Saturday, July 14, 2007


she sees them walking towards her pushing a trolley loaded with shopping
she brushes his arm as they pass
at the end of the aisle she looks round
hes right behind her grabs her arm and hustles her around the corner a quick kiss
a whisper in her ear to follow
to the disabled toilets he goes
once inside he locks the door pushes her against the wall
his hand up her short skirt
her hand in his jeans
their pent up passion
can hold out no longer
he sits on the pan with his jeans around his ankles
her panties discarded on the floor
straddles him
oh its sooo good
its been so long
since last they met
what a relief this chance encounter
he can stay long enough only
for the explosion of their passion
before he must hurry
his wife will be looking for him
five minutes later she catches a glimpse
as he packs the bags
she continues her shopping
later they will text how great it was to bump into
each other so unexpectedly
must do this again xx


George said...

SV ... you certainly have the wildest stories ... the wife shopping, maybe even looking for him, as he bangs his slut in the washroom. You're good.

Great weekend

Lady in red said...

thank you George....I often fantacise about bumping into them

I am not sure I will show him this though even though he loves the other stories I have written about him