Tuesday, February 27, 2007


After all the planning for last friday first we were going to meet mr and mrs P but they had to put it off til this week due to work commitments. then we were going with C & N (option 2) but communication with SL stopped so we couldnt confirm details, but at the last minute they had to dash across country to sort out a family problem. Now I find that the problem with SL was that he was ill in bed for several days.Last night my phone was buzzing for hours as I was getting messages from both mrs P and from SL. We now have a time and a place and a day (well evening) all in place ready for us to get together as a foursome again this coming friday. After no sex for 2 weeks I should be quite sore on saturday as I also have a lunchtime date with GP. I shall be really happy if this comes off as I have not seen SL myself since he dropped me off after our last meeting with mr & mrs P. that must have been about 6 weeks ago!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


your warm breath is on my neck as you nuzzle close, I feel your tender kiss upon my lips. my nipples are hard and tingling as you pinch them between your thumb and fore finger. They ache for you to swirl your tongue across the taut crinkley skin to squeeze and suck until I yell for you stop and get down to business.

I feel your fingers trace a soft gentle line across my flesh. the heat of your fingers burning into my skin. I feel the cool breeze from the open window, I see the stars through the open curtains, they watch us now just as they watched us dance. I feel you shift your weight moving down my body.

I hear your breathing getting deeper. I know what will happen next. I feel the excitement grow within the pit of my abdomen. The anticipation the knowledge that soon I shall feel the flicking of your tongue as you reach between my thighs as you bury your face, sucking and licking. Oh how your tongue will fill me with such sensations that I float to heaven on the waves of pleasure that you and only you know how to bring to me your lover.

My hands are on your back tracing the lines of well toned muscles as I wonder how I came to have this wonderful man not only in my life but in my bed. I clutch your body to me closer closer to make us as one.

There is a noise it awakens me, you are not here, I am alone, it is my own fingers that trace my skin as you would do,it is a pillow I am clutching to me in your place. You are not here, you are with her, your wife.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The race updated

Earlier in the month I posted that the race was on to find a couple for me and SL to play with. We have both been busy in our own lives recently so not had much chance to even chat let a lone play together. However tonight there have been developments.

Option 1............. a second evening with KP and TP is now on the cards we are possibly going to meet them again on friday evening at the same place as before. SL has spelt out for me some of the things he wants to happen this time around.....also telling me a couple of things I wasnt aware of about our first meet with K & T.

Option 2............chatted to C & N several times.......including tonight, they have had a visitor for several weeks who has now gone so they are keen to meet us. We are negotiating a time when we are all able to get together.

Option 3..............not heard any more from D & P who live out of the area, although they visit this area I suspect it would be at weekends which are no good for us.

Option 4................Although we have contacted E &F who are on our friedns network we have had no reply from them

Option 5.................FF & PP I have had a number of messages from FF it seems that PP is re assessing her desire to swing. FF wants to meet me again but im not sure he wants to meet both me and SL without PP.

so it looks like it will be friday night with K & TP then possibly C & N but dont know when yet.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

At last

Sometimes you just know it has to be. thats what it has been like with GB. It was never going to be easy. Right from the beginning when he first contacted me in early december. GB tried to impress me by finding out what he could about me from the internet. I had to put him straight on a few things which he took with great humour and humility. After a number of conversations we agreed to meet for coffee. We had our second misunderstanding when he said he would confirm in the morning if he could still make it, I thought he was going to let me know if he couldnt make it. he couldnt and I arrived at the agreed venue only to discover that GB wouldnt be able to get there. we re-arranged it for the next day. GB did make it but was half an hour late then had to dash off for a meeting after an hour. We still managed a snog in his car before he went though.

Since that day we both knew we wanted to see each other again, we both wanted to see much more of each other. Over the next few weeks we stayed in contact but it became imposssible to find time to meet. Before xmas GB text me that he really wanted to touch me and kiss me again soon but he didnt want it to become a new year resolution. Guess he was busy over xmas with his family and friends, new year was fast approaching when he text that if he didnt get to kiss me all over soon he was going to burst. He kept setting targets for meeting me again and we kept misssing them, he was very busy with work. We even managed to arranged a lunch date agreed time and place. I got a lift there, on his way he got called back to work. I had to walk home :-(
A couple more missed opportunities and I felt this was never going to happen. Then this week we arranged that we could get together on thursday evening. N would be here on valentines evening but he would have gone home on thursday. Thursday arrived and I had to cancel as N had decided to stay longer. This had the effect of him sending me the following message

best we leave this whole thing eh it has NOT WORKING writen all over it

this was followed by a text its just never going to happen - you/me/ any reason seems to prevent the ultimate get-together of electricity.

Yesterday he was online chatting to me after I took N back to his flat. we chatted and he told me he could see me last night, but I was due to have a meal with family friends. We agreed to meet up after I had been to the meal.

GB had booked a double room at a hotel in his city (same as where n lives). By the time I text to say I was on my way he had already checked in but not been up to our room. when we got there it was a single room, we went down to reception but it seems it was the last room they had, GB had paid for a double. The receptionist waived the fee for the room. we went back upstairs where we began to dance while we kissed. It wasn't long before he had my bra undone and my shirt off. He sat me on the bed and we continued kissing whilst divesting each other of our upper clothes. We lay back on the bed and his hand found its way inside my trousers, pushing aside the flimsy fabric of my thong. As his fingures entered my already wet pussy I almost fainted with pleasure. We had waited for so long for this moment, it was hard to believe that we were finaly together in each others arms bare skin against bare skin. I am getting wet now just remembering how it felt to finally be there in that room with GB. earlier he had made me promise that I would not stop kissing him the whole time. He is certainly the best kisser this year much better than N. He loved my breasts, holding, kissing , sucking just burying his face in them. I loved his hands and lips on my neck, face and body. The heat was turning up when I decided it was time to change the pace. sitting up and sliding down the length of his body to take his cock in my hand and gently caress him before adding my tongue and lips to the base of his cock slowly twirling and licking from base to tip, fondling his balls , he closed his eyes and lay back enjoying what I was doing. eventually GB asked me to turnaround and he lifted my leg over him so that he could position me over his face. I continued to play with his cock teasing and pulling on it with my mouth while he inserted his tongue into my already soaked pussy. the feel of his tongue darting about inside me sent me into spasms of delight and I could feel myself gushing all over his face until I could take no more. At this point I swung myself around planting my mouth hungrily upon his lapping up my juice from his face. devouring his tongue as it plunged deep inside my mouth. I have no idea how many times we changed position without breaking our hold on eachother. We soon began to fuck first in the missionary then with him taking me from behind, it wasnt long before he shot his load. I didnt mind as it was his first time with a different woman, I assured him that next time will be better but it was good even if short and sweet. His phone beeped and he told me he had to go, but he didnt rush straight off. First he lay with me cuddling and kissing. After we had both dressed again we had another dance before leaving the room.
I text him when I got home to let him know I had arrived saftely. I text him again this morning saying that I had just had the best night's sleep I'd had for months.

tonight I text him GB GB GB cant get last night with you out of my mind. Been smiling loads.

Mmm me too, can't say that I'M NOT FEELING A TAD GUILTY THO

I dont know what will happen now. will we continue to meet or is it over already...........I hope not


its now early hours on tuesday and I didnt hear from GB, I did see him online but didnt say anything as he had said he wanted to call me rather than write. I had already emailed him that I really want to see him but if he needs space then hes got it. My gut feeling is that he will say he really likes me and wants to see me again but is consumed with guilt so wont see me again.
He is going to be away in France for the next few days so I have text him late this evening just wishing him a safe trip, nothing personal. It is going to be hard waiting to hear from him. If he decides to call it a day I shall accept it but be sad, as we could be good together. but most of all I feel that it will have been such a waste of energy taking so long getting to this stage .

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hot date

I have had N staying with me since Valentines day, we went to the movies last night which was lovely then when we got home he fell asleep for a few hours before I woke him to go to bed. I took him back to his place today so now I can start to play again!!

I am writing this while I am waiting for GB to arrange a hotel room for this evening. I need to get myself showered and dressed as I am having dinner with my mum and some of her friends that I know. Then I shall take my mum to her house before shooting off to meet GB. He has just sent me confirmation of the booking............I cant wait we have been planning this for 2 months and it looks like finally tonight is the night. I am getting damp and fidgety just thinking about it :-)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the warning

Yesterday I got an unexpected phone call. It was late lunch time when my mobile rang, I looked at the screen to see who it was but it said private call. Quickly my mind ran over the possibilities. One of the schools, the job centre, one of the companies I take calls from. I heard my name, it was a woman with a fairly deep voice she checked that it was me on the phone.

You don’t know me but I know you

(very curious is this someone trying to stir up problems between me and my boyfriend) Perhaps it was his most recent g/f before he came back to me. But the voice continued.

It is amazing what you can find on the internet….If you sleep with my husband again I shall find you.

All I could think to say was …..who is your husband?...... but the line had gone dead.

I am wracking my brain now …who could it be. My immediate thoughts went to my two lovers they are both married. SL I hadn’t slept with for about 3 months. It could be his wife but unlikely although I had left him a message on the net last night inviting him over to my place today if he wasn’t too busy. I hadn’t heard from him since last week apart from the heart text he had sent me which I then passed on.
PL I had seen last week for the first time since before xmas. We had been exchanging text and email messages for several days. Who else was there?
I have been chatting to lots of guys but I haven’t been sleeping with them. Or at least not for sometime, certainly not this year. My guess is that this woman who ever she is thinks her husband is sleeping away and she has found my number thinking its me. I wonder if she has made the same call to anyone else. I even asked N if he had gone and got himself married without telling me. After all his last girlfriend wanted to marry him so did the one he was seeing last year when he was alternating between the two of us. I seem to be the only one who hasn’t wanted to marry him within weeks. We chat about the call and discuss who it might be not that hes much help although he knows I was seeing others while we were apart. He says that if I get any more calls to let him know.
Later I text both SL and PL I got a phone call today warning me off. It may have been your mrs.
Within minutes they have both replied. Both convinced that it wasn’t their wife.

I really am baffled now.
Several times I go through the list of men that I sent the heart text to yesterday.

GB we have met once for coffee a few months ago……possible hes married I think
GM he is definitely single and we haven’t met up since September although we chat 3 or 4 times a week
ND He says hes separated his family in another part of the country …we met once but didn’t sleep together
DS hes been chatting to me recently …sure hes single but anyway hes in another part of the country and we have never met
IS is apparently still married although they have lived in different countries for several years. We have chatted on and off for months but never met
MM we have been platonic friends for about 9 months we help each other out, giving advice on each others relationships from the male/female point of view. Hes single and we are just friends he isn’t local either
KE we met once months ago he text me from time to time, has been single for years, rarely in the country
NW divorced met once back in early September, from another part of the country, also spends lot of time out of the country
PF, local tells me hes single have chatted a few times, text from time to time never met
RR met once before xmas, is now separated, not local
FF met once with his g/f has invited me out for lunch but not made any plans.
SJ never met tells me hes single wants to meet up soon.

I’m going to try to put it out of my mind. Whoever this woman was I am single and can see who I like, if her husband has been playing away from home either with me or someone else that is a problem between them not me. He wouldn’t be coming to me if everything was fine at home. Still I am curious to know who it is.

Update: This morning GB decided to chat online, this is very rare. I tell him about the call and it came about 10/15 minutes after I had sent him an email.
After a few minutes he tells me not to worry about it as he knows where it came from but not who it was. This confuses me. But he goes on to explain that when he text his colleagues at new year he had done so in groups. Apparently some of the people got the wrong text. One of his colleagues asked him if he had meant to send the text he did, then showed him what he had sent. He had managed to send them a text conversation we had had a few days earlier. I don’t know how many people had received that text, but he thinks it was one of them who called me pretending to be his wife.

Monday, February 12, 2007


All week N had been asking when he would see me next. I had managed to persuade him that I would go to him at his place saturday evening and stay over night coming back here late sunday morning. We had had sex on monday night after I had taken him home after he had stayed here last weekend. But it had done nothing for me and instead of getting very wet I just got damp. This concerned me as that just isnt like me. Is it because I wasnt enjoying the sex as much as I had done in the past or is it something to do with me. I had had a bladder infection recently. I was feeling reluctant to get into a sexual situation with him again too soon.

I was not too keen when he announced on friday morning that he was coming to my town on the train to go shopping and wanted to meet for coffee or lunch. I couldnt very well say no. So I agreed to meet him for lunch then he could stay friday night. We decided to go clubbing which was good as then when we got to bed we both just went to sleep. In the morning I was on mother's taxi service duties so no lay in for me (no sex for him). On saturday we went back to his place but not until very late evening. On the journey I began to worry about my sexual future.

When I first met N the sex was incredible, maybe that was just because I had had very little sex of any enjoyable nature for years. I just couldnt get enough of sex with him and he christened me 'rivers of babylon' as I got so wet. Over the months that we were together on and off the sex was still good but I began to feel that he was boring as we didnt try any new positions etc. Having met other men I have widened my sexual experiences. Now I am worrying that I need to push my boudaries more and more to get sexual fulfillment. Am I going to find more and more that sex becomes more boring and unfullfilling if I am not pushing my personal boundaries. As much as I want to push myself to my limits I do want to find fulfilment without having to constantly push further.

I managed to keep things distant when we arrived at his flat until we went to bed again just falling asleep in each others arms. (this is why I am seeing him again). mid morning though he began to play with my nipples then finding my pussy which did become very aroused and wet fairly quickly, however he was quite quick to climb ontop of me thrusting himself inside but it wasnt long before I felt him lose his hardness and climb back off me. I didnt get anything much out of this.
I enjoy the cuddles and waking up with a warm body next to me in the bed, having a lie in and just chatting over a cuppa is great but our sexual appetites are different. but what is worse....I used to melt everytime he touched me and his kisses made me feel all wobbly and I just couldnt get enough of them, now I think he just slobbers over me and I dont enjoy his kisses at all. Last summer he accused me of changing the way I kiss but I think its him who has changed while he was with his other girlfriend he kept alternating me with.


what is going on?

When I set up my profile on the website where I meet most of the men I have made contact with. I set the minimum and maximum ages as 36 to 48.

tonight I checked my mail box. I have 8 new messages ages 55, 51, 50 too old! 42 & 38 ok
29, 25 &19 too young !!

I know I have been known to be flexible about the age but really 19 !!! my son is 19 !!

In the past I usually got involved with men older than me. Now I am trying to bring the age down to around my own age, I find it hard to get my head around men younger than me if they are early 40s or maybe late 30s but 19 !!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I've done it again !!

I have been dreaming about SL, it isn't the first time. we haven't spoken for a few days so I don't know what prompted me to dream about him today. However since I started to write this post he has come online and we have had a brief chat.

I am a little disturbed by my dream. I didnt mention it to him, although last time I did because it was quite sexy that time.

In my dream I was in his house, I was giving him a blow job, he was in his bed it was night time but he was alone in his bed until I arrived. Then I had left and we were going to meet somewhere as he was going to come away with me so we could be together. but his two teenage sons had follwed me as I walked along various roads and across a park. I tried to give them the slip but they wouldnt lose me. I didnt get to the end of the dream so I'm not sure how it would have ended as I was woken up by the alarm.

I am disturbed by this as I would never go to his home especially while his family are there.
But more than that as much as I love him to bits it is not an emotional love. I love him sexually and as a very close friend and confidant. But I wouldnt want to be in a close full time relationship with him.
I dont know the situation between him and his wife I have never asked, thats his business but I figure that he would do the same things he does now outside his marriage no matter who he is with. I dont want that from someone I am committed to.

I know you shouldnt take dreams at face value but it has still disturbed me.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

wow !!!

Wow ....what can I say .......wow I needed that, needed him yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

No sooner had I posted that our date was off because my son is home ill, PL text me he would come over for a quickie if I wanted. I think we had both got to the stage of being desperate to be together.

I replied that I wanted him here but we would have to be quiet.

I jumped into the shower, dried myself and my hair, threw on my red satin chemise and short black satin robe and ran into the front bedroom to watch out for his car.

Yummy he pulled up outside on his motorbike in the leathers he had promised the other week after reading my fantasy about him. See battletofindmyself/I love my kids but.

I let him in and we crept up to my bedroom where I had already turned my radio up louder than usual. We kissed , oh how I have missed those kisses, and we kissed some more then I began to unzip his leather jacket, he bent down (hes over a foot taller than me) to take my breast in his hand and suckle on my right nipple.
I took his hand and led him over to my bed. He stopped just long enough to remove his tight black and cream leather trousers and boots. then he joined me on my bed burying his head in my bust.....making a delicious meal of my nipples while I craddled and stroked his head. before too long though our lips were getting re aquainted while his fingers were searching through the new soft dark curls that have appeared since our last encounter. mmmm his fingers found the right spot to start my juices flowing. we continued to kiss whilst muttering to each other how long it has been and we mustnt let that happen again. We were whispering to begin as neither of us wanted my son to wake up and realise he was here. He licked his thumb and rubbed it against my clitoris mmm now that feels sooo good. It didnt take long before our muffled chat was smothered in more kisses as PL climbed on top of me and unusually entered me in the missionary position. (not a position we indulge in too much, prefering to be more adventurous). With my legs wrapped around his waist we began our journey to heaven. I dont know if it was the change to our customary positions or the fact its been ages, even the awareness that we were not alone in the house, but although I was very aroused I didnt seem, to me, to be very wet. However I did enjoy the feelings of being fucked hard, fast and very intimately. It wasnt long before my legs were resting on PL's shoulders mmmmm much more intimate but my legs did look funny as I was not on this occasion wearing stockings as I would normally do for PL.
Changes in position, PL does love to fuck my ass and since he taught me how to enjoy it I really do. I was very dry today not sure why so we needed more lube than usual but boy did that hard cock feel good inside my tight ass once he got there.......I feel bitter sweet pain as he penetrates my ass that has been left alone for 2 months, mingled with the deliscious tingle and the waves of pleasure that course through me from my toes to the top of my head. those sweet waves take me to places I dont otherwise find. I can feel my pussy is tingling with pleasure too and the sensations of my pussy and my ass are almost too much to bear. OH PL that is soooo good. Slowly he withdraws.

There was much kissing, licking sucking, fucking from behind and in between we managed to fit more hard fucking of my ass. Mmm I need a cushion now for sitting obviously its been too long since we were last together but it has been such lovely sweet hard fuck I cannot complain except perhaps that I had to wait so long. If you want me to describe the whole hour and a half in detail tough. As much as I like to share my experiences I want some of the details to be just ours to remember. Oh but he does look so good both with and without his leathers. Until next time my darling PL.

We have been exchanging text messages since he left both complimenting the other hehe……oh PL I do so love our sessions but I also love our text conversations too!!

He is such a sweetie he’s just congratulated me on completing my first assignment on my IT course.

I am feeling really good now.
I seem to have had a stupid grin on my face ever since PL departed from my door

about an hour ago my son asked me who was the man that was here theis morning?

I just gave a name .......that seems to have been enough hes said nothing else.

Sooo not fair!!!

We have been exchanging emails and lots of text for days (well weeks really).
It has been far too long since we last saw each other. see mmmmm
On monday night while I was with N we were still exchanging copious text and pictures, we agreed that we both urgently need to fuck each other. The last time was before xmas. was it really only in november when I got withdrall because we had missed a whole week without fucking each other.
PL who works nights has to start work earlier this week and I am finding it harder to get time alone at home as #1 son is only working 12 hrs a week currently 7am to 11am 3x a week.
last night . he said he would set his alarm to get up early so we could have a session while son at work.
7.30 this morning son still in bed.......hes rung in sick has a temperature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg thats my plans down the drain. :-( :-(

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The race is on

We have not got any arrangements made to meet any other couples at the moment. however we are both very keen to arrange our next evening of pleasure. We have a number of options open to us right now, it is just a case of what can be arranged and with who.

Option 1.......a second evening with KP & TP we are both keen and so it seems are they. But we have not fixed a place or time.

Option 2 .......N & CP we have both chatted to both of them they have been swinging for sometime but are fairly new to the area. they can accommodate but have relative visiting at the moment.

Option 3 D & P who dont live in the area but often visit relatives in my town.

Option 4 E &F we are both keen to meet and have exchanged a few messages but not progressing far, very local for me....highly recommended by K & TP

Option 5 FF & PP who I met last on my own. FF has invited me out to lunch soon. there has been no mention of trying to get the four of us together again.

watch this space to see how things progress.

Oh and have yet to mention to SL about what I was discussing with PL more on that later after I have chatted to him again.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I don't have any more tales of my adventures as a couple with SL at the moment so I thought I would share with you a conversation between myself and my other lover PL who I have not been able to see since before christmas and he is obviously missing me as much as I am him.

It started with email messages between me and PL:

MMMMMMM Sat here stroking my shaft, wondering how it would feel slipping in and out of your wet hole right now xx

mmmmm now I think we both know very well how that would have felt hun. Just as we know how it will feel when we finally get the chance to indulge once again!! It has certainly been far too long since I had that lovely hard cock of yours to play with. mmmmm I can just imagine the feel of it between my lips and the thought of you filling my ass once again..........I cant even begin to think of that without getting very horny and wet. to say that I miss you and your cock is an understatement. But I am sure that when we do get together we will make up for lost time. Xxxx

Oh we'll make up for lost time all right lady Its just a shame it won't be this week I'm on the crap run next week as well, where i have to leave for work at 1 pm. I know timings have been against us recently, but some things are worth waiting for xx

mmmmm how right you are and I know from experience that you are well worth waiting for mmmmm still cant wait though. Pity about next week but I think it would still have been difficult for me too. But hopefully the week after will be better. Was thinking about you today while I was being fucked by b/f. He just wasnt doing it for me and I wished that I was in a threesome with you and SL. but I couldnt decide if I wanted to suck you while he fucked me or the otherway around. conclusion has to be that both happen and I would love it if my first experience of dp was with the two of you who I regard as my closest lovers.

MMMMMMM You have been thinking this through haven't you So do you think you're ready for a serious dose of DP? Do you think you could handle 2 big cocks in your holes at the same time! One deep in your ass and the other ramming into your soaking wet slit! If that's what you want lady, then that's what you should have xx

Then the text messages

Ping! Picture message arrives from PL but I am having problems with multimedia messages on my phone.

It seems I still cant receive picture messages but I bet I can guess what it is.

Damn! Was a 40 second video of me stroking my cock ! x

You know what would have been even better


A film of me playing with your cock

Mmm. Have you ever done it on film? Very horny . I just happen to have a very good camcorder ;-) x

No not yet!

Well theres another one to think over then ;-) x

Have you ever done it before then ?

Did one last year, was horny as fuck ;-) x

So you can be my expert then

Lol. In what exactly ?

With a camcorder

I do know my way around one. Would you like to enlist my services 4 a particular job! :-) x

I would have thought that you would have to be there if we are filming me playing with your cock

Lol. I was just wondering what you had in mind babe. Imagine watching yourself on the tv with a big fat cock sliding in and out of one of your holes!

That depends on who the cock belongs to.

Exactly ;-) x

Or even who they belong to!

Mmm really! Are we talking a couple here or just men?

Lol. Was just teasing you but if you are game then it is something we shall have to give some thought to.

Indeed and if you come across a couple who want to film some action, you know who to call ;-) x

I take it you would want to take as much part in the action as being behind the camcorder

Pity you are limited in the time you can play

Lol, of course I would want to take part ;-) would have to be daytime though ;-(

Do you have a preference i.e. m or f or m+f ?

I don’t mind babe. I think we should have another woman there , but have as many men as you feel you could handle ;-)

Of course and if you know anyone that would be interested

Mmm will have to think about that one. Most of the women I have met from the site only want one on one!

I very nearly replied how boring but then realised that would sound like he is boring. But sex with PL can never be boring!

Mmmm with you of course they do! But where is the adventure? Have you had any 3 or 4somes before?

Had a couple. Had 3 of us with a very willing American girl in germany, and had a 3 sum with a couple back home. All good fun :-)

My b/f said that I wouldn’t like a 3 or 4 some. I could barely keep from laughing when he said that.

LOL. He doesn’t know you at all does he lol. I know you’d love the attention several men would give you. Just think, all that hard meat just looking 4 a hole 2 fill. How good would it feel to be stuffed from all ends by rock hard cocks. How many inches working in and out of you! X

No he doesn’t. I expect it wouldn’t be just my elbows that would be sore after.

Lol, who needs elbows with all that hard cock to keep you up! ;-) you would be in your element!

So now it looks like I shall be having more adventures only this time with PL and his camcorder. Not sure how SL would feel. I know he would be pleased for me but I think he will be worried that I wont have enough energy for our adventures together.