Saturday, July 28, 2007


she stands in the corner nose to the wall, she hears a light tap on the door, rustle then whispering, more rustling.

hand firmly on her shoulder as a blindfold is placed over her eyes, she is turned, some kind of tape is placed across her mouth. from across the room she hears the whirring as the camera is switched on. A hand pushes her forward step by tentative step, she counts 11 steps before the hand grabs her arm and turns her back to face the way she has come. the hand on her arm slips down to just above her wrist then yanks her downwards. She finds herself landing across his lap, he is sitting on something. Probably the chair that was by the desk in the corner of the hotel room. his hands pull her about manouvering her so that her hands are flat on the floor and her toes just touch the floor on the otherside of him. her arse pointing towards the ceiling. The hem of her skirt falls just below her buttocks barely covering her
black silk thong. His hand smooths her skirt over her arse. then whack he slaps her. her whole body jolts with the shock even though she had known it would come. four more slaps then he smooths her skirt again. One more slap, she holds her breath as she waits for more but in stead he raises her skirt and rubs her cheeks, this is nice. But suddenly he slaps her again but this time without the covering of her skirt the sound stings her ears as much as the feel of his hand stings her flesh. she endures the growing sting in her ass he has pulled her thong down to the top of her thighs limiting her leg movements exposing her glowing buttocks for the camera which she has forgotten.

He speaks telling her to nod or shake her head if she has learnt her lesson yet, will she mend her wanton ways. slowly she shakes her head.
He speaks again but startled she realises his words are not for her.

Ok leave the video camera now and take your place, rip the tape from her and fuck her mouth while I give her a dozen with the paddle then we swap right !!


Anonymous said...

Very hot! Loved this! :)

George said...

Nice, very nice, twist at the end

Cherrie said...

This got exciting in a hurry! Will there be more?

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Really HOT. Looking forward to more