Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's all or nothing

weeks of nothing then all of a sudden!!

I have a date on tues eve

I have a date on wed eve

thursday will be busy but im not saying what I have planned until afterwards

friday not only will I be busy but also hoping to see Forest

I wonder if next week will be an all or nothing week?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


she stands in the corner nose to the wall, she hears a light tap on the door, rustle then whispering, more rustling.

hand firmly on her shoulder as a blindfold is placed over her eyes, she is turned, some kind of tape is placed across her mouth. from across the room she hears the whirring as the camera is switched on. A hand pushes her forward step by tentative step, she counts 11 steps before the hand grabs her arm and turns her back to face the way she has come. the hand on her arm slips down to just above her wrist then yanks her downwards. She finds herself landing across his lap, he is sitting on something. Probably the chair that was by the desk in the corner of the hotel room. his hands pull her about manouvering her so that her hands are flat on the floor and her toes just touch the floor on the otherside of him. her arse pointing towards the ceiling. The hem of her skirt falls just below her buttocks barely covering her
black silk thong. His hand smooths her skirt over her arse. then whack he slaps her. her whole body jolts with the shock even though she had known it would come. four more slaps then he smooths her skirt again. One more slap, she holds her breath as she waits for more but in stead he raises her skirt and rubs her cheeks, this is nice. But suddenly he slaps her again but this time without the covering of her skirt the sound stings her ears as much as the feel of his hand stings her flesh. she endures the growing sting in her ass he has pulled her thong down to the top of her thighs limiting her leg movements exposing her glowing buttocks for the camera which she has forgotten.

He speaks telling her to nod or shake her head if she has learnt her lesson yet, will she mend her wanton ways. slowly she shakes her head.
He speaks again but startled she realises his words are not for her.

Ok leave the video camera now and take your place, rip the tape from her and fuck her mouth while I give her a dozen with the paddle then we swap right !!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I sit here trying to keep occupied. I chat, I write, my mind full of images. These images are powerful, they are sharp. They concentrate my mind, but still a small part wanders free. I have an opportunity, a chance, one that I could share with you. It’s a once only opportunity, one that I can share with anyone I choose. Should I choose you. You would be my first choice but how can I let you know. I am waiting for you, always waiting. It is not easy to wait. When will I hear from you, when will I get a chance to tell you of this opportunity. True I could pick up my phone, I could make the words to send for you to read. But I chose to wait for that time when you will send word to me.

Some would say don’t wait, he won’t call, if I wait I am a fool. Some would say don’t wait, let him know before its too late, could this be fate. But I choose to wait, I shall wait for that time when you tell me you are mine. If we miss this chance so be it for I will not call, it is your turn to take the lead. If you don’t then I know my heart will bleed.

I wonder are you waiting too, waiting for me to call. Do you wonder when you will hear from me again. Do you wonder when I will give in and send word. Do you wonder when we will again be in each others arms. Do you wonder why I have gone silent.

I now know that while I was writing this off line you were looking for me online

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When you get here

she catches sight of him across the room

as she looks up from the menu

her heart misses a beat

she hadn't expected to see him

her stomach lurches

should she acknowledge him

he catches her eye and winks

she smiles and turns

to her companion

to continue their deliberations

should she have the caesar salad or

cumberland sausage and mash

her companion chooses a ploughmans lunch

she swaggers off to the bar to place their order

as she leans over the bar checking out the drinks

a hand she feels lightly brush across her ass

he stands a little apart from her

placing his own order for himself and his family

'I didn't expect.....'

'.....to see you here '

he finishes for her

he smiles 'I'm glad'

her order placed with the staff

back to the table she returns

while she eats she catches a glimps of a leg

or an arm as he speaks animatedly

with his family

his face hidden from view

later a text she receives

you looked happy and peaceful

you too and your son looks just like his sexy father

your mother could be your sister

hands off you are mine

yes and I shall prove it when you get here

Sunday, July 22, 2007


nervously she waits
doors firmly locked
headphones on listening to her mp3
eyes shut she loses herself in the songs she loves
noise and movement outside
but still she keeps her eyes closed
tapping on the window beside her
brings her back to now
quickly she unlocks and flings open the door
he pulls her into his arms
his mouth searching and finding hers
lifting her in his strong arms
he places her on the polished metal surface
she slips
he pins her in place with his body
as his hands search her
pulling and pinching
making her tremble with arousal
crunch of tyres on gravel
they are not alone
he grabs her hand and pulls her with him
he pushes her up to the passenger seat
they climb over the seat into the space behind
firm but soft with blankets already in place
he lays beside her
their hands all over each other
fingers and mouths feeling and tasting
excitement growing in more ways than one
his fingers find her secret place
hot and wet to his touch
she pulls awkwardly at his trousers
knowing what she will find
oh how she has missed them both
this man whose body and mind she craves
and his ooohhh so lovely hard penis
he wispers in her ear
i'm glad you found it
it was easy
she has a good map book!
besides shes been in his pants before lol
why had they never done this before
it is obviously the solution
to the problem of accommodation
she snuggles up close
as her hand works on him so well
desperate now she guides him
inside her tight lips
mutual gratification so near now
he pulls out turns her over
gently he open up her cheeks
warm and wet liquid soothes
readying her for that
ultimate pleasure as he enters
her in the tightest place of all
that searing pain she remembers so well
now exceeded by the exsquisite thrill
she now feels as he fills her
this man who showed her the way
so long ago now
her fists pounding the mattress
as she screams through her orgasm
for once not afraid of being heard
together they collapse as the tensions fade
a cuddle a kiss and they must go
he back to the depot then home to bed
her back to shower and for work to prepare

Saturday, July 21, 2007


It is beginning to sink in now

this is real

it is not far away now

we are discussing


my clothes


other requirements (his and mine)

I am calling him sir

I want this to be as real as possible

we talk about dungeons

about whipping benches (and or wenches)

I have to submit my list of misdemenours

for my master to decide

the severity of my punishment

I must do this now

before my master becomes displeased with me

I am afraid now

this is sooooo real

I can't wait for this to be really real

he asked me today as pushed a trolley around

him talking in my ear as I gathered my weekly groceries


I lied

I said I was damp ( I dont know why)

really I was wet

Friday, July 20, 2007






which will he get?

he says there will be two of them

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


they had been fucking for what seemed like hours, it was very dark in the room and there was no clock. she had ended up on the wrong side of the bed. they both wanted to fall asleep with him inside her. he snuggled up to her back, her right leg flung back and over both of his with him deep inside her, deeper even than before. his arm was flung across her body, his fingers were playing making her jerk and squirm. 'sleep' he says I want to sleep we need to keep still. how can she sleep with him making her nerves jump as he brings her to another orgasm. she tries to fall asleep keeping as still as she can. she remembers back to when she arrived. he had told her to let herself in through the side door he would be waiting in bed for her. Only when she arrived he wasnt in bed waiting for her. he was in the bathroom. he hadnt exepected her to arrive yet!! they were both hot and sweaty from their exertions, she throws off the cover again. he begins pumping into her again, he whispers in her ear she giggles and the tentions are building up again. soon she is writhing so much she cant stand it. she tried to remove his fingers from her pussy but he is relentless. he wont be satisfied untill she has come again and again, the bed is already soaked. finally they fall asleep exhausted in their joint moisture. she has a smile on her face and so does he!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Her suprise part two

............another crack and her whole body jolts with the force. Her hands automatically reach round to protect her smarting cheeks. smack!! her head whips round with the force of his smack. she will be given one further chance to keep still while Mistress delivers her punishment. If she cannot keep her hands down her wrists will be bound together. she swallows a sob as she tries to keep still. Dark Master resumes rubbing his cock on her face as she waits for the next crack as it hits her flesh but there is nothing. Hey now what is going on, there are fingers caressing her breasts as they hang beside Mistress's lap, it can't be Master as his hands are busy with holding her face against his cock. the realisation sinks in that it is this woman who is fondling her again. she feels the excitement begin to build inside her again as she realises that she has not two but four hands and two mouths wanting to use her body as their plaything. she is feeling the warmth of this thought course through her when it happens again, again she has been taken by suprise. A yelp tries to force its way past her lips but the tape forces her silence.

when she had agreed to become Dark Master's slave she had agreed to take any punishment he felt was fit but she had not expected the force with which it would be delivered, nor that it would be anyone other than the master himself who would deliver these whacks across her arse. She wanted to cry it hurt so much but to cry would be a sign of weakness. she must be strong and not show how much it hurt. how many strokes has she received she must count she must concentrate. she knew from their conversations that she would have to count she must know how many strikes she has received. it is three no its four so far, this hurts so much how can she take much more. five there was another one must concentrate but omg this cock in her face is so inviting. how can she concentrate with this in her face. she reaches up to hold the cock in her hand. Mistress hisses in her ear.....thats a good girl wank your master, bring him to a head so he can show you his pleasure by covering your face with his own special cream. crack thats six.

so many sensations its hard to concentrate. her ass is on fire as the welts begin to show up red, her nipples tingle with the attention they are receiving and then there is still this cock in her face that she cant taste because of the tape which makes it hard to breathe even, then there is the pain in her head as her hair is pulled keeping her head up. again thats six isn't it, no already had six it must be seven, please let this end soon. as though her prayers have been answered the lead is yanked and the hands on her breasts are pushing her upwards. The girl finds herself standing again, she feels so much relief that the strikes have ceased tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

she is led around to the side of the bed and pushed face down onto the bed. two pairs of hands take her by the arms pulling her towards the head of the bed. simultaneously her wrists are shackled to the bed. pillows are piled in the middle of the bed and the girl is manouvered so that she is laying across the pillows with her ass poining into the air. Dark Master kneels infront of her face rips the tape from her mouth. he tells the girl she has taken her punishment well and is to be rewarded. he shoves his cock into her mouth pulling the panties out at the same time.

there is movement behind her the bed creaks a little as Mistress climbs up behind her. the girl feels hands on her burning cheeks, something cold is being soothed onto the welts, it stings like mad but is curiously comforting too. mmmm a nice soothing massage on her damaged flesh and a hard cock to suck. but what now her cheeks are being held open something hot and soft is flicking around her ass hole, is that wet? omg its her tongue the girl is being licked by the woman. long slow licks from ass to cunt and back again.

no sooner has she taken in what is happening when the woman climbs off the bed. the girl can hear movements but she concentrates on the cock in her mouth pumping, fucking her mouth like she has never done before. woowwwwouchhhhhhhhh she feels a new stinging sensation as something hits her ass cheeks. she hears a swish just before the next sting. Master tells her not to worry this is just a soft leather flogger the paddle will be next. another swish another sting she wants to grit her teeth but can't as her mouth is being fucked. she chokes back her tears,it stings so much but she can't scream. She is very vulnerable with her wrists shackled and her mouth full of cock while her naked ass is pointing up towards this thrashing. she nearly bites her Master's penis as the 6th and hardest swish stings her left buttock. Master withdraws from her and unfastens her wrists. He commands her to go over to the corner opposite the door and stand with her nose to the wall hands on her head and feet as wide apart as her shoulders.

to be continued..........

Saturday, July 14, 2007


as the day of my punishment dawns nearer
I feel I must prepare myself
I have given much thought to the pain I shall receive
I have thought about the implements he has available (those that I know of)
we have talked about various implements (I mustn't call them toys as this is not for fun)
I have given much thought to the humiliation I will undergo
I have spent many hours imagining what it will be like
I cannot imagine the room as we dont know yet where it will be
he has ideas but as far as I know hasn't found anywhere yet
I have visited many websites about spanking and read lots of stories some fiction
others not
I have looked at pictures and read descriptions
As I read these tales I try to put myself in the place of the spankee
imagining every whack, slap, smack, spank, swish, thwack
how will I cope
will I cry will I manage to stay still
will I be able to count
how many times will I feel the impact upon my flesh
I have never been spanked not even as a child
only ever had my leg or my bottom swiped once at any one time
it always hurt but it was the dissaproval that hurt more
will I be able to bear my punishment
or will I cry off after a mere 5 minutes
my determination tells me I must not back out
I know I am safe with him
I will be compiling a list of my misdemeanours so that he knows
the things that require my punishment and the severity


she sees them walking towards her pushing a trolley loaded with shopping
she brushes his arm as they pass
at the end of the aisle she looks round
hes right behind her grabs her arm and hustles her around the corner a quick kiss
a whisper in her ear to follow
to the disabled toilets he goes
once inside he locks the door pushes her against the wall
his hand up her short skirt
her hand in his jeans
their pent up passion
can hold out no longer
he sits on the pan with his jeans around his ankles
her panties discarded on the floor
straddles him
oh its sooo good
its been so long
since last they met
what a relief this chance encounter
he can stay long enough only
for the explosion of their passion
before he must hurry
his wife will be looking for him
five minutes later she catches a glimpse
as he packs the bags
she continues her shopping
later they will text how great it was to bump into
each other so unexpectedly
must do this again xx

Friday, July 13, 2007

working late

It was the first sunny afternoon for weeks and Mike was stuck in the office. his partner Jim and the girls who work for them had left 20 minutes ago. Mike was enjoying the peace, he had a complicated quote to prepare for a client who would be arriving first thing tomorrow. It would take him at least an hour more to get this done but at least he wouldn't be interrupted. He glanced out of the window by his left elbow watching the sun playing in the leaves of the big oak tree across the car park then past the tree across to the distant hills,lush green for once at this time of year after all the recent rain. He couldn't wait to escape and go for his customary drink at his local pub on the way home. On a day like this he could sit in the beer garden with his pint and read his paper. Reluctantly he turned back to the sheaf of paper on his desk and clicked the mouse, immediately the screen of his laptop leapt back into life. Mike had been working for about 5 minutes when he thought he heard someone on the stairs leading up to this first floor office. Mike dismissed the thought quickly as no one would be here at this time the office sign at the entrance had been turned to show closed, he had seen to that himself. he heard the familiar creak of the door from across the room. As he watched the door slowly crept open a head of black hair came around the door followed by the rest of the woman. head held high the woman stepped into the room looked around and saw Mike at his desk in the far corner of the room.

'Hello, can I help you he asks' curiosity getting the better of him.

with the assurance of a proud woman she makes her way towards Mike. Extending her hand she tells Mike that she is hoping he can help her. a quick glance from head to toe tells Mike that this woman knows how to dress but has obviously fallen on hard times. Her elegant black court shoes have seen better days as has her mid calf length red skirt. Mike always notices the shoes a woman is wearing but his eyes have become rivetted to her impressive bust which is held under a modest top not quite matching the skirt in color. As she breathes Mike is transfixed by the sight of the swell of her bosom as it heaves up and down. Her skin the color of polished rosewood blemish free from what he can see as he lifts his eyes to her face, her full lips and the widest brown eyes he has ever seen. Mike realises that this woman before him is speaking but he has heard nothing. He shakes his head and asks her to repeat what she just said.

'I am looking for work, I have recently become widowed, I need to work to feed my children.'

Mike looks across the room he doesnt need any staff, this is only a small office, Mike, Jim and the two girls Lydia and Maria who work for them. Regretfully his tells this vision before him that he can't offer her anything. she offers to clean the office, anything at all if she can earn some money to buy supper for her little ones. Mike tells her to take a seat and tell him a bit more about herself. there might be a way he can help her but as yet he doesn't know how. Mike is always happy to help anyone in trouble, especialy someone as beautiful and exotic looking as this creature. A few minutes later Mike has learnt that Elisa came from a comfortable life with her hard working husband and three children to her current impoverished state following the death of her husband. he had fallen into debt, gambling and cancelled his insurance policies, leaving her with nothing after his death. Their house had been repossessed, she was now living in a one bedroom flat with her girls, the eldest aged 13 was looking after the younger two while Elisa went looking for work. by the end of her tale Mike's heart had been sorely touched. He looked in his wallet and removed the £45 that as nestling there and handed it to Elisa. It wasn't much but it would buy her food for a few days.

Elisa was adamant that she could not accept this money as she had done nothing to earn it. Mike assured her that she had earnt every penny just by walking into this office and brightening his evening with her vibrant smile. Suddenly Elisa lept up and threw her arms around Mike kissing him full on the lips in gratitude. He couldn't help himself, Mike held her to him and kissed her back. He knew he shouldn't do this but it isn't every day that such a lovely woman throws herself into his lap to give him such a sumptuous kiss. MIke felt her hesitate then relax into the kiss. The longer the kiss continued the more confident Mike became as he held onto her, letting his tongue probe her slightly parted lips. Soon his tongue was searching the very depths of her soft warm mouth. Mike's hands crept round her back one resting in the small of her back the other moving up to hold her head to his. Elisa didn't pull back just accepted the kiss. Mike felt as though he wanted to hold her forever and not let anything bad happen to her. As Elisa began to relax against Mike's chest as he continued to kiss her, she began to return his kiss with a passion she hadn't felt for many months. Suddenly the loneliness of recent months hit her in the pit of the stomach as if someone had punched her. elisa's hand slipped up to mike's face caressing his cheek as their kisses became more fervent. Mike nuzzles his face against her hair smelling the scent of coconuts in her clean tresses.

His hands begin to wander over her back, Elisa does nothing to stop him, she is melting into him, her hands also begin to roam. Mike can't believe it when her fingers start to fiddle with his shirt buttons, he had removed his tie when the others left for the day. deftly she has his shirt open and nuzzles her face against the moderate amount of hairs on his chest. Mike takes this as his cue to let his hands wander towards her breasts. tentatively at first, he doesnt want to push his luck he lets his fingers trace the outine of her breast. When she still does nothing to stop him Mike becomes bolder and pinches the nipple of her left breast, she sighs and nuzzles closer, he lets his fingers slip inside her top, caressessing the soft skin as it rises and falls with her every breath.

Mike ever the gentleman tells Elisa that she is very beautiful, he looks into her sad eyes and sees a spark light up as his fingers find her nipple under the fabric of her bra and give it a flick, a slight moan escapes her lips. Emboldened now Mike pushes her away from his chest and tugs her top over her head he has a great need to gaze on these silken orbs. to his amazement she twists an arm behind her back releasing the clasp of her black lace bra and flings it across the room landing on the back of Jim's chair just at the edge of Mike's eyesight. Mike is overtaken by a desire for this wonderful woman who was so unexpectedly sat on his lap. He dips his head toward her bosom massaging her right breast with his hand he finds her left nipple and sucks it into his mouth flicking with his tongue as he does so. elisa wriggles in his lap holding onto his head for dear life as he suckles harder on her now engorged nipple. To his utter suprise elisa begins to sing, softly at first but gradually getting louder as her wriggles increase. the more she wriggles Mike can feel his erection growing steadily harder until he can contain it no longer. releasing her nipple Mike lifts Elisa from his lap and places her onto his desk, the papers he was working on scatter in all directions. Mike closes his laptop and stands before Elisa tasting her lips again as he resumes the passionate kiss of a few moments earlier.

As he stands before her one arm around her waist his right hand rests on her thigh, his ever increasing lust growing more evident he groans. She looks down and catches sight of the bulge in his black pin striped suit trousers. she reaches down and runs a nail across his bulge. He is undone now he cant back off now he must have her here and now. like lightening his hand is inside her skirt while his other hand wrestles with his belt. She helps him with the belt and unzips him. his fingers find her panties they are damp and getting damper. with his thumb and fore finger he pulls the fabric to one side, inserts his middle finger where she is wettest. Mike wriggles his hips a little to loosen his trousers and they fall to the floor as he knew they would. (he has practiced this move with his girlfriend).

he grabs her hips pulling her to the edge of the desk, her now soaking wet pussy is begging to be filled and he is going to be the one to do it. Still Elisa has not pulled away or complained if anything she is enjoying his attentions. It seems to Mike that she wants this as much as he does, but just to make sure he asks her if it is ok to continue. he is so fucking hard now he needs the release of cumming in a hot pussy. If she says no its going to be damn hard to stop but he will respect her wishes. He is after all a gentleman. Elisa looks him in the eye and almost screams at him

'fuck, fuck, fucccccccckkkkkkkkkk me now pleaseeeeeeee I neeeeedd to beee fuuuuuckkkedddddd pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee'

Mike didn't need telling twice, he fumbles in his desk drawer for the pack hidden right at the back. Expertly covers his cock with a bright yellow banana flavoured condom he pushes inside her and pumped for all he was worth while she wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands upon his shoulders singing wildly fuck me oh please fuck me I need you to fuck me. Mike's girlfriend Louise is a moaner, his wife Val never makes much noise, Mike has had other lovers some quiet some not so quiet but he had never come across a woman who sang while having her cunt fucked. this was so new to Mike it made him even more aroused. He shoots his load and shudders as his body begins to relax. Slowly he withdaws and sinks to his knees in worship. But Elisa isn't finished yet. she grabs Mike's head and pulls it against her still bucking cunt. MMMM now this is something that Mike has dreampt of, burying his face in the wet pussy of a stranger. She tastes so sweet he must drink her juice, slowly he brings his tongue down from her clit to her ass and back again, he lets his tongue circle her swollen bud. he repeats this a few times before letting his tongue lickup all the juice that dribbles out of her swollen lips. mmmm Mike is in heaven now. just then his phone beeps with the arrival of a text,he will look at it in a minute but first he must sup all that this woman has to offer. As he is giving his tongue a good workout in this invitingly wet pussy she shudders through an orgasm, goes rigid then relaxes. Elisa pushes his head away and says she should be going, her girls will be getting hungry. they both adjust their clothing and replacing those garments that had been discarded, she says nothing, Mike tells her she is wonderful. Elisa blushes, thanks Mike and walks to the door. Mike checks his text message. It is his friend, the one he fancies like mad but can't have.

'I have finished writing your fantasy for you'.

Lol good girl and what timing, I wonder if i could get her to write one like this?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Talk to her

I was reading blogs when I came across a you tube video of Priestess I listened to this song and decided that it speaks volumes about where I am at at the moment. I just had to post the words. thank you George for introducing me to this song

Talk to her - Priestess

Talk to her, don't leave her behind
You shut her out for too long
I know, 'cause I've seen her cry
If you keep her down she'll get up and move on
Wake up it's time
Open your eyes
You've got to let her know
Stop wasting time
Make up your mind
Love her or let her go
Talk to her, you've done something wrong
We've all got something to hide
But don't turn your back for too long
There'll always be somebody waiting in line
I could be all that she wants
Got a heart, got a home, got a hand for her to hold
Talk to her, there's something you'll find
With all this pain that you caused
You'll be the loser this time
And I'll be the one with the girl that you lost
Believe me she's leaving
And I'll be the one, look what you lost

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Her suprise

She knocks and the door opens, she sees him standing there as she had expected in his leather trousers and waistcoat. he steps aside to allow her to pass. She can't help a little gasp as his parting words from last night come flooding back.

'I have a suprise for you tomorrow night one you won't be expecting but I hope it will please you.'

It's a suprise alright, as she passes him she comes face to face with a woman also dressed in leather trousers, leather waistcoat with ample breasts spilling over the top, thigh high leather boots with what must be 4" heels, she is very tall towering above him in her boots.She sees that the woman has something leather hanging from her right hand, what ever it is there is metal too as the light glints off it. the girl looks nervously at her Dark Master he nods and tells her

'this is your Mistress for the night, please stand still while she fastens your collar around your neck, I am pleased to see that you have followed orders and worn your black mini skirt and leather boots, but that top is wrong it doesn't show enough of your boobs, please remove it and place it on the table in the corner.'

Mistress moves close to the girl while she quickly slides her low cut vest top over her head and places it on the table. once this is done she feels a hand on her shoulder as Mistress places the studded collar around her neck handing the lead to Dark Master. The girl tries to look around the room but her lead is jerked pulling her towards Dark Master. Upto this point the girl has not said a word neither has her Mistress who now tells her that she must greet her Master in a fit and proper way. the girl shyly begins to say hello but the lead is jerked and Mistress tells her this is no way to greet him. where are her manners Dark Master has been patient waiting all these weeks and months to taste her mouth....she must kiss him. The girl nods and steps towards her master knowing she has not had a good start to this evening. she reaches up to her master to kiss his lips. Before she can take a breathe his hand grabs a handful of her hair holding her in place as he rams his tongue down her throat, searching and sliding around every crevice of her mouth. She struggles to breathe then relaxes into his kiss which becomes slightly softer allowing her to breathe more easily. Just as suddenly as the kiss began it ends.

Dark Master says its time to end the niceties of introduction, now we will get down to business. Please state in a clear voice why you think you are here.

I am here because my Master wishes to teach me how to behave and if I am a good girl he will fuck me, making me his to do with as he pleases.

very good now tell us why you are to become mine.

I am to become slave to my Dark master because I have done wrong and my Dark Master has kindly agreed to save me from my sins.

the girl manages to glance around the room, she sees a stark metal bedstead with manacles attached, crisp white sheets and pillows very basic comforts. on either side of the bed are dimly lit lamps but at the foot of the bed there is a straight backed chair close to which is the low table where she had placed her top, beside this there is an array of paddles, riding crops, whips, canes and other things the girl cannot easily identify. the full implications of this evening are suddenly starting to hit home. She stifles a sob as she realises this is not a game these two people mean business. As she strains to look further into the room she sees a spot light trained on the chair and in the far corner there is a video camera set up on a tripod also trained on the chair.

Dark Master indicates the chair with a nod of his head and Mistress sits herself upon this. both Mistress and master are now looking purposefully at the girl she feels a quiver run through her body, she wants to pee from nerves but stops herself. those pelvic floor excercises have come in useful. Master shoves the girl in the direction of the chair and instructs her to stand perfectly still in front of Mistress. she is not to move a muscle no matter what unless she is told to. any deviation will lead to greater punishment. Mistress takes hold of the hem of her skirt lifting this until she is peering between the girls shaking thighs. Mistress re-emerges from under the skirt, shakes her head and tells Master that the girl has not been good there is a definite dampness. Master wishes to see what the girl has seen fit to adorn her sinful pussy with. Mistress pulls the skirt down letting it drop to the floor she nudges the girls legs indicating that she must step out of the crumpled heap on the floor. the girl is left standing in her black leather ankle boots,matching black lace bra and panties and of course this collar which holds her head up it is so wide. dark Master passes the lead to Mistress as he moves over to the video camera there is a click and a whir as the camera kicks into action.

The girl tries to stop herself trembling as her Dark master stands behind her with his hands clasped over her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples. with one hand he unfastens the clasp of her bra, Mistress leans into the girl and with her teeth tugs on the fragile lace pulling it away from the girls amazing orbs. she tugs again at the bra as it slides down the girls arms to fall at her feet. Mistress looks lavisciously up at dark Master who feeds the girl's right nipple into Mistress's mouth. the girl feels a jolt through her body as Mistress flicks her nipple with a very practiced tongue. The girl had not expected this, she thought the Mistress was here merely to help with her punishment. Master reaches round the girl to caress Mistress's hand he tells her to find out if the girl has become aroused. Mistress does not need telling twice, her hand moves to the fabric that covers the girl's mons. Yes this has become wet now.

No No the girl silently shouts within her head I am not i will not allow myself to be aroused by this woman's touch. But she knows it is too late, her arousal has already begun. Dark Master instructs the girl to remove her panties and hold then in a ball upto her nose, she is to smell her own arousal. She feels Dark master move away slightly and then a strange ripping sound. his hand comes upto her mouth pushing the panties through her open lips a strip of wide tape is placed across her mouth holding the panties there. she struggles to breathe through her nose. she catches a glimpse of her body naked now apart from her boots and collar with a slash of black tape across her face. Mistress moves back now releasing her nipple which throbs from being squeezed by that woman's teeth. Mistress turns the girl around to face sideways on as Master comes to stand in front of the girl she is forced down onto her knees. She must unfasten Dark Master's trousers and release his manhood which immediately springs free and stands proud. A yank on the lead brings the girl back to her feet. Mistress pulls her back so that she is stood next to mistress's lap now. four hands push at the girl until she is bent double and forced across Mistress's lap facing Dark Master who stands so close to her face he whacks her on each cheek with his hard cock. he rubs her face with his cock smearing pre-cum across her cheek. He is teasing her with his cock demanding that she admits she wants this hard member in her mouth, she nods he asks her again if she wants to taste his cock the girl nods vigorously but is brought up suddenly in shock as she feels a shot of fire across her ass. what was that? then again another crack across her exposed cheek. she tries to twist her neck to see what it was but master pulls on the lead bringing her head back to his cock.

to be continued...........


Ok so there have been a few, no! several posts of late about the subject of spanking. I fear I am becoming obsessed with the idea. As I said in the last post I am scared. I have never liked pain, I am a real baby when it comes to pain. So why am I inviting men to deliver pain to my ass. Why do I court punishment? Yesterday I sent a joke to several men, the reply from JJ was.

Not very funny! Anyone who sends jokes like that deserves to be spanked.

So what do I go and do? I send another joke!

While I was out last night (bored out of my skin) I began chatting by text with my Dark Master. He says that he had accepted my decision not to meet but he is happy to still chat. Then he tells me that he has a week off work so we can party. Although I had made the decision not to see him the idea of having some fun with him is a little thrilling but regretfully I tell him that I shall be working. He didn’t know that I am working again at the moment.

I have made up my mind that I will have my planned spanking with my friend. We are both up for this and he has begun making preparations. I have more or less accepted that I won’t be meeting JJ for a spanking although we often discuss what will happen when we do. I know we both want it. But there are two things which prevent this from becoming reality. Firstly as much as he wants this and he dreams of what he wants to do to me, he does have a girlfriend and his conscience gets in the way. The second is that he openly admitted to me when we met a couple of months ago that he is not good at making the first move. He needs to be pushed into action, but once pushed there is no stopping him. I do enjoy our chats about the possibilities open to us, whilst knowing that it won’t happen.

But if he ever does get the courage to make it happen it will be a bonus. He is quite local to me so we can decide at the last minute to do this. I could be at his place in 10 minutes. I get very aroused when chatting to him knowing how easy it would be to make this fantasy become reality; I also enjoy the sexual connotations that come with this fantasy of his. He has made it abundantly clear that through out my punishment he would be digitally checking for moisture that would give away my sin. For it would be a punishable sin for me to be aroused whilst being punished. I know that I would indeed be dripping as just the very thought has me wriggling in my seat wanting to bring this about. I want to be disciplined; I want to be found dripping with arousal so that I may experience yet more punishment of a varied and increasing severity.

Anyway, the more I think about what I am going to experience with my friend, (I really should give him a name to make this easier. Maybe Damien as he will have a devil of a job absolving me of my sins.) The more scared I get. The more scared I am the more I feel compelled to carry this through to its end. I have emailed another blogger for some advice, he has given me a website to look at. This I have done and have registered with a spanking site. I have read a few of the stories and later when I get some privacy I intend to spend some time looking at the picture gallery and videos as well as going into the chat rooms. I really am keen to find out from other people what they get out of spanking. I think from what I have read so far that the situation with me and Damien is unusual. Most spanking stories seem to be between people who are in a relationship or are using the spanking as part of a sexual act. Damien and I are friends and as I have said I trust him implicitly and shall accept his judgement as to which implements he will use on me and in which order. We have met so there will be no suprises there, we are both fond of each other so I know I don’t need to worry that he will go over the top. I know he will keep my best interests in mind. Now we have the intention, he has the implements all we need are a time and more especially a venue. If it were at all possible I would say lets do this now tonight but without a venue and forward planning (families) we have to wait. I have said that I will have the time to carry out our plans once the school term has finished and I don’t have to rush home from work. I can just head off to wherever and spend as much time as I need to, so that’s another 2 weeks away ;-( .

But that gives me another two weeks or more to read and see so much more, in my mental preparations. I think it amuses Damien when I talk as though I intend to enjoy this. He is very serious about it and tells me that it isn’t for my enjoyment. I know he is quite correct and how could I find enjoyment in pain which I would under normal circumstances do my level best to avoid. Pain and the Lady do not readily mix so why oh why am I so adamant that I desire this pain, I crave the humiliation that will go hand in hand with my pain. Perhaps this is my subconscious way of dealing with my sluttish behaviour of the last year. My atonement for what I feel to be the behaviour of one who does not merit the position I hold in this life, my battle to reconcile the slut in me with the good middle class mother I strive to be.

What ever the reason I crave this pain and humiliation………….


Saturday, July 07, 2007


spoilt for choice

If you have been reading my blogs for a while you will be aware that I have a desire to be spanked. This is a desire that has crept up on me over a period of six months or so. When I first started reading accounts of women being spanked it held no interest to me. It was not something I had any wish to try.

But one morning whilst I was enjoying a sensuous session with SL he slapped my ass. I liked it and asked him to do it again which he did. I also dicovered that I liked it when he dug his fingers into my ass. Then I found that the more I read about fellow bloggers such as LFM being spanked the more I wanted to know about it. I started reading more and found I was getting aroused by the idea. During my email exchanges with my Knight we fantasised about him spanking me. As the months went by I began to discuss this with a few of the men I chat to. At one point I had my knight wanting to tie me up and spank me, My Dark Master also wanted this but he wanted more. He wanted more of a 24/7 Dom/sub situation in which he would give me instructions to follow. He bought me a collar and lead that I was to wear at all times when we were alone together. there was also JJ who switches between Dom and Sub. he was quite happy to tie me up and spank me. we spoke about this again only this week when he descibed everything he would like to do with me. I also have another friend who I have discussed spanking with. In this case it is not as part of a sexual experienc but as Dom/sub ritual experience with implements. I trust him implicitly. He has made a very exciting discovery today which got me feeling very excited myself.

I am trully looking forward to our experiment but at the same time as being excited by the prospect especially as it draws nearer. I am absolutely terrified. But my terror seems to make me want to do this even more. Maybe it is the thought of over coming my fear of pain. we have discussed many times my wish to do this and he knows that for me it is something I need to do. But I have not revealed to him how scared I am of this. Why is it that the more I think about it the more scared I feel which makes me more determined that I want this. we have discussed implements, venues, positions. we have shared other people's experiences. there is no way that I want to back out of this. I know that if I do not do this with him I shall find someone else to share this experience with. I know that this man knows what he is doing and I trust him to take care of me. He will give me the experience I crave without putting me in danger. I only hope he gets enjoyment from this experience.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

sexy man

Hi, you ok babe?

Yes just bored

You know where to come to get that boredom relieved babe ;-)

Don’t tell me you’re alone now? What a waste! I could have those legs on my shoulders right now, easing in and out of a very wet hole x

No I am not alone but I could do with a sexy man between my legs babe xx

Mmmmm can still taste that pussy on my tongue. And remember how good it felt when I came deep inside that tight ass? ;-) x

Lol, and the memory of that delightful tongue giving so much pleasure. How could I forget the delicious feel of your hard cock inside my ass, which at the moment is not the only tight hole.

Since I’ve known you, you’ve always been tight, didn’t bother me in the slightest babe. We always enjoy our times together, can’t see why that would change ;-)

Can’t wait to catch up, you are such a very sexy lover babe x

The feeling is mutual ;-) just a shame we have to wait before we can do lots of catching up x

Exactly! I’ll just have to ensure that I spoil you rotten the next time we get together babe ;-) make sure no hole is left unsatisfied x

Babe every time we get together no hole is left unsatisfied XX

Oh bless you ;-) Im glad you feel that way. We’ve always given one another lots of mutual pleasure. Look forward to plenty more x

I think we both knew from the first time we met that it would be so. I still remember the text you sent that afternoon and my reply. Xx

Lol was it a rude one ;-) god im such a bad person lol. Fair one though, I felt like jumping you there and then x

You said you wanted to ram your tongue down my throat and I said you took your time kissing me in the first place x

Lol but you do kiss oh so nicely ;-) both sets of lips are very kissable x

Both sets of lips enjoy being kissed by such a very sexy and passionate man x

Why thank you kind lady ;-) I look forward to repaying your kind words, by making you cum long and hard , all over my cock, tongue and fingers x

Mmmm you make me cum so well, you are so very good with your fingers, tongue and cock ;-)

You know I love to please babe. You’re a very responsive woman who loves sex. And I like what we do together ;-) .

You know I can never resist x

Lol I don’t want you to resist;-) we both like the finer aspects of good sex, touching, kissing etc. we respond to one another, which is good. You’d hate it if I was a 2 minute wonder x

If you were you wouldn’t have been invited back lol

I’d like to think not lol, anyway you needed your garage sorting ;-) I thought about jumping on you there x

It was very hot and I couldn’t wait to see you again to see what we could do x

And now you know lol. I recall your jeans being dripping with your cum. Closely followed by you having a very full pussy dripping with my cum;-)

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yessssssssssss

Ah you remember lol. It was hard, fast and oh so good ;-) we may have made a mess, but it felt bloody good to cum inside you x

I doubt I will ever forget xx

Look forward to a rematch very soon, just in case you’ve forgotten how it feels ;-) x

see garage love on battle to find myself Nov 2006


I am confused
I want you so much
But you are not there
I want you so much
I tell you so
But you do not reply
I want you so much
I can't find you
I tell you I give up
You tell me your phone is lost
Does this mean that you are there
It's just that we can't find each other
Is this a game of hide and seek
I want you so much
But the question is this
How much do you want me?
Will this be resolved soon
Will the fog soon be lifted
Talk to me honey
I want you so much
But not at any price
I want your friendship
I want your company
I want your laughter
I want your kisses
I want your arms around me
What do you want?

Monday, July 02, 2007


It hurts
This aching inside
This emptiness
The loneliness
I long to feel you by my side
I yearn for you to take away this feeling
I want to watch your smile as we make sweet music
Will I ever again hear your velvety voice in my ear
Will I ever again gaze into your soft blue eyes
I yearn for the heat your fingers bring to my flesh
The electricity that shoots through me
When our lips meet in passion
Now all I taste is salt
As my silent tears slide down my cheek
It is time now
To say goodbye
It is not what I wish
It is the only choice
Your silence speaks volumes
Goodbye my sweet friend
My lover no more