Sunday, July 22, 2007


nervously she waits
doors firmly locked
headphones on listening to her mp3
eyes shut she loses herself in the songs she loves
noise and movement outside
but still she keeps her eyes closed
tapping on the window beside her
brings her back to now
quickly she unlocks and flings open the door
he pulls her into his arms
his mouth searching and finding hers
lifting her in his strong arms
he places her on the polished metal surface
she slips
he pins her in place with his body
as his hands search her
pulling and pinching
making her tremble with arousal
crunch of tyres on gravel
they are not alone
he grabs her hand and pulls her with him
he pushes her up to the passenger seat
they climb over the seat into the space behind
firm but soft with blankets already in place
he lays beside her
their hands all over each other
fingers and mouths feeling and tasting
excitement growing in more ways than one
his fingers find her secret place
hot and wet to his touch
she pulls awkwardly at his trousers
knowing what she will find
oh how she has missed them both
this man whose body and mind she craves
and his ooohhh so lovely hard penis
he wispers in her ear
i'm glad you found it
it was easy
she has a good map book!
besides shes been in his pants before lol
why had they never done this before
it is obviously the solution
to the problem of accommodation
she snuggles up close
as her hand works on him so well
desperate now she guides him
inside her tight lips
mutual gratification so near now
he pulls out turns her over
gently he open up her cheeks
warm and wet liquid soothes
readying her for that
ultimate pleasure as he enters
her in the tightest place of all
that searing pain she remembers so well
now exceeded by the exsquisite thrill
she now feels as he fills her
this man who showed her the way
so long ago now
her fists pounding the mattress
as she screams through her orgasm
for once not afraid of being heard
together they collapse as the tensions fade
a cuddle a kiss and they must go
he back to the depot then home to bed
her back to shower and for work to prepare

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Cherrie said...

And the encounter is gone, but hardly forgotten.