Saturday, March 17, 2007

The wrong room part 2

As my back was towards the door and Stuart was behind me, I was not able to see much of our uninvited guest. At first I kept my face buried in the pillows out of embarrassment. But as the seconds then minutes ticked by and still he did not make any move to leave, I craned my neck to see who this man was. But all I could see was a part of his denim clad left thigh and a slim left hand holding the room key. I whispered to Stuart

How long is he going to stand there?

In answer to me Stuart muttered over his shoulder to the stranger

Hey mate don’t forget to close the door on your way out that is if you are leaving if not you may as well give me some help here. I fancy giving my friend here a little treat.

He must have seen the look of puzzlement on my face, as he leaned across to breathe into my ears those words I had not heard before in connection with the bedroom.

How about a nice spit roast with our young friend here, you fancy that don’t you babe. Now don’t tell me you have never had a spit roast before?

I shook my head.

Maybe I am being naïve here but what is one of those. The only spit roasts I know are when you have a hog cooking over a fire.

Ok babe I am here to teach you. You do want to learn don’t you, good girl. Mmmmm this feels so good, my cock in your tight little ass. Hey you don’t just stand there come and help us. Drop you pants and give her your cock, stick it in her hot little mouth.

Ahhhem Im not sure, really I should be going my partner Sandy will be waiting for me.

That’s up to you mate but if you want to, you can go fetch your girlfriend and bring her back here to join in the fun. That’s ok with you isn’t it babe?

Yeah sure! The more the merrier I guess. Although I would have preferred to get to know you better first before adding another couple to the mix.

I heard muffled footsteps crossing to the door then the click as the door closed. I breathed a sigh of relief, I hadn’t realised I was holding my breath. Now we were alone again and Stuart resumed slowly sliding into my lubricated ass hole. I had not felt these sensations before. Over the years my husband and then my boyfriend had tried to take me in the ass but I found it too painful. But this was better. Stuart had used a lot of jelly instructing me to relax flat on my face rather than on my knees. Slowly he entered me and I felt the burning pain, took a deep breath and tried to relax. The burning lessened and other sensations burst through me. I felt as though my next orgasm was going to erupt from my very wet pussy with such force I would break the bed. OOOOHhhh why had I never had this before the mixture of pain and pleasure was something else. Something I wanted to keep going but at the same time wanting it to stop before it tore me apart. Stuart was sliding in and out of my ass more and more easily now all the time kissing the back of my neck and telling me that it would be good if our friend did bring his girlfriend back to join us as he quite fancied having two pussies to play with.

Have you ever tried eating pussy babe? No well you should it is the most delicious thing ever.

I’m not sure,, it’s not something I had given any serious thought to. I have wondered about having more than one man but I don’t know about another woman. But if you really want me to then I may see how I feel. But maybe she won’t want me!

That would be a shame cos I really fancy seeing you with another woman.

I was mulling the idea over when I felt my body explode in the most amazing orgasm. My senses were so in tune with his that I could feel him shudder and his hot seed shoot into his condom. I giggled then gasped as he withdrew. I felt him leave the bed and go to the bathroom. I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a light tap on the door. Yes there it was again. Stuart emerged from the bathroom and opened the door a crack it was our young visitor. This time he was not alone. Stuart let the two young men through the door.

Hi I’m Sandy, Neil here tells me you have invited us to join in your fun.

The look on Stuart’s face was a picture and I wished I had my camera handy.

He spluttered

I thought Sandy was your girlfriend. But now I see HE IS your BOYFRIEND. I don’t want either of you touching me I am straight always have been always will be.

Oh no worries there mate its your girl we are interested in I am bi and I would like a bit of pussy but young Neil here has never been with a woman. It’s a dream of his at the moment to fuck a woman while hes wearing her boyfriend’s shoes. He has a thing about mens shoes you know. That’s right isn’t it darling?

Stuart recovered from his shock and suggested he get his camera out while the two young men played with me. But Neil wasn’t sure if he could manage to fuck a woman so Sandy played with Neil’s cock with his right hand while his left played with my pussy. Not to be out done Stuart knelt by my head and gave me his cock which was erect again. Letting me lick him slowly, teasing me so that I couldn’t quite reach to take him fully in my mouth. Soon though I forgot about the previous few minutes when I felt Sandy insert his tongue licking inside my clit bringing waves of convulsion through me. I could see him still pulling and stroking Neil, who was now kneeling beside his friend between my thighs. This was sooooo good three virile young men on the bed with me all naked muscles. I began daydreaming as I was lost in the moment. Just as I was drifting away Sandy and Neil shifted. Now I had Neil alone between my legs as Sandy guided Neil into my pussy. Sandy stood up and came around to stand by my head now I had two cocks one on either side of my mouth teasing stroking my face leaving their trails of precum on my sweaty face. Sandy asked Stuart if he would mind if I sucked him off as it had been a long time since he had his cock in a woman’s mouth. Stuart nodded his assent. They both looked around as there was a sudden noise from between my legs. Neil was laughing why had he never done this before it was nearly as good as fucking Sandy but oh so much wetter and it was good seeing Sandy being sucked off at the same time. Time to change round, now it was Sandy’s turn to fuck me I was told to get on all fours so he could take me from behind and Stuart put his cock in my mouth now. But I didn’t know where Neil had gone. Until I heard Sandy saying that he loved it when Neil takes him from behind and now having Neil’s cock up his ass while he fucks my pussy from behind and facing a handsome older man who had his cock in my mouth it was just a dream come true for him.


Anonymous said...

fucking lovely, what a lucky bunch, you are so horny, xx

Anonymous said...

Very subtly done. Liked that a lot.

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

That was some hot "4" some

FATSO said...

very nice indeed....great fantasy fodder!...kind of like where you might wander with a great phone sex partner...only it's obviously MUCH more than that!

Joe said...

I.. er Uhm... well.... Phew!

Sexy Vixen said...

mmmm well only I know how much of this was true!!!

glad you all enjoyed it

Freddy said...

the world is full of people with strange sexual proclivities....

some day you have to let us know how much of that was true