Wednesday, May 30, 2007


my dearest Lord Thomas
I hereby give to you my humble apologies for not sending forth my words for your eyes to devour. It has been a rather odd but pleasant day. I have spent many moments along the hours considering my reply to my lord. My mind being full with all kinds of thoughts and feelings towards the variety of personages with whom I had communicated during the day that has been the anniversary of my birth. Each time that I have put my mind to the words I wish to convey my mind has become so full of memories of the time we have spent together in the pursuit of our joint pleasure that I have had difficulty in arranging my thoughts into any semblance of order. I just know that as I write so the words will come to me just as I came for you on that last occasion we came together. I remember all too well that day. I had hurried to prepare myself for my master in nothing but stockings and a button through gown although floor length split to the waist almost on either side. The pleasure I felt when I set eyes upon my master and his lovely smile. The taste of your lips as we kissed. The feel of your hands upon my exposed flesh. With the added thrill of knowing that I was exposing myself not only for my lord and master but also for other local personnages who happened to pass your vehicle during the time I was endeavouring to give my master pleasure. Pleasure which I gave my master through the use of my hands and mouth upon your own tool but also the pleasure gained by us both as you used your own dexterity to bring my own body to the gushing waves of ejaculation that only a woman can achieve. The wonderment on your face as I kissed your soft lips while passing on to you a sample of your own fluid gained orally from your delicious hard sword. I believe that it will be a very long time before these memories fade from my mind. the pure pleasure of knowing that I had served my master well can only heighten my own pleasure from the experience itself. the certain knowledge that my lord doth still harbour thoughts of those moments does in itself bring great pleasure to your own wanton slut. this slut who craves to repeat her ministrations upon yourself.your lady slut would be more than pleased to find herself again in the company of such a gentle yet sexually arousing master as yourself. to continue not only these words of wishes and desires but the fulfilling of those desires and circumstances so described.> My master wishes to be regailled with tales of my adventures most particularly alfresco sorties in venues of natural beauty. The incidence referred to being located alongside the road to london which houses a shop guarded constantly by motionless hounds close to a set of traffic lights. Having met my partner we wandered hand in hand through the steep wooded paths in search of a suitable place to stop. Having found a stopping place which was not very satifactory but our urges over powering the need for comfort we soon had our hands upon each others bodies over and inside our clothing as out tongues tangoed within our joined lips. our embrace disturbed by shouts from passing teens as they careered down the slope at a distance from us we proceeded to a nearby fallen tree upon which he sat while your lady slut sank to her knees and took pleasure fromsucking his manhood into her mouth. your wanton whore then removed her under garment as she hitched up her skirt and proceeded to sit on her partner's lap impaling herself upon his stiff rod. However the thrusting of our mating was short lived due to the precariousness of our position. We then straightened our garments and made our way back to where we had left our respective carriages. I must now go to my bed alone reminding myself of my desires to serve my good lord. As while I was sat upon my bed earlier contemplating how I could best please my lord with my words I had lain back across my bed with my left foot still upon the wooden floor boards whilst my right foot rested upon the corner of my bed causing my white cotton skirt to fall down the angle of my thigh exposing my cunt for anyone who should enter the room, as I lay there imagining that it was not only my thoughts that were being invade by my sweet lustful lord. I must now press the send button to make sure that these words are waiting for my lord when he arises in but a short time from now. I look forward to discovering whether your lady has satisfied her lord with his hunger for her words.
with lust and desire in my belly I shall bid you good night

Sunday, May 27, 2007

turning 45

My dearest Thomas
you have no idea what lovely birthday present that was to read your words so early in my day. I have been feeling a little unloved recently but your words have reaffirmed the feelings I had for what we have exerienced. The intensity of sensations not only when we have been together, but the sensations evoked by reading your words.
I shall give a more in depth reply to your lovely words later in the day when I have more time. But for now please be assured that your thoughts are mirrored in me.
for now my thoughts will be with you and how I can adequately respond to your eloquent words
your own Lady Fiona :-) xx

My dear Fiona
A birthday,today? Happy birthday and may you have many more at least as erotic and loving as this one. I wish that I could do rude and lovely things to you on such a day incelebration of beautiful and lovely sexual maturity. Bless you
Thomas :-x

yes I am afraid I have reached the mature age of 45 today although I dont feel a day over 25. Thank you for your wishes (all of them )Xxxx


45 is the new 25 so all makes sense to me, mind you

I bet you weren't as naughty at 25 as you are now? Are you partying to night?

I await you naughtiness in your own words



Friday, May 25, 2007

I am possessed by you

Fiona my sweet Lady

I am once again possessed by you. Or am I possessed by my thoughts of how I want you to be?

Many times each day I look to my mail in search of that part of you which thrills me. The part of you that desires to subjugate your sexuality to the will of another and I thank the heavens that I am blessed with this gift to me it is me. Like a handkerchief tossed down to make brave her knight that he might joust for her hand.

I live on the memory of the joy you gave me when you revealed your ample body to me. The image of your seductive folds of flesh are seared into my minds eye with your bountiful pendulous breasts and your elegant feminine fingers displaying your beautiful vagina to me. I have it locked into my mind, the swathes of dark hair concealing your wetting lips. The kiss of your mouth upon mine all encompassing in its sensuality.

Having you fulfill my desire for you to take my sword that soft gentle mouth was an exquisite pleasure to watch and the sensation of you working it up to a state of explosive satisfaction filled me with the desire to slip it into your soft receptive bottom.

The delicious naughtiness of being in your mouth and the skill at which you pleasured me was heaven itself and the thrill to see on your pretty face that it gave you was sublime.

I would have so loved you to have straddled me in the car and lowered your tight vulgar hole onto me so that I could have held you in my arms and pressed your ample bosom into my own naked chest as you fucked yourself upon my manhood. I should have liked two cocks so as to be inside you doubly.

To have you ejaculate me into your mouth sucking every spasm from me and then pressing your tender lips to mine to deliver my very own lust for you into my mouth was a devine sordidness that I shall never forget and one that I so wish to repeat some day with you.

Fiona, my Lady love, I crave your words and hope that nothing befalls you that should keep you from continuing to be my depraved slut.

Tell me of your recent alfresco meeting near me. I would gladly devour your descriptive words and know of the joy it gave you to meet this lover. I am not a jealous knight and would willingly give to another if you so desired the promiscuity and maybe the audience.

Talk to me, I wish to hear vulgar words flow from you mind onto the page. Would that I could hear them directly too.

Your fallen Knight Sir Thomas demands you depravity :-x

PS: I trust your maternal parent is mending well. I wonder, has she any idea of your beautiful sexuality?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How utterly beautiful

My dearest Lady
It pleases me no end to find your depravity once again awakened by my lusting for your ample curves and vulgar sexuality, and I am glad that you have recently indulged your sexuality alfresco close by where I live. If only I had known I could have spied upon you in you moment of greed and lusting with this stranger and taken photographs of your enjoyment in him and his in you. It would have been perfect for him to have left you there and blissful vulgarity for me to have come to you and taken my pleasure in you with his spunk dribbling from your vagina and down your thighs. I should have liked the spent satiated slippery wet slackness of your cunt filled with yours and his cum juices as I filled you more with my own............. It also pleases me to find you disposed to the comfort of others who stumble upon your naked tethered body your honour defenceless against their will, for I know of some who pass by that very spot and would no doubt find you irresistible. One I know, a man of the cloth who's wife should have remained a spinster for all the conjugal comfort she give him between the sheets. He passes near by daily and I shall tell him of the opportunity to have some relief from a woman of easy virtue. He will arrive and whisper in your ear in soft tones of comfort that only a clergyman can. He will kiss you, holding your face in his hands with the fatherliness and compassion that only a man of the cloth could give, for I shall tell him how inviting and passionately soft your mouth is to conjoin with ones own and how much enjoyment you gain from it. He is a decent man, but a hungry man for having been made celibate for so many years by his dry shriveled wife, he will be hungry and passionate for you. He will no doubt ask Gods forgiveness as he releases his manhood from his dark somber trousers and parting your ample cheeks will push you forward to allow his rampant cock access to your dark curly covered maidenhead. With the gentility of his nature you will feel him slide his cock hesitantly and gently into you, but no having had sight of him you no not what to expect, but soon you realise he is a gentle giant as you feel him slide endlessly inside you until nudging your cervix and know he has more to give you. You want this man your passion grows as you desire to provide him thesatisfaction his wife denies him. She must be a petite woman unable and frightened to take his splendid girth and length and you understand her celibacy as he fills you stretching your limits, but oh so blissfully you think. As he takes on a momentum of uncharacteristic lust you find yourself drifting in and out of consciousness with the pleasure of being so utterly full filled. He calls you his child and blesses you for your good nature and forgives you your lust for his already spoken for manhood. And you tell him how complete you feel to have so good a man inside you and wish for him to spill his seed deep within you. And with that he finds he can contain himself no more and pulling you tightly onto his enormous cock he shouts,


You look into the trees and spot me close by watching you being taken by this lovely gentle but firm man. It thrills you to know I'm watching you, We smile at one another and I blow you a long and longing kiss as his spunk gushes unlike any you have felt before, like a newly dug bore hole releasing its first constrained gushing. You feel the force of each ejaculation so strongly that you can contain your self no longer and join him in your complete and ecstatic pleasure as wave after orgasmic wave rips through your body as you press you backside into his thrusting groin and still more of him erupts into you filling you so full you can contain it no longer and let it gush from within you down your thighs and to your ankles. He makes himself decent and kisses you passionately and blesses you for your service and hopes to pass by one day again. As he goes I come to you and we kiss with a passion so strong I feel I might burst from my adoration of you complete and utter sordid depravity........... I adore you I tell you and my lust rises for you and it all begins again but with the holy man's satiated lust within you. My lady, I shall tell others of your whereabouts in the hope they might find you, as I do, irresistible to abuse and self gratification .....................

As ever your champion knight Thomas :-x

Perhaps we should meet again and you can once again demonstrate you complete obedience and utter vulgarity to me? Tell me how you might wish to debase yourself to me that I might adore you more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My Dearest Thomas,
It fills me with pleasure to know that all is not lost for you and yours. I have thought of you from time to time in recent months and wondered if we would ever be able to take our fantasy any further. Over the months since last we communicated I have done a few days work here and there but as the system does nothing to help us help ourselves I find myself worse off by trying to better my situation. I have been running a round after my maternal parent whilst she recovers from her knee replacement operation but as she is now getting back onto her feet as it were I am finding I have more time to myself again.
My Lord Tarnished knight would it please you to know that only as recently as last week I did partake of sexual pleasure alfresco at a well know beauty spot nearer to you than myself.
The image I now have in my mind etched by your very words of debauchery have awakened my desire to become again your very own Lady slut. The image of you taking your pleasure from my body as I am restrained and helpless with nothing but the cool air upon my flesh brings me to a state of delicious excitement and anticipation. The memory of your twinkling eyes as you gaze upon my ample flesh brings a jolt to the very heart of my body. the anticipation of your touch and that of the twig with which you would strike my ivory cheeks brings a slight colour to my cheeks as I realise the extent to which I am exposed to you and all others who might stumble across my predicament. I thank you for being the first to find me in such a vulnerable situation. Now that you have shown me the error in my ways and dealt me such punishment as you felt right and just. before showing me how much passion I bring out in my lord for the feel of our bodies as they are joined in such lust as we now know is possible between us.
Now that my lord has given me the juice of his lust for my ample curves, I find that my mind and body are more disposed to the comfort and pleasure of all others who may pass by my tethered being, to be used and abused in which ever manner is thought fitting by those who have a delight in my womanly shape. Until eventually I am released from my captivity by who ever has the will to do so whether for my benefit in allowing me my freedom once again or their own conscience.
It is my Lord my sincere hope that you may wish to revist your vulgar whore with the idea of mutual satisfaction
your only lady Slut Fiona

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I have decided that I am going to experiment with opening up my blog again.

I don't believe I have written anything on here that can be used against me.

There may be some things that not everyone likes but this is after all my blog, my feelings.

anyone who does not like what I write does not have to read it.

However if I do have any further problems I shall return my blog to being invite only.

Thomas and Fiona

After our last meeting several months ago my story between myself and my Knight came to an abrupt end. This was not of our choosing but circumstances which dictated that it must be so, a least for a time.

At Easter I sent my knight a brief email offering him my best wishes for the Easter period. Little did I know that this would open the flood gates for our renewed communication.

These emails although to a degree are in the same vein as our previous one there are sutle differences. These new emails were also suplemented by hours of MSN chat which was not the case in the previous months.

As these new email are not quite the same a before I am now calling these the Thomas and Fiona story.

here is part one

Hello Fiona
A happy Easter to you too my Lady.

Not quite out of the woods yet, but getting there and very, very busy.

Talking of woods, I imagined finding you recently, completely naked but for a pair of heels and hold-ups, hugging a tree with your wrists tied around it. Far from being gallant and setting you free, I pulled your head back by the hair and kissed you with greed and relish, passionately sucking at your lips and coaxing your tongue into my mouth knowing you to be helpless to fight me off ......................... We kissed for ages and I pressed my body to yours and you felt my manhood rise with manly lust .................. I parted your legs and knelt down behind you, spread your cheeks and licked your tight little bum .......................... you squirmed in response to my vulgarity and when I slipped my tongue into your darkness I heard you moan. "What a disgusting filthy slut you are!" and broke a thin stick from a tree and swiped your ample soft cheeks with it ...... not once, not twice , but several times ........ you lost count as the stinging sensations swelled over you ample buttocks and the joy of chastisement rippled through your body..................... I knelt down once again and kissed your red welts, then parting your cheeks once again proceeded to tongue fuck your dark hole with such ease as your relaxed muscles welcomed me into you ................... I spread you further and sitting on the grass between your ample soft thighs, my head backed to the tree, I pulled you maidenhead to my mouth and licked your slit salaciously from top to toe. .................... As my tongue slid over your love button you were unable to control yourself and like Niagara Falls an involuntary cascade of juices squirted from your cunt drenching my face and shirt, filling my mouth as you screamed with pleasure at the touch, your whole body in spasms of joy....... wave after wave of ecstasy as you screamed into the warm spring air your lustful pleasure at my invading tongue..................... My mouth filled with the juice from your cunt, I stood beside you again and pulling your head back again, I pressed my mouth to yours and you tasted your sex as I dribbled your lustful cum into your mouth and over you lips and chin and as your cum juice and our saliva mixed making slippery our passion I took some of it and spread it over your tight arse hole and slipped up your bum with welcome ease and fucked you slowly sensually with such intense passion for your disgusting depraved womanly sexuality ......................... then feeling you cum once again and the wet sensations flooding down your thighs was enough to make my heavy balls tighten and my spunk well up to the head of my cock with such force it shot deep up into your rectum only to slide back over my invading rod so we could both feel the new slippery sensation of it as I squeezed out the last drop of pleasure from my spent lust for your total wanton vulgarity ......... Making myself presentable once again, I whispered into your ear, "Thank you, you heavenly whore, I'll leave you here until I feel I want to abuse you once again." and vanished as quickly as I had appeared to you and leaving you once again at the mercy of whoever next might come by and have their lust ignited by your predicament .................... Until the next time my Lady I remain your dastardly knight Thomas :-x

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Waynes way

got this from Wayne
Have a go, and let me know
1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Friend of my parents
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Not sure although I have wanted to cry recently when I was feeling really ill.
3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Nope but some others do
5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Four boys
6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Yes but I would probably want to give me a shake sometimes
7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Me !! never!!
11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No laces on my shoes lol
12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Somedays more than others
13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Vanilla (you can add anything to it)
15. RED OR PINK? Now come on!! I like pink but it has to be RED!
17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? No one person but lots of different things about different people
23. FAVORITE SMELLS? Fresh laundry, vanilla
27. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? None at the moment
28. HAIR COLOR? Dark brown going grey
29. EYE COLOR? hazel
31. FAVORITE FOOD? Italian
33. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Final destination 3
35. SUMMER OR WINTER? summer
36. HUGS OR KISSES? kisses
37. FAVORITE DESSERT? Fruit pavlova and cream
45. WHAT IS THE FURTHEREST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? Lapland took my baby for the day xmas before last
47. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Chelmsford

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Verdict

My dear good Lady
Indeed your subservience was true and obedient, but above all most pleasurable to me. The sight of my good Lady so fallen as you were to disrobed with such aplomb was one of much enjoyment. To see you lovely face as you revealed your curvaceousness and hirsute maidenhood a joy to behold. I should have liked your soft black curls to have been longer, but another time perhaps. To feel the glorious sensations provoked by the tenderness of your kisses upon my sword were devine that only a slut would know how to perform such deeds and you performed them with such skill as to send me into a state of semi consciousness at the moment of my ultimate of pleasures. Never have I felt such intensity as when your dutiful mouth took me to so many uncontrollable eruptions. They were all intense and joyous moments each and every one as you made me spill my lust for you into your giving dutiful mouth and to take it all and share for the first time with your Lord in kisses so vulgar was an obedience you master praises. I would have liked to have spent more time with my lady and to have abused her more but her expertise in honouring her master was so intense it rendered me incapable of continuing and besides, darkness fell sudden upon us. But it was with great excitement to know your Lord was able to bring you to a place where you were able to have him experience your own pleasure not once not twice by way of your own ejaculation for the very first of such experiences from a woman. I should like to have witnessed the sight of that not just the feel. And My Lady was exquisitely vulgar in allowing me the rudeness of digital invasion of your most vulgar space. So divinely sluttish that I wished that it were my sword that invaded you there. I fear my good vulgar Lady that I let you down from the hope you may have had for continuance, but rest assured if you were not as good as you were in honouring you master so, he might have been more disposed to have treated you more dishonourably. Our next tryst my good Lady will be a while yet, as duties in my castle tie me down and opportunity is not forth coming. But at some stage I shall inform you of your next subservient duty to perform or have performed upon you. For now my Good Lady be sure your duty was well done and well received and well relived. Your master Sir ***** :-x

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The day arrives

I have awoken with the knowledge that today is the day when I shall meet with my master, my lord who is my knight of Tarnished Armour. he who does make me his very own slut with the very words he does send to me. I have plenty of time for preparing myself for our tryst. Damn !!! I have just been informed that mother's taxi service will be required to get son #2 to his football match at 13.30hrs the otherside of the neighbouring city. that means that I must rush out to purchase the food that will be required for packed lunches tomorrow, there wont be another opportunity to do this. The Supermarket is busy, my phone keeps bleeping with messages I hardly have time to think let alone have a chat. finally I'm home with my groceries, quickly putting everything away I discover that with 5 minutes before we need to leave son #2 is just getting into the shower grrrr. I grab a sandwich......speed down the motorway only to get stuck in traffic once we leave the motorway. Finally I drop him off with 5 minutes to spare before kick off (hes the goal keeper). Having arrived home son #1 who wants to borrow my car later needs a lift to a friend's where they are working on project. OK if we go now I will have time to grab a shower and prepare myself for my meeting with my Knight. I have gone a mile towards home and my mobile rings it is #1 son again hes forgotten to bring what he needed for the project can I fetch it and bring to him. Grrrrr. Very reluctant I do this (I want him on side later).Home again, right now to get ready run the shower and begin to think about what will happen in less than an hour. Bleep its my phone again...this time its my knight just checking where we are meeting. I tell him I am running about 10 minutes late for our tryst. We both agree that we are getting excited but also scared.omg my nails they are still adorned by chipped purple varnish, quick remove this and paint thin layer of scarlet before I set off. As I pull into the lane where we are meeting there are many cars in the car park but I dont see his. I drive past the majority of parked vehicles and park a little apart from them. I see a car reversing from a space lower down and watch as it pulls up next to mine and I see with relief that it is indeed my knight for whom I am about to show my subservience in all that he wishes. I am now glad for my hectic activity earlier as I didnt have time to worry that I might in some way fail in my duties as slut to my master.He opens the passenger door and I slide in beside my master resplendant before my gaze. I smile and feel instantly at ease within his company. We have shared so much and yet so very little. I have on a full length button through gown with slits up the sides that reach above the top of my playboy motiff adorned dense black hold up stockings. As requested I am naked of all else under this gown. We have not gone far along the lane before my lord pulls into the side of the lane as I reveal for him all my curves. to watch his delight as my pendulous breasts are unwrapped for his gaze and his fingers reach out to trace the outlines and rub my nipple is devine. however this does not prepare me for the shock that runs through me as my Lord takes my nipple between his lips to suck and nibble with tiny little bites mmmmm already I am getting wet. my master wishes to gaze upon my cunt and marvels at the sight of dark hair surrounding my womanly being. He likes hairy pussies and also hairy underarms, I lift my arm to reveal the whisps of hair that are growing there after many years of shaving. My Lord expresses his wish to see more once my growth has completed. I finger my cunt as instructed, I will obey my master to the letter, after a while working my fingures inside my clit while my master watches I raise my hand to his face and caress the soft skin of his cheek before my hand moves down to his parted lips, sliding first one then another of my wet fingures inside his hot soft mouth for him to taste me. mmmm he likes this and while hes continuing to fondle my breasts I work at the belt of his trousers to bring his sword in to the daylight. A car passes and briefly a pull my gown a little closer about me but not fully covering myself, I want the driver to catch a glimpse of my flesh. My hungry mouth takes my lord's sword within its depths caressing and sucking, licking and nibbling, My lord utters my name in his delight, It sounds so strange to hear my name in this situation, this is not the name most people know me by but my own given name. To hear my name spoken as his hands are buried in my hair holding me over his quivering manhood makes me feel wetter still especially when he informs me of more traffic coming toward us, a 4x4 and a man on a bicycle. I want these people to see how much this slut wants to please her Lord without shame. Still my head is buried in my lord's lap as he pulls my gown over my buttocks and slaps my bare flesh. yes that is good do it again, he does again and again with each slap stinging my flesh, has he marked my white flesh with red hand prints ...surely he has the slaps are getting harder and oh yes I am sooo wet now. he moves his hand under me to finger my woman’s sword. He loves the wetness and marvels as I cum upon his fingers, which then move back up my ass to insert his finger into my most secret of places. We are both so turned on now I can feel him bucking and thrusting into my mouth allowing me to feel his erection as it swells and jumps, his finger still in my ass and his other hand caressing my clit first I cum again very quickly followed by my Lord. He shoots his seed into me with enthusiasm that seems to be never ending. I have always swallowed before but this time must not be greedy and have to disciple myself to hold his seed ready to share, which I do when he has calmed enough for us to kiss lustily. his throat burns as his own fluid is consumed by my Lord. I love the taste of him as it lingers in my mouth. We hold each other as he rests back against his seat, his passions have rendered him breathless and spent. By now it is fully dark and the intensity of our shared experience is such that my Lord feels he must return me to my car and take himself back to his home to rest and relive the experience. Mmmmm I have returned to my abode and rush to my room where I change into more everyday clothes. Quickly I email my lord telling him that I can still taste him and have no wish to flush away the taste of my Lord prematurely. I must wait now to hear from my Lord for news of when we may continue our fantasies.I loved having you within my mouth and bringing about such a rich ejaculation but next time my lord after we have fully carried out my chastisement of which today was a mere practice. I beg you my lord take me as you want. this slut who belongs to you in mind and body wants your sword not only in her mouth but enter into my cunt show me how much you adore your own true slut, fill me with your manhood that I may know I am yours. when the time is right I beg you to enter my ass with your finger first but later with your sword. let me be your whore your slut, let me show you how vulgar I can be in giving pleasure to my Lord my master. Let me give your armour a polish of my own brand of tarnish. Cum with me Lord be filthy with me, let your imagined pleasure become real for us both. Until next time my Lord........

Sunday, May 06, 2007

setting a time

My angel, my pure sweet lust slut At last I hear you once again. I adore your every passionate vulgar thought, I would that I could live in your mind and wallow in its carnal imaginings, so that I might drown in the juice of your sex at the very moment of your most profound pleasure, and at such intensity of passion I would so desire to hear your voice utter for my longing ears your soulful pleas for more or less in vulgar music to my ears. I would eat the beauty off your face as I watch your soft features fade into the abyss of pure pleasure and in so seeing you thus would cause my sword to erupt into you a force so strong as to feel it deep inside you welling you full to the brim with the product of my joy in your beautiful promiscuity and my lusting to do for you all that such sordid perfection of mind and body should so deserve. You cannot know my dear sweet Lady what pleasure it gives me to imagine and what perfect event would result in your soft elegant painted fingers around my sword, polishing sensually with a tenderness that its praise of such a profound touch shared with the wondrous sensation of petal soft red lips about its point in order to promote such a serge of juices as to render it ejaculate into your sweet mouth and across you lips and over your fingers in completeness in its joy of you. Kiss me now my dear sweet Lady. With all our lustful passions in one another I fear , for what if the reality of me falls short of my words and your imaginings my good sweet dirty Lady? I shall be distraught from my failings not to please you utterly and completely and more. I can see that delivering to the ample soft cheeks of your bottom it would not be possible to fail you in your erotic beating and I would wish that you witness me erect in my own delight of its eroticism as I lay you across my thigh with the perfect vision of the nakedness of that blissful part of you, but from that moment I am met in my mind with demons lest I should be more creative in my mind than in the real world. I beg of you my adorable slut work on me that I might be your perfection. Shall we meet at the pull in off the road near to the hostelry we met at last and at 3 or 4 of the afternoon? I await my Ladies preference in such aroused anticipation. Sir ***** :-x

My Lady
Is 4 pm early enough on Sunday for me to devour you sufficiently visually? I shall be out all afternoon from lunchtime to day, but please leave a message as to your prefered time and place of rendesvous, so that I may read it later tonight when I return home. I am impatient to witness you do your duty to me in all your beauty and vulgarity my Lady as I am as impatient to chastise your ample and naked bottom so as to arouse you to a wetness that would fill me with glee. Your master and knight Sir ***** :-x

my Lord
I have been giving much consideration to the time of our rendezvous. should it be 3pm which would accord us longer daylight or 4pm which would still give us a good 40 minutes of daylight. I think in consideration that the latter would be better as other persons who are out and about on a sunday afternoon will soon be making their way home leaving us in peace. I am not sure about the venue to meet. I will give that some more thought and get back to you on that. your only lady *****.

My Lady *****
I am returned from London this very hour and have read your missive and concure that 4 pm would be perfect. The fear of course is a double edged sword in the wish not to miss the sight of my obedient madam in glorious repose exhibiting herself as directed, but then I do not wish they the canine fraternity disturbing we the carnal indulgers. The time is now set and it only remains for me to know of the place. I wait on you my good and vulgar Lady to show me the way. Your master, longing to have you do my biding, Sir ***** :-x

Friday, May 04, 2007

My lady lust

My dearest Lady lust
I read your words and am consumed by a glorious swelling and am driven to take up my sword for the fight to extract from within even more pleasure than it gives me just to read what you pen to me. I am filled with beautiful images of your countenance so thrilled to be given the opportunity to exhibit yourself to me in explicit and vulgar detail. My Lady, I am impatient to witness these impure acts and wish you to know that if you should concern yourself with thoughts of reticence you should banish them from your mind, for in you complete and utter sexual abandon, I shall see you for what you so gloriously are, my compete and utter whore devoid of any vestige of decency determined in her display of disgraceful service in rendering me very well pleased to see all of it unabridged, uncensored and utterly unacceptable.cxc I take my ladies' point in that if we should fail to find ourselves at a place in our journey where you would be filled so tastelessly orally of my disgorging sword by way of your own vulgar attentions and so consequently unable to divulge with suitable ease and safety from your lips to my own that which it pleases you so to have extracted would indeed be unsatisfactory for your master as well not to find himself in a state of such vulgar compatibility with his slut, for the very juice of his lust for her he wishes to see upon her precious soft lips and he wishes also to have his Lady see it upon his own, and in so doing might transport the both of us to a place of sheer intoxicated lusting passion at such depraved displays. I am bound to tell my beautiful vulgar Lady that it will require all your skills in these matters to determine your Lords 'arrival' at a similar time as he determines the arrival of the said carriage. You master will endeavor to inform his good Lady as to any premature arrival of both he and his carriage for to waste the essence of the moment on spilt endeavors would I fear be sad and may bring upon your good self much wroth for such incompetence. Rest assure my good Lady that your Knight is not known for any prematureness, to the contrary, I fear you will have your work cut out to have your master arrive at any place unless you have gained exquisite experience over the years of your lusting and can be quite vulgar in your dedication of your duty. If it should take much time, perhaps my Lady would bring to her armoury the skills of her elegant delicate hands and sluttish painted nails that I may watch in wonder at her skills in wielding the steel hard sword of her Knight Sir *****. If my Lady should tire from her duty, your Lord will permit her to request that he takes his sword from her and wield it himself to show her how well he likes to expedite his own pleasure and to a point whence telling her she may drink of it to both their satisfaction. I also see that my Lady has not forgotten her just punishment for previous misdemeanors and I shall take it upon myself to meter out just chastisement that would take you to a point a little short of a journey toward your utterance of the word "butterfly and at times between each metered stroke you master will test the fluidity of your maidenhead to know that the punishment is right and just, from whence I would request my lady to commit herself upon her masters sword in a permissible state of pure greed to have her burning loins filled by him and his being and ride like the wind to a place apart from physical existence where the soul takes over consciousness and places upon your face the brilliance of the moment. As for my precious Queen's request to know what other dastardly depravities her master has in store for her, I wish to make her assured that nothing will be entered into that has not been previously written or been countenanced by her and subsequently elaborated upon before enactment of any kind. Therefor my good Lady, I shall commit to similar pages as these my depraved mind and desires for your bountiful form and sordid mind . Our meeting will be as a lifetime apart 'till the Sunday hence and if you should so feel compelled to commit your profound and vile thoughts to the ether then you must send them to me with all good haste for I know not how to survive without them. Knight of your burning spirit the dastardly carnal Lord lusting for you body and soul Sir ***** :-x

My Lord
my mind is filled with thoughts of our imminent journey into the darkest desires of our minds which shall be surrounded by brilliant light from the burning fires raging in our hearts minds but most especially in our loins. It does already seem that an age has passed since I was aquainted, through your eloquent written word, that we have opportunity to bring these fantastic images to life in but a few more days. Days which in some respects feel very distant in that they do not pass quickly enough. yet also very close in that we have not yet finalised such details as which part of the day will be dedicated to the giving of myself to you for your pleasure, whilst I take such great glee from the witness of your lust and receive from you all that you will mete upon my willing and waiting body.
you call me your whore, your wanton slut, your vulgar lady. Yes you may call me these things and rightly so for although my instincts are to be a lady in all that I do, you do my lord bring about a side to me that is not often made visible. It is my lord, who is full of lust for his lady who makes me thus. It has been said before and now I say again that you my lord have given me the most wonderful erotic and dirty mind fuck that I have ever known. It is your words of pure lust and vulgarity which make me wet with desire to see the sweet adoration shine from your soft eyes and feel the pressure of your mouth upon my skin. The feel of your breath and your fingures as they trace my flesh in your quest for my maidenhead. It is the mixture of your words and the memory of you which bring about such vulgar desire to be everything my lord could wish. to satisfy all our fantasies in full as much as possible. To bring about the total eruption of passion from both your manly sword and that which you refer to as my glorious red gash of a cunt as the juice flows from both as we reach the crescendo of orgasm. I take my Lord's point about not being premature in the arrival of the point at which your whole hearted slut brings about the release of pressure built up within that sword which does represent the man who is my lord. It is with anticipation that your lady slut looks forward to the time when she will hold your sword in both sight and hand. My filthy mind does relish the very idea and image which has been so indelibly imprinted of your manhood within the confines of my closed fingers and later as it fills the apertures of my body in the acts of becoming one with me. For now my Lord I shall retire to my lonely bed in this chamber where I now sit to convey my words and wishes to you my faithful knight. you can be sure my Lord that as you read these words in just a few short hours that your lady has been dreaming of her lord and all that he has promised. The images within her mind will be those of the acts we are to share in 4 days from when you aquaint yourself of these my latest words. Further my mind as it rests in readiness for the coming day shall be mulling over the possibilities that our journey shall lead us to. What variations and extra delights my lord may have in his mind for his wench who is wretched in her need for the hours to pass that she may witness your own lust for her at close quarters. my sweet knight of my maidenhead, I leave you now to dream of our journey.

Lady slut *****, whore to Sir *****, slave to your bidding.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Lord

My Dear sir *****,
Lord of my bodyIt pleases your lady to take on board all that you have said in regard to my attirement and I do indeed have such articles within my collection of lingerie.Having just re read all that my Lord does desire for the occasion I find that I must re-iterate my compliance in whole with the wishes of my Lord for I am your servant in all that you wish. My body shall be yours for you to devour firstly by sight as I show my lord all that I have to offer whilst giving myself pleasure in the knowledge that to do so can only enhance the feelings of lust that have already been sown in the mind of my Lord sir ***** of very Tarnished Armour. To share my juices and stimulate my Lord and his manhood whilst he is driving will be a pleasure and if whilst this is occurring there be others in the vicinity i.e. other vehicles and pedestrians travelling the same roads this will heighten the pleasure gained by my acts knowing that others are so close and yet unaware of my debauchery.

There are but two things that bother the mind of your lady in this new pursuit of our joint pleasure. firstly that we may not be able to find a suitable place to stop, in time for me to share the milk of your manhood. as we have found on our previous sortie, venues of this nature are few and far between. secondly we have not yet had an opportunity to carry out the punishment merited by my previous disobedience.having given this matter some consideration your lady feels that it would be fitting that this could be incorporated into the activities planned for this new venture into my fulfilling your lust for my body and my deep desire in servitude to give all that I can to make your wishes and desires as vulgar and base as they are become a very memorable experience.It is therefore my wish that having shown my lord the promise of all that I have and allowing my lord the taste of my arousal, suckling on my lords manhood would indeed be most pleasurable but even more so in the knowledge that before I can feel that magnificent sword of yours enter my body I shall first be removed from your royal carriage and with my hands secured behind my back receive the promised lashes of my punishment. Only after having received my punishment will my body be fully prepared for further pleasure and penetration of and with my one and only Sir *****.

My Lord has definitely lit the fires of desire in this wench he calls lady, she who is delighted to be aquainted with the information that there is a window of opportunity for these deep and vulgar acts just a week from today. It is now my fear that these next seven days shall pass with such slow minutes as to make them feel each a full year. I take my cue from my lord as to the hour of the day when our adventure may begin. perhaps knowing how my Lord does arise at a very early hour each day he would be aroused more deeply to commence our journey of discovery at an early hour thus giving more time to complete our voyage at a more leisurely pace than would perhaps be the case at a later hour. This would also allow us both more time on our own after the deed to wallow in the memory of the pleasures we have given and received.Your lady has now given herself the task for today to investigate the possibilities of a location that has been mentioned to her by another who has had occasion to look for such venues.

My Lord in an earlier missive from yourself to your Lady when you did set out your deepest wishes for this occasion you also mentioned that there are other darker wishes that you may long to enact. would it please my lord to now enlighten your lady as to what these desires are in order that your servant may have the opportunity to consider how far she would be willing to follow your instructions being given the opportunity to veto any acts to which she may have objections or perhaps merely giving time to allow the idea of such acts to sink in before a decision can be reached.I now await in certain arousal your swift reply with your further additions to our agenda for this opportunity which I have accepted whole heartedly.your very own Lady of smut, the vulgar slut ***** Xxxx

My Lord Sir *****
further to my earlier reply I did as I mentioned investigate the suitability of the venue which had been mentioned to me some weeks ago. Driving along country lanes in pursuit of secluded spot all the while thinking about the reason for doing this, I could not help but become aroused at the very idea of our journey in your royal carriage. having given much thought to your proposition for next sunday I now think that maybe the dawn may not be such a great idea as we would have to begin our venture very early if we are to complete our mission of fantasy before walkers of multiple dogs arrive in droves. If it is the case that you are able to devote enough time to this venture at the later end of the day maybe this would be a better choice. If we were to begin our meeting at say the hour of 4pm when there is still enough daylight for the exposre of my body to be delighted upon by my lord yet be hidden from other travellers by the diminishing level of light. we could then arrive at our destination as the many walkers were departing for the evening leaving us to our delights in peace. the number of suitable venues would also become greater as darkness falls.

I am sure my lord would be pleased to know how his words have given rise to much arousal in my body and spirit as the passing of each hour brings closer the time when I meet my lord again. the hour at which I may at long last prove to my lord how he has shackled his mistress to him in all but true bonds. how the restraining of my wrists will doubtless unleash much passion from the bosom of your lady. how with each breath as I reveal my voluptous curves to my lord I shall search your eyes for evidence of your pleasure and lust to be joined as one with this package of womanly curves that belong wholey at this time of my whole hearted servitude to my master. Would that my master make me his slave in complete obedience to the requirements of his body this will in its self serve to make my body shudder and shiver with tingles of pure unadulterated lust for that which I have the images scored upon my mind in great detail. That I wish to feast my eyes upon your sweet face and witness your pleasure is true as my desire to taste your sweet lips both before and after they have suckled from my body taking up my nectar to share with me as I share with you the product of your exploding sword within my mouth which is hungry to do your bidding.I go now to my bed satisfied in the knowledge that it is not many days now before I can share my being with my lord.With each passing night I shall dream images of your sword as you take your pleasure from your very own vulgar slut. I know that I shall awaken each morn with a smile upon my lips. The more my mind plays the images of my lord the more real becomes the taste of your lips upon mine and the feel of your hands upon my body. The image of your face dances before my eyes in continual flashes of desire.I hear your words my lord, I have seen your face tasted your lips felt your fingers upon my flesh and I want so much more. It will be with grave difficulty that I shall prevent myself from becoming wet at the though of our imminent time lord I am yourslady *****

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

without boundaries

These are long dark days my Lady, without you. I long for the caress of your mind on mine once more. Let it be soon....................

My sweet Lord
I am much saddened to learn of your distress at the lack of communication from myself to your endearing eyes. I am at a loss to know how or when we can continue with our plans during these long dark days of absence from each other's worlds. It is indeed with mixed feelings that I set off each day to my employment knowing that this is good for me both on a personal level and for my family's financial situation. whilst at the same time preventing us from coming together as we both would wish in order to fulfil my desires to completly give myself to you for your pleasure. It would please me to be in a position (any position really) to give you all that you could ever ask of me. I have given great consideration to your proposal for the carrying out of your latest desires. I find myself to be most compliant with your wishes. However your description of my attire for the occasion has given me some cause for deliberation. firstly I do not own a long or even knee length coat however I have come up with my own alternative which I am sure will be acceptable to you. My second concern is the lack of a belt from which to suspend my stockings however I am making enquiries as to how and where to find and purchase such an item. these being very few and far between even in shops dedicated to the sale of lingerie. I need to leave my home in the pursuit of family business now but rest assured I shall be in contact with you again very soon my dear sweet Lord Sir *****

***** my Lady
In order to play one must find remuneration, unless Mr Getty was your father, husband or lover. Your family come first, this I know, and sad though it is I shall give my Lady space and hope that from time to time she thinks of me while I wait her. However, it pleases my heart so well to hear how compliant you wish to be in the resolution of my latest desire for you. I can't wait my Lady, to feast my eyes upon your shapely form and watch as you arouse me so, and to exchange that kiss with you will be quite the most sordid beautiful pleasure I have yet to enjoy. I also await to see your alternative attire, but would hasten to inform my Lady that she may obtain the belt from the internet, but I would not wish her to go to any undue expense on my account knowing how scarce the coinage of the real is. As I think of you my sweet beautiful vulgar lady, my manhood rises in honour of the way you thrill me so. Sir ***** :-x

M Lady
If it pleases my Lady I would have her know that if she were pleased to find a pair of hold-ups of heavy black denier, these would suit well enough and that her shapely knee would so arouse her master if she were to allow him a glimpse of them. The point of the exercise is for my Lady to show herself to her master in a light unbecoming in decent society. To show yourself wanton and promiscuous, rude and vulgar so that your master may enjoy the baseness of your natural abandon and lack of any sense of propriety, To lay back and expose to your Lord that which you hold most secret from all others and cherish in the name of decency. Show him, taunt him, display in utter contempt of any sensibility of good taste that you might thrill your master in so doing with your acts of self gratification. Look into my eyes my Lady love and know that the sight of your beautiful face in the throws of ecstasy at your own hand will arouse in your Lord a mighty manhood that only your hand and mouth may quench, Drink of it my wondrous wench for it will spout royal jelly fit only for a Queen. Share it with you Lord and place it upon your nipple that he may suckle of the juice of life and debauchery. Kiss your Lord that you might show him the taste of lust. All this with sheaths of sheer darkness slithered over your shapely legs and gripped at the thighs contrasting with your ivory whiteness and vulgar red gash of lusting womanhood will make you the most powerful queen of all. Forget the belt, it may only serve to hinder our progress. I have for you in my mind my Lady, deeds of utter contempt of decency that will bring a tingle to your loins and joy to the centre of your very existence. All I need from my Lady is her continuing support and servitude so that I may honour and cherish her without boundaries. If it pleases my Lady to know that I have an opportunity for her to enact my bidding on Sunday of the fourteenth day of this the first month of the year two thousand and seven. If a time of day might suit her be it at dawn or dusk let her tell. daylight would be favorable, for in sighting of his maiden your knight wishes to loose nothing. I await your reply and the knowledge that you wish to serve. Yours as ever my Lady your knight Sir ***** with a kisses to plant upon your body where it will most enflame your desire :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-