Monday, March 26, 2007

strange events part one

Strange events

This has been one very strange weekend. Firstly I had arranged with my lover SL that we would meet another couple only this time it would be a slightly different evening to the last time we met another couple. When we first began chatting to this other couple who are married but live some distance from us they mentioned that they usually play with another couple at their place and maybe we could join the four of them. Ok this would be a little different but we would give it a go as it would mean that if there were 6 of us there was a greater chance of finding at least one person to play with.

Over the last few weeks we both chatted to FM and BW sometimes just me and one or both of them sometimes SL but there were also times when all of us were chatting together. FM turns out to be a real comedian……I doubt he can ever take anything seriously. BW is very friendly and chatty. She tells me that they have met up with CY and Mrs CY about 6 times now. FM and BW are married but CY and Mrs CY are a couple in the same sense as me and SL. I learnt that they are all bi which is good as SL is definitely bi and as I am curious it gives me more scope to discover if it is my scene or not. During one of our late night chats BW tells me that the last time they all got together she walked from the car to the door with no clothes on. We had a discussion about this and I said I would consider arriving in a coat and stockings but little else but I made no promises stating that I never tell SL what I am going to wear but keep it as a surprise. After many discussions back and forth it is decided that we would all get together on Saturday evening. I would drive over to a place near to SL’s home and he would drive us both from there.

In the meantime SL tells me that we have been invited to join another couple for a lunchtime drink on Saturday. He can get away for a couple of hours so we accept. I am a little dubious about meeting a couple I know nothing about as we have had very little contact and it has happened so quickly but these people are staying at a hotel half way between the two of us and are only here for the weekend. However my doubts are nothing compared to the desire to see SL. It has been over two months since we last saw each other even though we have been in contact online and by phone. It has been 4 months since we last had sex unless I count the night we had a xmas drink and I gave him blow job to completion as his xmas present while we were sat in his car just off a motorway junction.

I arrive at the hotel and for once SL has arrived before me. Together we enter the hotel looking for the bar where we are to meet PH & SH. Soon we were greeted by our hosts and a round of drinks ordered we took refuge in a room just off the bar which was full of golfers. We chat for perhaps 40 minutes. This is the first time this couple have met anyone else and it soon becomes obvious that they are not yet ready to take any further steps in this direction. We feel that they probably won’t ever. They take their leave of us after pleasantries all around. After their departure we continue to finish our drinks and chat. I am becoming uncomfortable and need to find a bathroom. I leave SL with his drink while I go in search of the nearest rest room. A member of staff points me in the direction of the leisure centre saying it is through the double doors. I pass the gents on my way to the double doors and take the first door I come to which has a brass figure on the door. As I step through the door then a second inner door my need is increasing. I find the first cubicle and quickly enter. I can hear voices in the adjoining changing room. Good I am not alone but hold on a second I know I am a little hard of hearing but those voices are a little deep and come to think about it I had seen no other females other than staff members. I realise that I had not looked at the door properly in my haste and am now in the men’s locker room. Perhaps I can make my escape without being noticed. But as I attempt to creep out I come face to face with two men. One older and stockier than his dark companion who it doesn’t take me long to notice is wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel around the waist of his still wet body.

Older man looks me up and down with a glint in his eye while his friend asks me what I was doing in there. I mumble that in my haste I had taken the wrong door. He gently but firmly takes me by the arm and leads me around the corner to where his belongings as laid out neatly on the wooden bench. His friend has his bag a short distance away. He presses me down onto the bench and the two men take their place on either side of me. Both pressing against my arms they are so close. The nearly naked man (he isn’t bad looking apart from a badly broken nose) whispers in my ear that he would like me to do something for him as I am here. The two men were meeting for a celebration lunch after their work out. It is the older man’s birthday and as he is separated from his wife of 24 years he has been feeling frustrated of late. The younger man his taut muscles gleaming as the water evaporated from his skin had already had a swim and the pair were about to go into the gym. Both changing into their gym clothes. Maybe now that I was here he could ask me to give his friend a little pleasure to put a smile on his face. He asked me if I knew what felatio was. Mmmmm one of my favourite pleasures. The older man had said very little during this exchange but he had a nice smile and he smelt very nice, I recognised his aftershave as joop. I had bought a bottle of it for my son for his 18th birthday. I looked him in the eye and he looked so friendly and humble that I agreed to do this for him if they would hand me one of the leisure club towels to place under my knees.

As I sink to my knees in front of the friendly older man I ask him his name Philip he says But it’s Phil to his friends. Ok Phil I say lets get you out of these trousers as I cant be too long as my companion will be wondering where I have got to. Eagerly he shrugs his trousers and blue cotton boxers off giving me a view of his now semi hard and not unimpressive cock. He gives me a wry grin as I take hold of his tool stroking him on the underside for a few seconds before I lean forward to touch his smooth head with the tip of my tongue. MMmmmm already there are beads of pre cum oozing from the tip of his now rock hard member. I begin to lick and suck as though he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. The kicks and flicks I feel from his cock together with the moans from Phil tell me that I am doing a good job. He leans forward putting his arms across the back of my shoulders pushing my head gently down over his cock. But then I feel something else. His mate has knelt on the floor behind me his arms around me to fondle my breasts I can feel the heat of his naked body through my thin blue striped blouse. The buttons are soon undone and damp hands are sliding inside my bra playing with my now hard nipples. I moan too now as I try to continue sucking on Phil’s cock but unable to concentrate fully with these fingers working on my nipples. I can feel my arousal as my panties are getting wetter inside my black jeans. The body behind me moves closer and I can feel the iron rod prodding into my lower back. His movements have forced his cock under the hem of my blouse and I can feel the slippery trail of precum on my hot skin as he moves in closer.
Phil says ‘hey Harry this was your treat to me you can’t muscle in on her not until she’s finished with me.’
He groans with pleasure before he can speak again. When he does he says you should get this girl’s number she is very good at this. With that his cock shudders and his hands clench on my shoulders as I feel the first hot dribble of cum in my mouth followed by another greater spurt and another, until my mouth is so full I have no choice but to swallow. It isn’t a great problem for me as I have become used to the taste in recent months with my lovers. As he falls back against the wood panelled wall I put my right hand behind my back and take a hold of the thing that is pushing against my spine making a slimy mess on my skin. I struggle to turn myself around to face this other man who I now know is called Harry this is when I notice that the towel has been discarded on the floor beside him and his cock, not as thick as Phil’s but just as long is ready and waiting to play. I tell him to get back onto the bench which he does with impressive speed and athleticism. My face is now level with his groin and my mouth slips easily around this new tool. As I begin my new task with renewed fervour I manage to glance at my watch its 1.40pm and I have been in here for at least 10 minutes. There is a rustle beside me as Phil changes into his gym shorts and t-shirt. He noticed my glance at my watch and tells Harry to be quick
‘this woman needs to be out of here before anyone finds us in here. Don’t know about you but I don’t really want to get kicked out of the club.’ Harry obligingly cums in my mouth a few short seconds later. I swallow this new shot of cum and straighten my clothes as I stand up. Phil helping me to my feet. He thanks me profusely as I attempt to make a quick exit. When I return to SL he is looking nervously at his watch….he had been playing with his mobile and hadn’t noticed at first how long I had been but by now he was worried. I told him I got lost and found myself in the gents and had to beat a hasty retreat and find the ladies before I embarrassed myself. I finished the dregs of my fruit juice and we departed. Kissing beside my car as we confirmed the tiem we would meet up later. (to be continued)


JD's Rose said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Was that fact or fiction?

Too hot!

Sexy Vixen said...

maybe I shall reveal the answer to that once I have had time to write up the rest of the strange events of this weekend ;-)

VI said...

No freaking way!

Sexy Vixen said...

lol I have not finished writing about the strange events of the weekend yet....and now there are even more strange events today!!!!

Anonymous said...

fucking in hell, my cock was dribbling just reading that, xx
you are one hot lady xx

Freddy said...

it's never like that at my gym more's the pity :-(

Cherrie said...

I've heard of washroom attendants, but this definitely takes the concept one step further! It certainly made up for the couple who wasn't ready to play . . .

Anonymous said...

You do all ths for free?