Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The woman in me

The woman in me needs the man in you

I am looking at your photo
I love the way your smile reaches your whole face
I can see that you were happy
I want to stroke your cheek
I want to kiss your open lips
run my tongue over your teeth
exploring your mouth
I love the sparkle in your eyes
I remember that smile
the same smile you have when you see me
the same smile I saw as soon as you came into view
even with so many shoppers in between
both of us chatting away on our mobiles
as you came into view and we saw each other

As I look at your photo I tell you that I want you so much
but why do I want you so much
we hardly know each other at all
It has now been 4 months since first we met
since we first touched
since our first tender and very very passsionate kisses
It has been a month since last I was with you
since I danced in your arms
since we held each other close
since we kissed hello then later goodnight
It has been a month since we had that time of magic
where we lay together and made love for the first time
In that month my emotions have been through the wringer
As we text each other how much our time together had made us so happy
then the low when you said you felt full of guilt

There are others in my life
I am not without admirers
yet I long for your arms
your kisses above any other
why this is I do not know
I think we will not meet again but you say yes
very very soon you said last week
but how soon is soon
Today I came across the voice mail you sent me online
where you sent to me the words
'you are so beautiful to me'
noone has ever done that for me before
I also found the other clip with your voice
telling me how much you wanted to see me

How I long to hear your voice again
feel your breath upon my skin
but why you above all others
why should I care so about a man
who doesnt have time to love me
A man who has his family
and a business to attend to
before he can think of me
What spell have you put upon me
that I should need you so
tonight I text you that my bed is oh so cold
I need you to warm me up
your reply I am certain
will come at around 8am
As I have come to expect

Please do something to show
that you care for me too
please dont keep me hanging on
if you dont have any intent
to share my love
I want you so much
do you want me too
or is it just words for you
I need to know how you feel
the woman in me needs to be loved
the woman in me needs a man
this woman wants you to be her man
does the man in you
need the woman in me too

it is now mid morning
and no word have I had from you
I guess that is it then
no text, no email, no call or even msn
your life is too full to include me
I feel the tears so close
but I cannot let them fall
what are you to me
nothing more than a few memories
and an idea of what I want
I told you before that my psychic
prophesised it would be april
before we can be together
you were distraught it would be so long
it will soon be april but I dont see
there can be any change for us


Cherrie said...

Verse this poignant calls out for appreciation! I'm not the man you wrote about so eloquently, but I can honestly say I am moved by your words anyway.

feetman said...

I really like that one!