Monday, March 05, 2007

I see you

I see you and my heart flips, butterflies are dancing in my belly. I feel glad, the sun shines even when it is dark outside. I feel the thrill course through me as I reach out to you. I am so hungry for your touch, the feel of your lips upon mine. I love the way your big smile reaches your eyes. I cannot imagine tiring of your smile. you are silent, not a word is spoken, not this time. Soon you have gone again and I feel sad. I am ok but I have lost the ray of sun that shone upon me for that time. that time while we were both in that same place. The place we go and are together for a short time. Did you see me there too I wonder or was your mind busy elsewhere. I know you are working and I cannot interrupt. I shall just wait for your next text or email. I know you were thinking of me earlier as your text told me so. No I must go and leave this place, no reason to linger as you have gone. Until the next time my darling.

flick the switch and I go offline


VI said...

At this stage, I've only got the msning going on with pete, no webcam. Going to speak to him tomorrow night, but still shagging Dan. Woohoo! Vi is back on top form!

Anonymous said...

Go Vi, we are proud of you darling... and also a little envious. xx

Sexy Vixen said...

proud of you Vi

I've had N msning me tonight asking if sex with him wasnt good enough for me and do I have someone else better for frequent sex.

I wish I did!!

though GP has asked if he can become a regular partner for me

Anonymous said...

Nice comment honey, did manage to bluetooth nice looking girl called Lauren on the bus! How weird was that, it was full weird people too.
x x

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

The net seems to provide many ways of communicating