Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keeping a straight face

On saturday evening N came over to stay at my place for the first time since last July. I wasn't feeling too great and warned him that I might not be good company. But he didn't care just wanted to be here with me. We had been planning to go clubbing for the first time, we could never go to the local chicago Rock cafe before because SF was always there. Now, I don't care if he is. But we just pottered at home before deciding to go out for a late drink. It was already 11pm by the time we went out. We went to the new pub in town (converted church) this closed at 12 midnight but that was ok we had a bottle of Cava in the fridge and some cans of guiness. when we reached the car we sat chatting for a few minutes looking at the people still waiting to get inside chicago's. there were a few police talking to the clubbers.

N started a conversation that I hadn't expected. He was talking about how strange some people are and what they wear. He has a lot of porn sites on his pc including ones that show leather and pvc gear that you can buy. This always strikes me as odd that he looks at this but doesnt like the idea of it. Anyway he went on to say that some people are so strange that they even have group sex. 3 somes and some even have 4 or more. He would never ask me to do that as he knows it would not be something that I would like. Anyway not to worry because its not something he could do himself as he likes to give his attention to the woman he is with.

How I didn't laugh out loud I don't know. He would be mortified if he knew what I have been upto.

Now you probably think I am awful for going behind his back like this but I know that as much as I am enjoying his company for the moment our relationship will be short lived. Our track record as a couple has proved that. If I was in a long term serious relationship I would give up my other lovers.

The tinge of jealousy I felt when I saw SL with KP the other week told me that I couldn't do this with someone I love.

Monday, January 29, 2007

who wants to play ?

I pay for the taxi and ring the door bell ……It seems to be ages before the door opens and I am greeted by a half dressed FF. He leads me into the sitting room where PP is waiting. He fills a large glass with white wine and passes it to me then tops up the glass in PP’s hand. They sit together on one blue leather sofa while I sit on the other making myself comfortable. We chatter about this and that by the time we have emptied the bottle of wine and begun on the southern comfort I am feeling nice and relaxed.

I get a text from SL………..Have fun hun, not so fun here X

You can always join us if you want!

FF asks if anyone wants to play we all put up our hands so he leads me up the stairs with PP following behind. The bed is not large, I find myself lying next to FF while PP kneels beside him on the other side. We have all lost most of our clothing PP still has on her black lace knickers and I have my black stockings and cream lace panties. As PP takes FF’s cock into her mouth he plays with my pussy and I can feel myself getting damper. PP reaches up to snogg FF and I take my turn to go down on him licking and sucking his erect cock. PP wants him in her mouth again so I give way for her to lick and suck her man but I don’t move away far just position myself so that FF can finger me whilst I help PP to lick him. I engineer it so that I am also kissing PP while we take turns to suck and lick this hard cock before us. I am not sure how PP feels about me kissing her but she doesn’t pull away. However FF thinks it is absolutely fantastic. Two women kissing over and around his cock. I tell PP that if I do or say anything she is not comfortable with she only has to say. My memory of exactly how and in what order everything happens is a little hazy. But there was plenty of oral between FF and PP also FF and me. After a while FF decided it was time to change things around a little. I find myself now lying next to PP while FF is between our legs. He wants to see some female on female action. We are both very shy and inexperienced but I decide to take the bull by the horns and kiss PP again, she responds slightly allowing our tongues to flick around each other, this encourages me to begin to massage her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Immediately her nipple becomes swollen and erect. However although her body is saying that she is aroused I sense that PP is not entirely comfortable. I pull back and ask her if she has had enough, she has.
It is now time for PP to go home, FF says that he can take us both home but he would drop PP home first then me. Alternatively as he would really like to spend some more time pleasuring me I could stay where I was whilst he took PP home then return to me, taking me home later. We all agree that the latter option would be best, this would allow them to spend some time together without me there.

Whilst I am alone I go back downstairs to the sitting room helping myself to another glass of southern comfort ( I have not drunk this since my early 20s). I am bored so decide to text PL (I do love to tease him while he’s working nights).

I am alone, drunk and dressed in just lace panties and black stockings, where are you ?

Lol, on the M40 babe, no good to you here! I thought you had a date tonight?

I do but he’s just taking his partner home before coming back to finish with me!

Bloody hell, the things I’m missing out on lol

With that I hear FF returning, he walks into the sitting room. ‘What a wonderful sight!!’ I am reclining on the sofa directly in front of him, glass in one hand and mobile phone in the other, my foot resting on the edge of the coffee table giving him a clear view of what I have to offer. FF makes us both a cup of tea which we drink cuddled together on his sofa. Once we have drained our cups we return to the bedroom. Where I now lose my panties and FF on my suggestion lays a thick towel upon the bed. FF uses his skills with both fingers and tongue to get me very aroused and very wet. FF is delighted at how wet I am. He requests that I sit on his face so that he can take full advantage of my wetness. Whilst I am gushing all over his face I lean forward and suck him off to completion. I manage not to swallow and then swivel myself around so that I can slowly bit by bit share his cum with him as we kiss. When I have given him a share and swallowed the rest myself I hungrily lap up my own juices from inside and around his mouth.
We chat for a while as we dress and he takes me home.

drat drat drat!!!!

drat drat drat !!!!

I spent an hour writing up my experience from the other night
clicked publish
and its gone sob sob sob!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

bloody well done

It is 6.30am Im in my lonely bed thinking about last night I decide to text FF.

How would you describe last night to SL?

A dream fullfilled x

how would you describe it?

Wet !!

Very good x

when I got up I left a message on msn for SL.

I think you would have been proud of me. I think they both liked me and although all that happened between me and PP was that we kissed a couple of times and I played with her nipple for a short time. It was me who initiated everything.

late next morning I get another text from FF

hi SV I had a much less exciting night last night. Was SL ok with it all ? Xx

Lol I have not heard from him but I think he is busy with work problems

with that SL signs online.

just read your note on here............ bloody well done hun

we can support each other even when we are not in the same room
please reassure FF I dont have a problem why would I?

Friday, January 26, 2007

4some with a difference

Is it still on tonight?

It was when I spoke to FF last night, not heard any different

OK. I may not be up 4 fun tho. work stuff, feels wierd. cant understand it.

OK maybe just a drink then hun

Lol just a drink would be hard

fun or not I want to give you a long slow kiss

with my cold? lol

maybe not

half an hour later

wife just came in she wants us to visit family friend in crisis together


Just had txt from SL doesnt look like he can make it, family situation :-(

keep us posted we are raring to go

Would it bother you if I still go, if I can get there, in need of distraction

you go hun have a good time

get a taxi I will pay

have a good time. X not so fun here

four became three. for each of us it was our first ever FMF

Thursday, January 25, 2007

very different

2.15am just got home !

That was very different from the evening we had envisaged!

I shall tell all soon but first I need to get a belly full of water to prevent the inevitable headache and a few hours sleep once I have put the rubbish out.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I have only ever introduce one candle into a meeting with a lover. which was last summer as a birthday treat.

stolen from Freddy

tonight is another night

Good morning SV, PP and I were wondering if you and SL would like to come out & play this wednesday. Look forward to hearing from you. FF

My word we were only chatting late last night and I said I would text you to see if PP is feeling better now.

Hi SV, finding it difficult to find the privacy 2 phone. I have the house to myself on wednesday so we should be able to have some fun. Would you like to meet for a drink first? FF

That would be good do you mean daytime or evening?

Evening. I am really looking forward to meeting U.

I have confirmed with SL and thats fine with us both. We will see you there are 7.30pm then.

We are all set to meet up at a local pub in two days time. We were due to meet them a couple of weeks ago but PP was too ill and wasnt getting better.

27 hours to go!!!

It has just occurred to me that when we were meeting before PP requested that we were shaven. Early last month SL asked me to grow my hair back (he likes the natural look). I agreed if he would then shave me himself. he has not had a chance to see me hairy yet. I was wondering if you would object if instead of me doing it SL could oblige, perhaps with some help!!

Now THAT has made me feel very horny xx

I have not mentioned it to SL I wanted to check that you didnt object first. Would that be ok with PP? It might be an ice breaker.

definitely yes! would it be possible to have a quick chat ?

This quick chat lasted 25 mins until I had to cut it short due to family stuff. It was the first time I had actually spoken to FF on the phone. We had been exchanging messages and text for a few months now and SL was doing the same with PP. We got on really well and chatted about my bi experience and what each of us is looking for on wednesday evening. I am positive that we will all get on well. PP is like me in that she is curious but never done anything about it she does want to now. FF is straight but PP wants to see him being sucked by another man. He feels ready to try this out with SL. We also chatted about the relationship between him and PP and the relationship between me and SL. He assures me that they will give us some space to have some time together which I feel is very generous of them. He understand how difficult it can be to spend time together when one partner is married. From what we discussed it looks like PP will be bringing some sex toys with her, I cant wait to try these out. FF wants us to use love eggs. He used to use them on a lover and says they drove her wild.

Any way it is now wednesday morning and Im looking forward to this meeting probably more than the last one.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

that was the night

when SL picks you up text me and we will call you. Oh and TP wants to know what you are wearing.

Red shoes, skirt, tan stockings and black top. SL says hes just leaving now.

We are on our way now be about 10 minutes.

Ok text us when you arrive we are in the room, TP will meet you at the lifts.

When we enter the room KP greets us both with a kiss, she admires my red shoes she also has on red heels. we both love red heels. we all chat for a while and have a few drinks. SL lounges on the bed while I perch on the edge resting against his knee. KP has the chair and TP leans against the table playing host with the drinks. After chatting for some time and a couple of drinks I need the bathroom. When I return KP is on the bed with SL.

I shall now try to describe the events of the evening although I remember it and I still have the pictures imprinted in my mind some parts are hazy. There were a lot firsts for me. While KP was keeping SL occupied beside me TP lay across the bottom of te bed and took my stockinged foot in his hand caressing my toes through the nylon.

Feetman asked me if TP kissed my feet at this stage I dont remember him doing that but I am not entirely sure.

From there we moved onto full on snogging just as his wife was with SL only I think they were a little more advanced in what they were upto than we were. I do remember at this point feeling a tinge of jealousy that KP was getting very intimate with SL when it has been ages since we were able to get intimate together.

TP came around to the side of the bed so that I could pay attention to his now naked and hard cock. It wasnt long before I had my tounge flicking and licking at his hardness up and down the shaft before taking him fully in my waiting mouth ( how I do love to suck cock). TP was really enjoying my ministrations. But after a while it was my turn to receive his tongue and he set about giving my pussy lots of attention with his fingers and tongue.

At about this time KP who was now on top of SL asked me if I was bi I said that I am not but I am curious what it would be like and this was a large part of the reason for meeting couples. She leaned over and played with my nipple for a moment when I didnt object she began playing with my nipple in her mouth as she sucked and flicked at it. I allowed my hand to reach up and play with her breast while they were hanging over me. KP then kissed me to which I responded, not passionately but it was nice all the same. Encouraged by how easy all this was I sucked on KP's nipple while she leaned over and licked my pussy for a moment or two. I now believe from what SL later told me that while this was going on TP was licking his wife's juice from SL's cock.

When KP had finished playing with me (wow my first FF snogg and nipple play let alone my pussy licked by a woman). TP asked me to go on all fours while he fucked my now very wet pussy from behind. I cant remember what SL and KP were doing now but he must have been fucking her because at some point while TP was still stood fucking me SL knelt on the bed in front of me so that I could suck his cock which had just been inside KP. Another couple of firsts for me (first taste of another woman from my man's cock) and the very enjoyable spit roast that I had heard so much about. I was getting sooo very wet I could feel myself gushing, liquid flowing all down the insides of my thighs mmmm. TP later said that he had really enjoyed it when I cam all over his cock like that.

Next and I think finally was when Both KP and I had SL on his back while we sucked and licked him together, our tongues touching someof the time. TP loved this taking a number of pictures. KP wanted to know how to make SL come so I suggested that she try giving him a foot wank which I know he adores. TP gave me his cock to finish off, when he came it was in my mouth and for the firat time I allowed some of his cum to spill out of my mouth and dribble down my chin. shortly after this we were all dressing and saying our good byes

we have since exchanged several messages since and we all want to do it again.

love and licks

This is what our first couple have posted about us after our first session

we had a fantastic time with them last week she is just so sexy and he's not to bad ha ha.looking forward to are next meet WOW. LOVE AND LICKS TP AND KP.

Monday, January 22, 2007

more to tell

while I am getting my mind around my first experience with another couple, I shall tell all very soon.

News hot off the press

We are in the process of making arrangements to meet couple number two this week. We were originally due to meet them a few weeks ago but the female PP was too ill so it was postponed but I have been swapping copious text messages with her partner FF since 6am today. Its odd with this particular couple I communicate with FF the male and SL communicates with PP the female this has been going on for about two months.

Oh and I shall soon have some hot pictures that were taken on two different occassions last week. I had an email about one set this afternoon which promises to send to me very soon.

complimenting not replacing

I just want to let you all know that this blog is not replacing my other one it is dedicated to my adventures as half of a couple. whereas my alter ego will be writing posts about the rest of my life, sexual and otherwise. I have my own reasons for not wanting to post about being in a couple on my other blog.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

me, you and him

Monday morning and I am at home alone.

We have spoken and are both nervous waiting for the call to come through. Both SL and I have talked to OM on the phone several times. But we have been unable to speak to EW she is always at work and neither of us can take telephone calls in the evening. SL is married and I have my children at home with me.

SL and OM have exchanged pictures of their cocks, SL has been quite excited wanting to get a hold of OM's pride and joy. It was agreed by all of us that monday would be a good time for us to meet but Om has to check with EW. Like us they dont live together.

Mid morning I get the call I have been waiting for. It is OM he has been away for the weekend and is on his way home. He could make a detour for part of the day and meet up with us in the evening before he continues home. But there is a problem. EW has made other plans and cannot join us. I tell OM to give me half an hour to discuss the situation with SL. as we had agreed that if we were going to meet other couples then it must be the couple not just the man on his own. If we want to meet a single guy on his own we already have some lined up.

I talk to SL, hes not sure but I am feeling keen to get my first experience of group sex. It occurs to me that having just a man on his own might be easier for me for my first experience as I already have plenty of experience with men and adding an extra one to the mix wouldnt be too much of a step up for me. I also knew that SL had been very hungry for his first taste of cock for ages. I persuaded him that we should still go ahead with our planned meeting.

OM called back and we agreed to meet at a hotel at 8pm. I had my day all planned out I knew exactly how I was going to fit in all the stages of getting ready in between taxiing my kids around. As with all best laid plans nothing goes right. I hadnt bargained on it taking an hour to get across town. So I was late leaving home for our meet.

I was on the motorway halfway to my destination when I get a text from SL he is also running late can I book in at the hotel for him. Just as I am arriving I get a voice mail message from OM where are we both. I am just letting him know I have arrived when I spot SL walking across the carpark. he goes into the hotel and I greet OM we stand chatting for a few moments and decide to go next door for a coffe and chat, I tell SL where we are if he wants to join us but he prefers to warm the room up. after a brief coffee and short chat we join SL in our room. Within minutes of us arriving OM has stripped off and is kissing me, he helps me out of my top and mid calf length brown sequinned skirt. I am naked all but my stockingswithin a very short time. It wasnt how I had expected things to go but I was ok as I wanted to get on with it. SL and I exchanged pleasantries while OM paid attention to my breasts.

The room had two single beds which caused much hilarity as we pushed these together so that both men could pay homage to my body at the same time without us all being cramped together in a small space. I could tell almost from the start that SL was not very comfortable with our new playmate. but we were here now and I was ok just to play with both of them even if they didnt play together. OM and I indulged in mutual oral while SL looked on stroking himself. Before I began to massage his penis for him and OM continues to lick my pussy. I think it was at this point that I started to cum I was getting wetter and wetter and began to fall through the gap between the beds which lightened the atmosphere a little.

Soon after this OM was ready to give me what I needed ....a good fuck, he found his condoms and his tube of lubricant. It was great amusement to me but more so for SL that OM kept losing his lubricant and his condoms but it didnt matter as he didnt stay hard long enough to get a condom onto his penis. Never mind he lay on the bed face upwards so that he could give my pussy some more attention with his tongue while I was on all fours above him giving him a blowjob. SL stood by OM's head so that he could be wanked by OM while he leaned over me. As he was leaning over me SL took OM's cock in his hand and wanked him to completion at which point OM thanked me for a great wank. SL kissed me on the lips as we exchanged a look that said yes this is our secret. We all chatted for a few minutes after this before I sat facing SL and gave him a foot wank which he was delighted with. OM departed and SL and I got very cosy and enjoyed the rest of our evening alternately chatting and making love. this was when we took our very first picture of the two of us together.

Tonight is the night

It has been a couple of months now and today is the day. It was in early November when we were chatting online that the idea came to us. We were getting quite naughty for a change (with him never!!!). he told me that he was also being chatted up by someone else.

'Is it someone you want to be chatted up by?'

'Its a man'.

'are you enjoying being chatted up by a man?'

'he wants to suck my cock'

'have you ever had your cock sucked by another man?'


the conversation went on in this way for a few minutes. we discussed that he had experienced being sucked and had sucked a few times and enjoyed it. we talked about the fact that I have never had any experiences of any kind with a woman but for a long time I have wondered what it would be like and if i would like it. I even got as far as having a drink with a couple (wife is bi) back in september. But was put off by the fact she has pierced nipples. we also chatted about having sex with multiple partners. I had only ever had straight one on one sex. the more we chatted the more we were both getting excited. I cant remember which of us suggested it but we decided to become a 'couple' with the purpose of meeting other couples to satisfy my curiosity and allow him to have more experiences with other bi men as well as being with more than one woman. Making that decision was the easy part. Now the hard work was starting. Next day he set up a joint profile for us which we both have the password for so we have equal access. he put on a couple of pictures of each of us. and away we went. We found after a couple of days that we had so many potential 'friends' we had to sift through who was suitable, available and what their preferences were. It soon became evident that this was going to be a huge undertaking so I created a spreadsheet. All very clinical but it was the only way we could keep track of who was who where they were etc. then it was sifting out the over pushy ones the couples who were really single men etc. We had agreed to include some single men and some single women but we dont want single men who pose as a couple.A few false starts later we arranged our first meet with a couple who are slightly older. we both spoke to the man seperately and exchanged text messages but we were naive and didnt chat to the female. On the appointed day we both had several conversations with OM but it transpired that EF was unable to attend on this particular day. We already by then had our doubts that she really was in on this. But I persuaded SL that we should still go ahead. Partly because SL had been quite enthusiastic about having a cock to suck and I decided that it would be easier for me to ease myself into the situation with one extra person rather than two at once and I am used to being with men so that would be good.The evening itself is memorable in that it was not much of an event. We both felt let down but enjoyed our time together in the hotel room once OM had departed. dont get me wrong I did enjoy being licked and fingured by two men and not being too sure which was doing what to me. I also had two cocks to suck lucky me!! but poor SL was let down and all OM got was oral from me.since then it seems to have taken ages to get to a stage where we were able to meet up with a couple. but tonight is the night.