Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When you get here

she catches sight of him across the room

as she looks up from the menu

her heart misses a beat

she hadn't expected to see him

her stomach lurches

should she acknowledge him

he catches her eye and winks

she smiles and turns

to her companion

to continue their deliberations

should she have the caesar salad or

cumberland sausage and mash

her companion chooses a ploughmans lunch

she swaggers off to the bar to place their order

as she leans over the bar checking out the drinks

a hand she feels lightly brush across her ass

he stands a little apart from her

placing his own order for himself and his family

'I didn't expect.....'

'.....to see you here '

he finishes for her

he smiles 'I'm glad'

her order placed with the staff

back to the table she returns

while she eats she catches a glimps of a leg

or an arm as he speaks animatedly

with his family

his face hidden from view

later a text she receives

you looked happy and peaceful

you too and your son looks just like his sexy father

your mother could be your sister

hands off you are mine

yes and I shall prove it when you get here

1 comment:

Cherrie said...

The claim is staked! Will it be exploited? I would think so!