Sunday, August 19, 2007

special friday part two

part one can be found here

I am sure that I swore at him a few times, it really did hurt yet I wasn't ready to stop I knew I could take much more. Part of me wanted to stop but a bigger part of me wanted to carry on. I was amazed how much pain I could withstand just because it was something I wanted to do. I forget now if it was during the hand spanking or the paddle that my nickers were pulled down to midway down my thighs.

He digitally checked to see if I was wet. Yes I was, this was turning me on but to my dismay not as much as reading about it had done. I remember pushing back onto his fingers as he checked me. more standing in the corner I almost fell over as I tried to stand and make my way to the corner. more photos were taken. this time when I returned to the bed one of the large cushions that form the back of the sofa was placed on the bed and I was instructed to lie across this with my ass in the air. I think I receieved more strikes with the paddle before I received the cane, We agreed on 6 strikes to begin with. I don't know which he used first but it was thin and whippy, I received two strikes with this before he changed to a thicker one which made more of a thud. I remember counting 3 and 4 then came 5 my mind was struggling to count was it 5 or 6 the two numbers merged into one in my head I had lost the ability to count. I knew then that although I could physically take more my brain had given up. Just as my mind was formulating this message he said he thought I had had enough. We had both sensed it at the same time.

more standing in the corner for photos then I was laid on my back across the bed as he licked me out. I must have been very aroused as his face was very wet whe he emerged. we lay on the bed chatting for a while then it was almost time for him to go, he was very sleepy by then so I made him a coffee. when he was ready to leave we had a friendly kiss then I remembered that I hadn't repayed him. I said I didnt mind if he wanted me to give him a bj which I then did before sending him away tired but satisfied.

A little under an hour after his departure Forest arrived, the original plan had been for Forest to arrive so that my partner could hand me over, he didnt want to leave me alone but as Forest had to change his plans and arrive later my partner had to go before he arrived. Suprisingly my ass was not too paiful to sit and we embraced on the sofa for a while before moving to the bed where he kissed and licked my ass in such a loving way that every second of pain had been worth it to receive this attention.


Dazza said...

How refreshing to see the original use of the word "digitally"!


katie said...

i picked up on that too lol. A very nursey phrase. Nice to see you enjoyed your caning

Lady in red said...

the use of digitally comes from the exchange of emails with my knight which take up a large part of this blog.

Lady in red said...

katie I think my experience of being caned was made better by the fact it was done by a very good friend who I trust completely and the fact we both realised at the same time that I had had enough just shows how right I was to trust him, he didnt try to push me too far.