (was going to be sat which clashes with party we were going to)

How this week is turning out now

Monday got text from BB had to take his dad into hospital so cant make our date

Tues drove to GP’s office took nearly 2x as long as expected so didn’t get very long to do much except…..mmmmm I will post that later

Wed F of other couple cant get time off work. SL now cant leave office. M of other couple has day off work so hes driving 1 ½hrs to have coffee with me at a local hotel (update he tried to phone me to confirm wrong number...I went for meet but forgot my phone, went home after half an hour incase he had tried to phone....lunchtime hes on pc...we are now trying for tomorrow)

Have asked Mr & Mrs P if they want to play with me and SL on wed night not heard back yet (update they cant meet tonight but maybe next friday)

Fri night with 2 other couples may now be sat night again!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The woman in me

The woman in me needs the man in you

I am looking at your photo
I love the way your smile reaches your whole face
I can see that you were happy
I want to stroke your cheek
I want to kiss your open lips
run my tongue over your teeth
exploring your mouth
I love the sparkle in your eyes
I remember that smile
the same smile you have when you see me
the same smile I saw as soon as you came into view
even with so many shoppers in between
both of us chatting away on our mobiles
as you came into view and we saw each other

As I look at your photo I tell you that I want you so much
but why do I want you so much
we hardly know each other at all
It has now been 4 months since first we met
since we first touched
since our first tender and very very passsionate kisses
It has been a month since last I was with you
since I danced in your arms
since we held each other close
since we kissed hello then later goodnight
It has been a month since we had that time of magic
where we lay together and made love for the first time
In that month my emotions have been through the wringer
As we text each other how much our time together had made us so happy
then the low when you said you felt full of guilt

There are others in my life
I am not without admirers
yet I long for your arms
your kisses above any other
why this is I do not know
I think we will not meet again but you say yes
very very soon you said last week
but how soon is soon
Today I came across the voice mail you sent me online
where you sent to me the words
'you are so beautiful to me'
noone has ever done that for me before
I also found the other clip with your voice
telling me how much you wanted to see me

How I long to hear your voice again
feel your breath upon my skin
but why you above all others
why should I care so about a man
who doesnt have time to love me
A man who has his family
and a business to attend to
before he can think of me
What spell have you put upon me
that I should need you so
tonight I text you that my bed is oh so cold
I need you to warm me up
your reply I am certain
will come at around 8am
As I have come to expect

Please do something to show
that you care for me too
please dont keep me hanging on
if you dont have any intent
to share my love
I want you so much
do you want me too
or is it just words for you
I need to know how you feel
the woman in me needs to be loved
the woman in me needs a man
this woman wants you to be her man
does the man in you
need the woman in me too

it is now mid morning
and no word have I had from you
I guess that is it then
no text, no email, no call or even msn
your life is too full to include me
I feel the tears so close
but I cannot let them fall
what are you to me
nothing more than a few memories
and an idea of what I want
I told you before that my psychic
prophesised it would be april
before we can be together
you were distraught it would be so long
it will soon be april but I dont see
there can be any change for us

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I love it when you call

Over recent weeks I keep hearing this song on the radio

I love it when GB calls, I enjoy talking to him properly instead of by text, msn or email. I love to hear his voice, it makes me melt as much as his smile and the feel of his lips on mine or his arms around me. but it seems ages since he last called me. I wish I could call him but I can't. all I can do is send a text or email and wait for his reply. He told me this morning by text that being with me would be heaven.

I found a switch
I turn it on
I hit the ditch
You carried on
I was so near
Now you're so far
Are you quite sure
Just who you are?

Oh I thought you could use a friend
but you don't seem to have the time
I, I wonder if you'll ever get to say
what's on your mind
Take a little time
Take a little time

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication?
It's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all,
oh...He loves it when you call
He loves it when you call
He loves it when you call
He loves it when you call

Remember me?
I used to be
Your best-time buddy
That you couldn't wait to see
We're getting old
It takes it's toll
And hearts getting broken leads to people growing cold

Oh i, I'm flipping with a coin
that's got a tail on either side
I, I'm gonna be the one
who makes you stop and realise
You can have it all, yeah
We should have it all

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication?
It's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all,
oh...He loves it when you call
He loves it when you call

Yeah baby, yeah I want
to be your saint
Yeah, and I wonder
who you've seen
And I hope you've found your dream
When you do
I really hope it's what it seems

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication?
It's only conversation
I love it when you call

The wrong room part 2

As my back was towards the door and Stuart was behind me, I was not able to see much of our uninvited guest. At first I kept my face buried in the pillows out of embarrassment. But as the seconds then minutes ticked by and still he did not make any move to leave, I craned my neck to see who this man was. But all I could see was a part of his denim clad left thigh and a slim left hand holding the room key. I whispered to Stuart

How long is he going to stand there?

In answer to me Stuart muttered over his shoulder to the stranger

Hey mate don’t forget to close the door on your way out that is if you are leaving if not you may as well give me some help here. I fancy giving my friend here a little treat.

He must have seen the look of puzzlement on my face, as he leaned across to breathe into my ears those words I had not heard before in connection with the bedroom.

How about a nice spit roast with our young friend here, you fancy that don’t you babe. Now don’t tell me you have never had a spit roast before?

I shook my head.

Maybe I am being naïve here but what is one of those. The only spit roasts I know are when you have a hog cooking over a fire.

Ok babe I am here to teach you. You do want to learn don’t you, good girl. Mmmmm this feels so good, my cock in your tight little ass. Hey you don’t just stand there come and help us. Drop you pants and give her your cock, stick it in her hot little mouth.

Ahhhem Im not sure, really I should be going my partner Sandy will be waiting for me.

That’s up to you mate but if you want to, you can go fetch your girlfriend and bring her back here to join in the fun. That’s ok with you isn’t it babe?

Yeah sure! The more the merrier I guess. Although I would have preferred to get to know you better first before adding another couple to the mix.

I heard muffled footsteps crossing to the door then the click as the door closed. I breathed a sigh of relief, I hadn’t realised I was holding my breath. Now we were alone again and Stuart resumed slowly sliding into my lubricated ass hole. I had not felt these sensations before. Over the years my husband and then my boyfriend had tried to take me in the ass but I found it too painful. But this was better. Stuart had used a lot of jelly instructing me to relax flat on my face rather than on my knees. Slowly he entered me and I felt the burning pain, took a deep breath and tried to relax. The burning lessened and other sensations burst through me. I felt as though my next orgasm was going to erupt from my very wet pussy with such force I would break the bed. OOOOHhhh why had I never had this before the mixture of pain and pleasure was something else. Something I wanted to keep going but at the same time wanting it to stop before it tore me apart. Stuart was sliding in and out of my ass more and more easily now all the time kissing the back of my neck and telling me that it would be good if our friend did bring his girlfriend back to join us as he quite fancied having two pussies to play with.

Have you ever tried eating pussy babe? No well you should it is the most delicious thing ever.

I’m not sure,, it’s not something I had given any serious thought to. I have wondered about having more than one man but I don’t know about another woman. But if you really want me to then I may see how I feel. But maybe she won’t want me!

That would be a shame cos I really fancy seeing you with another woman.

I was mulling the idea over when I felt my body explode in the most amazing orgasm. My senses were so in tune with his that I could feel him shudder and his hot seed shoot into his condom. I giggled then gasped as he withdrew. I felt him leave the bed and go to the bathroom. I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a light tap on the door. Yes there it was again. Stuart emerged from the bathroom and opened the door a crack it was our young visitor. This time he was not alone. Stuart let the two young men through the door.

Hi I’m Sandy, Neil here tells me you have invited us to join in your fun.

The look on Stuart’s face was a picture and I wished I had my camera handy.

He spluttered

I thought Sandy was your girlfriend. But now I see HE IS your BOYFRIEND. I don’t want either of you touching me I am straight always have been always will be.

Oh no worries there mate its your girl we are interested in I am bi and I would like a bit of pussy but young Neil here has never been with a woman. It’s a dream of his at the moment to fuck a woman while hes wearing her boyfriend’s shoes. He has a thing about mens shoes you know. That’s right isn’t it darling?

Stuart recovered from his shock and suggested he get his camera out while the two young men played with me. But Neil wasn’t sure if he could manage to fuck a woman so Sandy played with Neil’s cock with his right hand while his left played with my pussy. Not to be out done Stuart knelt by my head and gave me his cock which was erect again. Letting me lick him slowly, teasing me so that I couldn’t quite reach to take him fully in my mouth. Soon though I forgot about the previous few minutes when I felt Sandy insert his tongue licking inside my clit bringing waves of convulsion through me. I could see him still pulling and stroking Neil, who was now kneeling beside his friend between my thighs. This was sooooo good three virile young men on the bed with me all naked muscles. I began daydreaming as I was lost in the moment. Just as I was drifting away Sandy and Neil shifted. Now I had Neil alone between my legs as Sandy guided Neil into my pussy. Sandy stood up and came around to stand by my head now I had two cocks one on either side of my mouth teasing stroking my face leaving their trails of precum on my sweaty face. Sandy asked Stuart if he would mind if I sucked him off as it had been a long time since he had his cock in a woman’s mouth. Stuart nodded his assent. They both looked around as there was a sudden noise from between my legs. Neil was laughing why had he never done this before it was nearly as good as fucking Sandy but oh so much wetter and it was good seeing Sandy being sucked off at the same time. Time to change round, now it was Sandy’s turn to fuck me I was told to get on all fours so he could take me from behind and Stuart put his cock in my mouth now. But I didn’t know where Neil had gone. Until I heard Sandy saying that he loved it when Neil takes him from behind and now having Neil’s cock up his ass while he fucks my pussy from behind and facing a handsome older man who had his cock in my mouth it was just a dream come true for him.

Friday, March 16, 2007

getting my diary straight

I have been busy :-)

Not so much having fun but planning it

I was meant to meet GP yesterday afternoon.......but he lost his phone and couldnt get there for work reasons. He tried to contact me on msn but my computer was playing up big style yesterday. he had given me his work number but like an idiot I hadnt put it on my phone. I waited an hour then went home. It was a glorious sunny day and the view was stunning.

we have been chatting all morning and I am now meeting him on tuesday evening in his office for fun and games ;-)
play out a few fantasies.

I had already arranged with SL that we are meeting another couple for funa nd games on wednesday lunchtime. not yet sure if it will be 3 or 4 of us.

over the last week I have been exchanging messages with a new guy on AFF we have just spoken on the phone for 40 minutes while I was chatting to GP on msn. we are now meeting for a lunchtime drink on monday.

so thats monday tues wed taken care of.

SL and I now have a choice of things to do on saturday...we can got to a party where there are going to be about 10 couples and a few singles or take part in a 6some. whichever we choose it will be a first for us.

I have also exchanged a few text with GB he wants to see me again very very soon :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

these boots are made sexual encounters NOT for walking

PL loves me to wear these boots when my legs are wrapped around his neck

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the wrong room

Hi ….I am really sorry but I won’t be able to meet you for lunch tomorrow. I had forgotten that I had agreed ages ago that I would help out with a school trip in the morning. I don’t think we will be back until after lunch as we have been advised to take a picnic with us.

Ok babe I understand…….when will you be free to see me, I have waited so long to see you.

(tongue in cheek) well I am free right now

Ok I can do that if can we meet in Whatsit as it’s about half way. I would have to be back at my office by 5pm. It’s just after 1pm now I can be there in about 25 minutes.

That will be fine but it does mean that I shall be dressed as I am now in my jeans, no sexy clothes.

I don’t mind that as long as I get to see you…….I can’t wait. Ok I will see you in about 25 minutes.

25 minutes later I was outside the hotel we had chosen waiting for Stuart’s car to arrive. Within minutes I saw his smiling face as he strode towards me. He stooped to kiss me hello. This was the first time we had met but we had spoken often and seen each other on web cam so we recognised each other immediately. Stuart took my hand leading me through the glass doors towards the hotel bar. As it was early on a sunny Monday afternoon there were only two other people in the bar apart from the bar tender who indicated that if we found somewhere to sit he would soon be over to take our orders. Stuart ordered our drinks, both soft drinks as we were both driving. We sat chatting and touching, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. Stuart went to book us a room so we could be more private. But the hotel had no spare rooms. We decided to go to another hotel a few hundred meters along the road, again there was no room at the Inn but they did tell us that there were room at their hotel the other side of the town. We drove in convoy to our third hotel. We stood in reception holding hands and occasionally kissing while we chatted. The receptionist was busy with a couple of business men. Finally the were finished and Stuart booked our room. Room 210 she said pointing us in the direction of the lift. We got to the second floor went through the first door and found room 210. No need to use the key as the door was ajar. It wasn’t long before we were reclining on the bed with half our clothes disgarded on the floor as we explored each other.

I had not long been on the dating site and had not met many men but OH Stuart was lovely, a really sexy man, tall dark, handsome, a real gentlman. Not the least bit pushy, quite happy to take things at my pace. But the more we explored each other the more I wanted him. I wanted him touching me, kissing me holding me to him, It wasn’t long before I was having my first orgasm as his fingers found my already wet pussy. He had me worked up to a frenzy when he slid down my body, kissing my skin as he went until his mouth was over my mons. Gently at first then with more passion his tongue was circling and flicking at my clit. Omg another shuddering orgasm as my body twitched involuntarily as his tongue went inside my lips showing me what a man can do with his tongue, this was fairly new to me at this time. I tightened my grip on his long and thick cock. I am sure it was the biggest I had come across until then. I was so desperate to feel it inside me but Stuart had other ideas as he crossed the room to find the condoms he had with him. It was only a short space of time before he had rejoined me on the bed with his cock now sheathed in his mint flavoured condom. He found his way inside me, beginning to pump my pussy as it hadn’t been pumped for a while. Before he climaxed he withdrew, taking off his condom for me to take him in my mouth. Mmmm the taste of mint was lovely, and the feel of his cock in my hungry mouth was delightful. As we lay together kissing and caressing as we caught our breath we heard someone at the door trying to get in. We fell silent, whoever it was went away, but a few short moments later the room telephone rang. Stuart answered. It was reception, it seems we were in the wrong room we should have been in room 212, looking more closely at the room key Stuart confirmed that it did indeed say room 212. But we were in room 210, we both clearly remembered the receptionist telling us room 210 and as the door had been open we hadn’t needed to use the key. The receptionist decided to leave us where we were but give the other guest room 212.

I was on all fours as Stuart was trying to enter my ass for the first time when we were disturbed by more noise. The door opened and a tall blonde man in his 30s entered the room. He still had the key to this room although he had now been allocated room 212.
He apologised for disturbing us but he needed to swap keys with us. Stuart motioned to the table where the key was lying close to the phone. The stranger entered further into the room to pick up the key but instead of leaving again he stood mesmerised by the sight before him.
(to be continued)

Monday, March 12, 2007

I cried

last night I cried, not aloud but quietly to myself.

last night I lay alone in my cold bed

last night I wished for your arms to hold me tight

last night I longed for the taste of your lips

last night I wanted your kisses

last night I was lonely for you

last night I cried

today you still are not here

tonight I shall cry again

tonight I shall be lonely again

tonight I shall want you in my bed

tonight again you wont be here

where have you gone

when will you be here

when will I hear your voice

when will I smell your sweet scent

when will I feel your skin

when will I taste your lips again

when will I hold you tight

when will you make me yours again

Sunday, March 11, 2007

not a very interesting few weeks

Ok so this is how the rest of March is looking for me so far.
Monday take #4 to school with his packed bag then return to school in afternoon with mother in tow so we can wave him and his classmates off. (they are going to PGL adventure/activity week at hindhead.)
tuesday take mother to see her consultant (she intends to cry and tell him theres something wrong she isnt in the same pain but now she cant walk!!). having said that she thinks she will soon be able to drive again which means she will be claiming her car back from me. Sob sob its much nicer to drive than mine and after 2 months I have got used to it now :-( :-(

wednesday I'm taking mother to visit her dad which reminds me I must post what I have written about my last visit to him a few weeks ago. I was very shocked and N thought it was hilarious. Then we are going for a pub lunch before I take her to my hairdressers to get her hair cut.
thursday I have my hair cut at lunchtime then drive like the clappers to hindhead to meet GP (I'm considering changing him to be PG so as not to be confused with GB). we are meeting up at 2pm and plan to be together until 7pm. I wonder how close the hotel there is to the PGL centre.
We have discussed at length what we both want out of this meeting following our sweet but brief meeting last week. He keeps telling me he wants to be one of my regular lovers but the distance does bother me. (I couldnt do that too often.) I asked him yesterday if I am the first woman he has met but this was his response.

No not my first but you are the best

aww how could I refuse him after that? he says he loved it when I sucked him off thinks I am very good at it and he loved the feeling of being inside me when I was sat straddling him. he wants much more of both. He also wants to lick me very much there just wasnt the room or the time before.

Friday I have my instructions that I must not be late collecting #4 from school early when they get back.
saturday 24th SL and I are invited to a swingers party in dorset. It will be our first if we do manage to get there but I am not holding my breath. Its a saturday for a start, although he thinks he can wing it with plenty of notice. I must ask if he has organised that yet.

friday 30th good thing Im not now meeting HMU in London as I have to take mother to Rotary club Presidents dinner (black tie event). Heaven only knows what I will wear. I could wear a black tie and not much else but think mother might be angry if I did that. But then she doesnt approve of alot of my wardrobe these days.
saturday 31st bloggers meet in london. beginning to think I might see if I can get a late train home, just depends where we will be so I can find out what time the last train is. Its over 20 yrs since I caught last train home from london and that was when I lived in kent.

I must do something about this lack of opportunities. I know that there are several couples wanting to meet up with me and SL but we have to be patient. I am wondering if he will find the time to come and see me on his own like we did before he changed his job.

I am not really interested in meeting more guys on my own any more. I would rather see those I have more often than keep seeing new ones. You would think that having 3 guys and a 4th eager to see me as an ongoing thing would keep me busy, but they are all too busy to see me often.

Friday, March 09, 2007

update on my week

well I met HMU as promised on tuesday evening. Unfortunately as I have already posted on my other blog. the chemistry wasnt there but we had a lovely evening anyway chatting over dinner. He is a good friend.

thursday and the planned meeting of four minds and bodies, just didnt happen. this time it was the very person who set this meeting up who cancelled. the text I got from SL read.....

Hi hun. I'm afraid I'll have to cry off tonight. Mother nature has decided that I'm not having sex for a week. catch up soon x

now my mind was working over time.....what on earth was wrong with him we had only been chatting for ages the day before and he was in a very naughty and horny mood. nothing wrong with him then. then I twigged that was the text PP had sent to him. He asked if we could find any one else to meet up with. I chatted to one guy but his wife was working so that was no good. By then SL was working hard and didn't finish til 9pm by the time I got his email it was 8am this morning.

So onto friday and my planned meeting with PL. It suddenly occurred to me on thursday that my middlings (two middle boys) had a day off school on friday. Maybe I could coax them to be out of the house for a few hours. Sure enough #2 son was going into school to catch up on his DT project then he was going bowling with some friends and #3 son wanted me to take him to a friend's house in a nearby new town. So this morning I was taking #3 son his mate's when I realised I was supposed to take #4 to school first. we had to turn around and go back so by the time I got home it was later than I had planned. I text PL can we make it 10.30 as I am running late. But I didn't get a reply. I started thinking this is going wrong. Maybe hes left me an email that I havent read yet but there was no time to check. then I got his text he had emailed to say he would be later as he didnt get in from work til nearly 4am. relief he was going to be here by 11.10am. It has been a while ...too long since he last came to see me. But boy did we make up for lost time. No I am not going into details this time suffice to say I was a really happy bunny by the time he left and I have a soaked bed. He was also well pleased with our morning. He had also come on his motorbike so he was in his sexy leathers again mmmmmmmm.He had been gone less than 10 mins when #2 son arrived home with his mates. He rang the doorbell and when I answered the door he asked if he was allowed in for a few minutes. I just said

'of course you can you live here.'

mmmmm im a happy bunny again and PL has promised to come back sooner next time.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I cant keep track

now I have no idea what is happening I am completely lost I cant keep track even though I write most of it down.

OK so I know I am meeting HMU tonight!! he has text me about finding out if we can get bar snacks. Hes going to let me know that and keep me upto date where he is. Right thats today tuesday. Before that I have to fetch #4 son from school. collect mother from WI meeting and take her home at 4pm. Then at 6.30pm take #2 son and friend to county cricket ground for their first training session with the adults. Its right opposite HMU's hotel. So they will get a lift home with his friend's mum. I dont need to keep going up and down the motorway to the same place all evening!!

Tomorrow wednesday Im sure I have agreed to do something but cant think what or who with. I am sure someone will tell me!

Thursday I was going to see GP but that got changed to thursday 15th. he now wants to be my regular lover too. But he isnt local and it means driving for an hour to see him. any way had several text from SL can we meet FF and PP on thursday eve. I have just confirmed this with FF. so it looks like we have a date for thurs which is most unexpected as SL is never available on thursdays!! and I had got the impression from FF that PP had decided against having any more group encounters. But he has just said she has had a rethink.

Friday what the hell am I doing on friday I am sure something was happening on friday but maybe that was one of the kids not me.

saturday and sunday I know Im free cos I dont get dates at weekends as my lovers are all at home with their wives :-(

Why am I feeling so disorganised???

N has been talking to me on MSN on and off this morning. not sure how I feel about that. I dont want to have to block him but might have to in the end. I dont want to hurt him more than I have already. But I dont want to go back to what we had either.

I was greeted by a text from GB this morning which made me feel good. it was only 3 kisses but that was nice anyway. yesterday morning he text me .......hello sexbomb. so now I feel that even if we are not communicating fully at the moment he still thinking about me.

Oh yeah I just remembered Friday yay Im seeing PL on friday morning :-)

N has been telling me this morning that I must have loads of blokes falling over themselves to see me. some chance!! I dont even get to chat online to many these days as by the time I get online most nights everyone else is in bed asleep. good thing Im not working at the moment.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I see you

I see you and my heart flips, butterflies are dancing in my belly. I feel glad, the sun shines even when it is dark outside. I feel the thrill course through me as I reach out to you. I am so hungry for your touch, the feel of your lips upon mine. I love the way your big smile reaches your eyes. I cannot imagine tiring of your smile. you are silent, not a word is spoken, not this time. Soon you have gone again and I feel sad. I am ok but I have lost the ray of sun that shone upon me for that time. that time while we were both in that same place. The place we go and are together for a short time. Did you see me there too I wonder or was your mind busy elsewhere. I know you are working and I cannot interrupt. I shall just wait for your next text or email. I know you were thinking of me earlier as your text told me so. No I must go and leave this place, no reason to linger as you have gone. Until the next time my darling.

flick the switch and I go offline

playing again

yesterday and today I have had a few chances to chat to SL. we have also managed to chat with a few other couples.
At present we have a second meeting with Mr & Mrs P to come soon although we dont have a date yet as we are waiting for Mrs P to get better from her recent illness. We also have to work around everyone's work commitments.
We also chatted (together for once) to C & N who we are hoping to meet up with soon for a drink to see how we get on.
yesterday we chatted for the first time to N & M (SL has already met M) which seems promising. They are moving nearer to us in a few weeks time so we are hoping to meet up after that. I have suggested that we make it a b'day party for me. The only presents they need bring being their themselves.
today we chatted to G & L another couple new to us. They live a little further away but within the limit we have set ourselves for travelling. They re not free for a few weeks due to work.
SL also told me that we are invited to a party towards the end of the month being held by a couple who are in our network of friends.
When I was looking at their profile the otherday I linked to a woman who has met them. I have contacted her with a view to playing with me, SL & PL. She has replied that she may be interested. we have swapped msn addresses so we can chat further.
March/April could be interesting for us.
It has been too long since we managed to spend any time together due to work and family commitments etc. SL is now settled into his new work so hopefully we can begin to play together again soon.
I have also been in contact with PL today and we are hoping to get together later this week :-)
On tuesday I am meeting up with Hornymaleuk. We seem to have a very close connections so that should be good.

Friday, March 02, 2007

changed plans

Hmmm well as usual plans never work out as expected!!
I was meant to meet GP on friday midmorning until Mid afternoon when I would have to fetch youngest from school. (I cant wait til July after that he changes to school near home). We chatted online this morning, he has a meeting on friday morning so we agreed to meet next thursday morning instead. Then he said it's a shame you are not free tonight. I told him I was so we arranged to meet tonight instead. When I was at the school for a meeting about youngest's class going away for a week on 12th, I got a text from Mrs P, she has been on anti biotics and cant play on friday night but would we like to have a meal and drink instead. I text SL, but he replied tht we should take a rain check as he wasnt sure he could behave himself.

Anyway I went off to meet GP, I received 4 text from him while I was driving, checking where we were meeting and was I near yet? I was driving!!!! Has he not been listening to the news. It was bad enough before but as of 2 days ago it is now illlegal to use a hand held mobile while driving. I had to pull off the road to read his messages just before I reached where he was parked up. Anyway I have had phone problems tonight. My contract (general phone) has been restricted as of this evening. I hadnt received my bill for feb and hadnt done anything about finding out how much I owe this month. (mentally slap own wrist). They are sending me a copy which I should get saturday then I can pay once I have checked it. In the meantime I can receive calls and text but not send. OK so I have another phone. THe secret one thasnogt I dont like to give the number out for. When I top up credit I get a few hundred free text (cant remember how many)but I had used them and was down to under a quid so had 9 text left. I read the messages from GP then managed to drive past the layby where he was as I thought it was the car park a couple of hunded meters further on. I called him once I had pulled off and explained where I was. He pulled up beside me 2 minutes later and we drove into the car park only to discover that there were people there. we drove on to the next turning and along country lanes until we found a turning with a gate way which was half hidden from the road and wide enough to park both cars side by side. I climbed into his car and we snogged for a few minutes then he suggested we get into the back (the arm rest in the middle was annoying). We snogged some more, as we fumbled with each others genitals. At first we were disturbed by passing traffic but soon realised that we were not noticed. I decided that it was time to show GP what I could do for him considering the cramped conditions. I knelt on the leather seat of his BMW leaning over his lap I took his very thick cock into my mouth, licking, sucking and nibbling now and again, whilst my left hand played with his balls, there wasnt room to get them into my mouth too. From the sounds he was emitting I knew that I was doing well and he was enjoying the experience. I climbed onto his lap and impaled myself on hid hard cock. He had been hard most of the day from our chats and the anticipation. There was very little room to move, my head being almost on the ceiling as it was, but we kissed hungrily while I moved about as much as possible where I was feeling the thickness of his hard cock as it moved inside my cunt. mmmmm, it was good to feel his meat inside me. But it wasnt long before he came. His twitching was delightful and made me even more aroused. finally he stopped twitching and I stopped squeezing him. Slowly I moved off him and we sat for a moment, then his darn phone went off. It was the security company. the alarm has gone off and as his partner has left he is the only one who can turn it off. He was very aplologetic and asked if he can see me again. we are going to chat online tomorrow. so unless he changes his mind I guess I will see him next thursday as previously planned. So both my dates for friday are now postponed :-(

just been chatting to GP and he enjoyed what little time we had together and we are planning to meet again ssoon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Now that I am no longer seeing N I feel I can take back my freedom of speach as it were.I am linking both my blogs together so that I can post on either blog under either identity. I was getting confused sometimes whether I was lady in red or sexy vixen when of course I am both. I shall probably still keep kindredperverts as more for my group sex exploits and battle for more general posts.