Sunday, August 26, 2007


its hot and sunny I can feel the sweat trickle down my back I look at him curled up on the picnic blanket with his head in my lap. the last time I was here months ago it was raining, I watched the school children in their rain macs as I chatted to my friend over our hot drinks. Today it is like a completely different place. today the snack bar is full of people eating ice creams. The car parks are full, there are large groups of people having picnics, games of cricket and other group activities. the air is filled with the sound of laughter and the smell of burgers and sausages cooking. Looking around everyone seems to be enjoying this summer day so rare this year. Once the sandwiches and fruit have been consumed washed down with cold water he grabs my hand pulling me up from my sitting position where I have been leaning against his car watching the world enjoy this lovely day. together we pack away the evidence of our picnic,lock the car and he pulls me across the grass towards the big map showing all the walks. He is much fitter than me, he has to be for his job. we look at the choice of walks I like the look of the 'short woodland walk' only 3km, he likes the look of the 'juniper walk' 7km with steep inclines. I persuade him that my flip flops won't make 7km. he agrees to a shorter but less popular walk.

I am breathing hard by the time we reach the top of the first stretch of the walk, looking out across neatly harvested fields a windmill on the crest of a hill in the distance, we sit on a bench admiring the view. We have met no one else so far on this walk. I am enjoying this lazy day with him, his arm drapped across my shoulders. I must have lost myself in my own thoughts for a minute as he takes me by suprise when his hand darts up the inside of my shorts. I turn to him and he kisses me passionately. I am melting in his arms as I always do. If ever I got stuck and needed to be rescued I can think of none better to be rescued by. My mind is jumping all over the place as he massages my inner thighs with his left hand, holding my
shoulder with his right hand, no way to escape his grip even if I wanted which I dont. I try to break away from his kiss saying we cant do this here smeone will see us. Nonsense we have not seen another soul yet.

He slides to the ground bringing me with him onto the lush grass. His fingers still inside my shorts he finds my wet pussy prising open my wet and waiting lips. His mouth devouring mine as his body pins me to the ground the smell of fresh grass fills my nose as I lose myelf in the sensations he brings to my body. His fingers now fucking me deep as I writhe to meet him, my hips raised as I push myself to him wanting him now not caring who should see us. He tears himself away from my insistent mouth as he props himself up on his elbow facing away from me now. I know why, he doesnt have to say anything I know that very soon I shall have wet feet as he makes me squirt. My red shorts have been rucked up so that my naked pussy is exposed to the air as he presses into my willing cunt making my juice fly through the air to hit my feet. I am moaning an writhing on the ground his body close to mine but not close enough as my desire builds to a crescendo of twitching muscles and trembling limbs. It hits my right foot first then my left how the fuck does he do that?

But who cares as long as he is here now doing wonderful things to me. I pull him unceremoniously back down to the ground beside me as I fumble with his shorts. I already knew he would be comando just as I am today. I release his hard cock from the confines of his navy blue shorts and demand that he FUCK ME NOW FOR GODS SAKE!! He makes me promise that I will lick him clean after he has fucked me hard. Oh yes please Sam anything you say my beautiful sexy man. He leans across me with my right leg over his hips as he enters me not gently but with a sudden thrust pushing as far into me as my shallow vagina allows. we are both grinding our hips together now lost in our own world here on the grass by the side of the footpath.I feel my juice seeping out of me as he makes me cum again. He is grunting in my ear to the rhythm of my own moans and wimpers. I look up to see his face crease up as he nears his own orgasm, he pulls out and instantly I feel the hotness of his spunk as it hits the top of my breast and trickles down into the hollow of my throat. He pushes his fingers into his spunk on my chest playing with the sticky mess before offering his
fingers to me to lick. I have just finished licking his fingers clean when we hear the sound of children laughing and shouting. he kneels up and sees the family coming our way. we straighten up and he grabs my hand pulling me along as we run along the path. I will have to finish him off later when we get back to his house where my car is waiting for my return.

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nitebyrd said...

I'm not a big outdoors person unless it's a concert but THAT would be my kind of picnic!