Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Maureen Ruby Collier (better known as Mollie to her friends) was sat on the bar stool waiting. She knew it wouldn't be long now. Mollie had been staying with her uncle Jack and his wife Kath for the summer before she returns to uni in the autumn. Her parents had suggested she stay with Uncle Jack as a summer job. She was working behind the bar tonight, she liked thursdays, it is always busy. Thursday is quiz night, a popular weekly event in The Cygnet. The Cygnet is one of the few proper pubs left in the city, being a Free House not part of one of those commercial chains that are taking over most of the pubs. Uncle Jack still has a couple of fruit machines, a dart board and a pool table in the far corner.

The quiz doesn't start until 9pm but Mollie knew the crowd of friends who came every week, mostly single men in this group would be in between 7pm and 7.30pm. sometimes they came early and had their dinner before the evening got into full swing, other times they just played pool and the fruit machines before the main event of the night. there are usually 5 or 6 of them in the group. Tonight Mollie had made up her mind, she only had three weeks left with Jack and Kath.

Mollie was popular with the punters, they enjoyed her humour but really they were more interested in her firm but ample bust with her pert nipples that stood out like small bullets. Mollie feels a rush of adrenaline as the group walk in but there are only four of them. she calmly serves them while searching for him to come through the door. She wants to ask them where he is but she doesnt know his name. besides she is overcome with shyness not wanting his friends to know she fancies him. 8.30pm there is still no sign of him, it will be her break soon, its the quietest time for the bar when the quiz is going. maybe she will just go up to her room this evening. But just at that moment he walks in with another man she has not seen before, he is shorter and darker than him. Kath serves them at the other end of the bar, before they take
their places at the usual table ready for the quiz.

this group often come in the top couple of teams, last week they won! Each member of the team has a specialist subject, one is sport another music, his is films and TV. soon the quiz starts and there is a hush as the punters scribble their answers onto the sheets of paper before them, Ray the DJ announcing each question twice just to make sure everyone understands it. Half way through there is a break while the first part of the quiz is marked. The group stand around the pool table as two of the friends begin a match. He is leaning on the table nearest the pool table. Mollie leans over the bar and hisses to him psst, psst sorry I don't know your name. He turns around to find himself staring right at her breasts. He flushes and says you can call me Bob. Mollie comes around the end of the bar to stand beside him as he flips peanuts at his friend while slurping his beer. A brackish brew, characterised by a milky head and sour finish.

well Bob I was wondering if you were free one night you might fancy a chinese takeaway with me after I finish work.

Just as Bob opens his mouth to accept he suffers one of his not so infrequent bouts of eructation. the stench is so bad that it drives Mollie away, she flicks her jet black hair over her shoulder and flounces off muttering 'what manners!!' Bob's friend Wayne has watched this and realises what has been going on. He rushes after Mollie to placate her. 'don't mind Bob he wasnt being rude that was just the after effects of all the coke he drank at work today. give him a chance you just never know do you ?'

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