Saturday, August 11, 2007


I lay here on my bed
the covers kicked aside
the air is humid and uncomfortable
sleep wont come even though I am weary
my hand wanders over my chest
pulling at my nipple as
my mind wanders through the
memories of our words
I adore you my sweet
I adore the words you use
as you tell me I am your angel
as you describe how you lust
what you wish for us
I remember your desire
for me to go about my business
with my vibrator inside me
as you imagine it to be
you very own fingers
that caress and nudge
my g spot as I move around

my fingers trail away from my
breast moving away and
down my body
touching and exploring
the flesh you crave so much
to again make yours
the heat coming now from within
driving my mind upwards
as I imagine you here
your lips on mine
your fingers caressing my
love button
driving them deeper and deeper
as I drive my vibrator
in and out in and out
sliding more easily
now I am wet for my knight
but I wont call you that
even in my mind
for me now my knight has gone
instead I have you the man
not the figment of our imagination
I am filled with the image of your
gentle eyes as they fill with lust
my ears ring with your soft voice
words of debaucherie
before you call me
your perfect lover

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