Wednesday, March 28, 2007

strange events part two

after a hectic couple of hours I was soon ready to drive to my rendevous with SL. I text him as I was leaving my house so that he would know when to expect my arrival in the appointed meeting spot. I had been deliberating about what to wear for our outing. My decision being my red fishnet stockings and black mini skirt with my red jacket covering my black lacy bra. however I couldnt find the red fishnets so decided on sheer black stockings instead. I had been worried about my head cold but it seemed to be holding off for the moment. I arrived at our meeting place. As we travelled along the motorway we chatted on and off as we listened to the music. SL had arranged to meet FM and BW at a service station near to our destination. We arrived a few minutes late but there was no sign of them. I text BW to say we had arrived we soon got the reply that they were on their way and wouldn’t be long. Whilst we waited SL went and bought us a drink each and we played with our phones sending videos and pictures to each other by Bluetooth. We didn’t have to wait very long before we were joined by FM & BW. As we followed them along country roads we were a little concerned at FM’s driving. A few minutes later they pulled up at the side of the road and we parked a little further ahead. We thought they would be waiting by their car for us but they weren’t. We soon discovered though that they were already knocking at our host’s door. Can you imagine our surprise when we reached the house to find both FM & BW stood on the doorstep completely naked. I know we had discussed the possibility of BW arriving naked but we didn’t expect it of both of them. The door opened and we were greeted by CY also naked. I can’t think of another occasion in my life where I have been greeted by two men completely naked with very erect cocks. To my relief Mrs CY was fully clothed.

We were ushered into the living room lit only by candles and the strong scent of a joss stick burning in the adjoining conservatory. SL & I sat on the two seater brown leather sofa Mrs CY sat on a stool near us whilst the others all sat together on the three seater sofa. I joked about the room splitting into the three of us who were clothed at one side and the three nude ones at the otherside of the room. CY and BW busied them selves in the kitchen getting glasses of wine for everyone while FM went outside for a cigarette. I chatted to Mrs CY and SL. The others returned and Mrs CY joined BW & FM on the other sofa with CY perched on the arm. It didn’t take long before the women were wanking their men. The room was very warm with heat from the gas fire. I stroked SL’s thigh then sank onto my knees in front of him to remove his trousers and boxers which he very carefully folded and placed upon the dinning table beside him. By the time we were all on our second glass of wine everyone was relaxing. I was on my knees between SL’s naked legs stroking his thighs and giving his cock the treatment he has missed out on in recent months. He moaned with pleasure as I began licking and sucking this familiar penis. As I glanced across the room there was a tangle of bodies almost all naked apart from Mrs CY who was not feeling very well. She was sprawled on the sofa legs apart with CY’s hand buried inside her skirt as he was sprawled next to her BW between his legs sucking him off as her husband took her from behind. It was not much longer after this that someone I forget who but I think it was one of the women decided that we were over dressed and needed help out of our clothes especially me.

BW helped SL out of his clothes while Mrs CY approached me. I thought she was going for my skirt ( I had already taken my top off as it was so hot) but as her hand went up my leg with lightening speed it wasn’t my skirt but my lacy panties that she got a hold of and removed. BW was wanking SL but she also leaned across and both women were stroking and playing with my pussy. CY came into the room from making coffee he was now wearing a condom and it was decided by someone that I should be the first to receive his attentions. I lay on the floor wearing nothing now except my black stockings. I always feel sexier with them on. CY lowered himself on top of me and slowly entered my now wet pussy. Out of the three men he had the largest cock. It felt good to be filled again after the lack of sex in my life recently. I’m not sure what else was happening while I was being fucked by CY. I do believe that BW was playing with SL. After we had fucked and I was still on the floor CY sat back on his sofa allowing me full access to his cock so I could suck him off. It was most gratifying to hear him murmur that I have such a lovely soft touch. Especially as earlier I had heard one of the guys complaining about sharp nails with one of the others. During the evening I thought one of the funniest things was when both women were sucking cock…..their heads bobbing up and down fast as though it was a race. How could they have either given or received much pleasure like that. I love to take my time slowly running my tongue along and around the hard cock I have in my possession. Licking flicking swirling my tongue sometimes nibbling along the length more with my lips than my teeth. Yes I take the cock into my mouth I love to take this nice and slow too changing the angle of my mouth, sometimes taking it as far as I can then just a little way or maybe just the tip while my tongue plays. I love to tease the cock that I am playing with. Keeping my man guessing what I will do next, keeping the experience alive for both of us. Those who have experienced me giving head will know what I mean. I have never had any complaints yet although there may well come a day when I don’t satisfy my man.

During our discussions prior to the evening I had learnt that there may be some massages with baby oil on offer. CY spread a protective sheet upon his carpet and handed the baby oil to BW. SL knelt on the sheet and BW began to massage his shoulder, arm and back as he had mentioned a frozen shoulder. This massage seemed to ease his shoulder. Next BW lay on her front and FM massaged her back until someone suggested that she turn over and he massaged her front. I was told to help him. Kneeling on the floor I massaged BW’s stomach and legs gradually getting more adventurous and rubbing her boobs as well occasionally allowing my hand to wonder as far as her pubic hair. I am not brave enough to touch her pussy probably because I have never done this before and I am aware that there are four sets of eyes on the scene watching my hands moving constantly over and around her boobs, stomach and legs. Maybe if it had been just the two of us or if everyone else was busy playing not taking any notice I may have been braver. When I eventually sat back BW said I had wonderfully gentle hands. My second compliment…..I mustn’t start to get big headed. As I continued to sit on the floor FM lay face down while BW sat on his legs massaging his back and slapping his ass. This was a very short massage then he got up and sat next to SL, who gave me his cock to suck again. BW was next to me sucking off her husband while SL put his hand across to wank FM. I soon found that my mouth was joined by FM’s hand on SL’s cock. Both men were wanking the other while we sucked them off. Then BW was joining in licking SL who pulled my shoulders up so I was now kneeling up he turned me towards FM who was now standing so that I could suck him off alternating with BW. I remember a strong smell of cigarette smoke (they both smoke almost constantly). Just for fun FM began to fuck my mouth getting faster and faster until I couldn’t keep him in my mouth any longer as his movements became more and more frantic. I was laughing too by then which didn’t help. FM moved around behind his wife SL turned me so that the two of us women were now kneeling up facing each other. FM reached around BW to hold me against her. SL lifted up my right boob for BW. She fondled it at first then as SL lifted it higher she lowered her head to lick then suck my nipple. At first I felt nothing but gradually I could feel her sucking harder and harder. I began to feel the familiar thread that goes from my nipples directly to my damp sex. The tugging that begins slowly at first then spreads down through me to my thighs which tingle and drip as I become wetter and wetter. So there I was on my knees, BW sucking my right nipple while her husband has my left boob in his hand and SL has his hand rubbing my swollen clit. I have my hands on BW’s shoulders gently caressing her shoulders and back all the time concentrating on what is happening to my boobs. I let my hands slide downwards and play with BW’s boobs again. As FM is fucking his wife from behind and holding me to her. CY and Mrs CY re enter the room with more coffee. I collapse onto the sofa feeling a little overwhelmed. SL fingers my swollen clit and I have to put my cup down as the spasms of pleasure course through my body involuntarily. He lowers his head letting his tongue enter me tasting me, reminding me of what he does best. It has been a very long time since I felt his tongue between my lips making me cum in great gushes. He loves to make me squirt. He knows he can make me extremely wet and does so easily. I want him to pull me onto the floor and fuck me as we have not done for months. He obliges and he is quickly inside me with my stocking clad legs wrapped around his back pulling him deeper inside me. I am lost in the moment I have longed for his cock inside me for the last few months. We have both been too busy for one of our Monday morning sessions on my bed. I am moaning now telling him to fuck me baby yes this is so good. I feel him shoot his load inside me, I squeeze him a few more times with my hungry muscles as I feel myself cum once more. We collapse together in a heap as he kisses my nose and there is a round of applause. I had momentarily forgotten we were not alone. We finish our coffee and dress as SL has to get home. Everyone dresses and we say our goodbyes. FM is driving ahead of us along the road at a snai’ls pace. At least this time he is not undressing as he drives. Once we reach the motorway SL passes FM and we speed off on our way home. We are both quiet not saying much. I joke about how far we will have got by the time FM gets home. SL thinks we will be home first even though we have double the distance to drive. When we arrive at my car we kiss goodnight. Not the passionate kisses of the past but gentle kisses. He waits while I get into my car and pull away before he goes home. When I get home the kids are all asleep so I can go online. SL is there I tell him I got home in just 17 minutes which is good even for me. He has seen the football highlights and is going to bed now he knows I am home.

I catch up with blogging and other activities on the pc… no time at all its 3am so I take myself off to bed remembering to change the clocks first which makes it 4am L
In the morning I awaken to a silent house with just the sound of the shower running I know my son has an early start today, his band are planning to do some recording. I go back to sleep for a while knowing I don’t have to get up yet. When I do eventually get up everyone is out. I take the opportunity to go online. Within seconds I have 4 conversations on the go. One of these is a fellow blogger. He tells me that he has had an adventure. He has met a very nice handsome fit wealthy man who takes him back to his home and they play around by the pool. My friend tells me that while they were playing he sucked cock for the first time. He enjoyed it but wasn’t sure if he did it right. We spend the next few minutes with me giving him instructions on how to give a good blowjob. I hope I have helped him. I never imagined I would spend my Sunday online giving hints on cock sucking to man. This was the first strange event of Sunday. Not long after this I was checking my emails and found one from another blogger giving a phone number with instructions to text. I don’t do so for some time. But email back saying what kind of text do you want?
1) hiya
2) fancy a cuppa
3) come get me I need a shag
a while later I text the number I have been given…….what kind of text do you want?
Immediate reply………. whats on the menu ? so I reply with the choices I had set out in my email.
My phone rings, it is that number…..a very nice voice says …cuppa sounds good to me. I am in ****** Tesco carpark I have a spare half an hour. I say it will take me 15/20 minutes to get there. I have no idea who I am meeting…well that’s not quite true because I do now know the name of this person from the address on the email. All I know otherwise is that this person lives in the same part of the country and works in a town not far from mine, and we read each other’s bloggs very regularly. I arrive in said town and pull into the tesco car park which is almost deserted as the shop closed several hours ago. There is one car parked on its own with the lights on not far from the entrance. I pull up a couple of spaces from this car to see a face smiling and a hand waving at me. I get out of my car and walk over, he says are you getting in I only have a few minutes. So we spend the next 5 minutes or so sat in his car chatting. We mention one or two other bloggers and discuss my family situation and why I don’t work at present. Then he has to go to work. So we part company and I go home. I have things to do anyway.


I spent the day working as receptionist at a company that ask for me everytime they need cover for their receptionist. They are aware that I can only work less than 16 hrs per week otherwise it affects my benefits and my claim is cancelled meaning that I have to claim again. This time I am working Monday and Tuesday. The staff have got used to me now and I am learning who is who. The day goes without many problems and I set off home at the end of the day. Suprisingly only #3 son is home he has been on the pc for several hours and goes upstairs. While dinner is cooking I catch up with my blogs and email. Whilst I was checking my mail I see GB sign in. A few minutes later he is still there so I send him a funny face. We have a very short conversation and then he is gone. I just sit there tears streaming down my face, not that he said anything bad but I was reading between the lines. Not sure if I was being over sensitive. I decide that I cannot keep this situation as it is. I am feeling very upset and take myself upstairs. The boys come in from playing cricket. While I am serving up their dinner #2 gets a call from his dad who asks to speak to me. I do not want to speak to SF, I have no reason to. He insists tells #2 that he ahs to speak to me about money. It seems hes thinking of getting a job and wants to do a deal with me instead of CSA taking money from him. I tell him that I can’t do that or I will lose some of the paltry amount I get in benefits. We argue over how much I get from the state. He mistakenly thinks I get more than enough to cover everything. He then goes on to say that I have probably heard who he is seeing. I have not and what is more I do not care!! He tells me that he misses me he still loves me so I tell him that he has a new girlfriend now. he keeps saying he still loves me. I dont want to hear it. I can hear he is drunk. I ring off. but later when I am being miserable in my room he has rung again!!!! Again he keeps saying that he still loves me.....he admits that he is drunk....I can tell without being told!!
Later I go online I chat to HMU then N comes online ...he too is saying he loves and misses me. I really dont want to hear this not from N and not from SF either.
I am sure something else strange happened on monday but now its wednesday night and I cant remember.

Oh yes just remembered. I was having a text conversation with FF he asked if I wanted some fun on tuesday....he and Pp were due to have some fun with another couple but the wife had to go to scotland and they wondered if I would like to join them instead. I asked who and where. when he told me who it was i was amused this guy had been trying to get me to see them on my own without SL. his wife was always asleep whenever we spoke to them. I just said that I haven't been feeling well. then I went online via my mobile and the guy we had been talking about started chatting (first time in ages). He asked if I fancied a 4/5some..he had a couple coming round but his wife was away. He said he would try to find another lady and they said they would ask someone they knew. He didnt realise they had asked me lol.
yesterday which was when they were meant o be meeting I got a text from FF saying that he was being stood up it wasnt happening. I didnt ask why.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's what I call packing a lot into a weekend.

Lonely Gal said...

man you DID have a lot to say:)
Cool that you met another blogger.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave anything out!!!!!

Lady in red said...

annonymous is ther something you wanted to know about ?