Sunday, June 03, 2007

Morning Glory

Something wakes me, I get up and go to the bathroom, when I come back my phone is beeping to alert me that I have a text waiting to be read. I check the time 5.45am I open my phone I am excited.

6.30am ok?

I will be there

Quickly back to the bathroom for a quick wash no time for shower yet. Put on the brown skirt and top I had laid out last night just in case. With cream lace bra and panties underneath. Creep out of the house trying not to awaken the kids. Lock the door behind me and run to my car as quietly as I can in my haste. I don’t want to waste a single moment. Soon I am on the motorway with the sun in my mirror as I speed along. I have checked my map over and over to make sure I know where I am going. I pull off the motorway onto the smaller road, I know these roads most of the way, soon I find the turning it isn’t long before I find the car park. There is a car already parked I pull up next to it, the driver grins and gets out he comes round to my door. Before I can get out of my seat he is crouching beside me, he pulls my face towards him and plants a gentle kiss upon my hungry lips. He smells of soap and toothpaste, mmmm I love these scents that smack of cleanliness. He helps me from my car, once I have locked the door he takes my hand leading me through the trees to a group of holly bushes about 60 or 70 meters from the path. We circle the bushes to where there is a gap wide enough for us to pass with out getting caught up on the prickles. To my astonishment there is a space about 10 foot across and laid upon the ground is a thick blanket and some cushions there is a bag next to the blanket.

I turn to my companion he has a great big grin on his face.

I thought you would be pleased

I reach up to put my arms around his neck drawing him to me for a big kiss. We sink to our knees still kissing, his hands are inside my top drawing it up over my head exposing my lightly tanned breasts as they spill out of my lace bra. Before I can think about it he has flicked the clasp releasing my breasts from their fragile cups. Stooping he takes both breasts in his hands bringing his lips to first one nipple then the other as I lean back giving him maximum access to his prize. I feel the dampness I had experienced during my drive of anticipation of this moment increasing. I know with certainty that when his fingers begin to explore my panties he will find them already wet. I don’t have long to wait, he starts to explore inside my skirt pulling my panties to one side dipping a finger into my wetness he withdraws offering his finger to my lips. As I lick his finger he kisses me with his wet finger between our lips as we share my juice. My hands are now exploring his body as I pull at his t-shirt then his belt. He shifts his position to allow me to undo his belt then his jeans. On this occasion he has dared to go commando. He draws me back onto my feet as he slips out of his jeans and helps me out of my skirt and panties. We are both naked with just the breeze and the sun upon our flesh. This feels incredible and my excitement mounts. He pushes me to the ground placing a cushion under my buttocks raising my hips towards his advancing face. He buries his face between my thighs, I feel a finger inside me as his tongue begins to work on my clit, first licking then sucking. I just love the way he does this. I get carried away on waves of pleasure as I grab hold of his free hand. My other hand holding onto the thick woollen blanket bunching the material in my fist. I can’t help myself I am moaning with pleasure. Somewhere at the edge of my mind I am aware of rustling in the bushes and birdsong in the trees. An eternity of pleasure and he emerges from my thighs, its his turn now I push him onto his back as I crawl between his legs taking hold of his hard cock, I begin to lick his balls then move up to his shaft licking the entire length several times, taking my time when I reach his swollen head lapping up every trace of precum.

When I am sure he has had as much teasing as he can take for the moment I take his head into my mouth, just a little way at first then deeper until I almost gag he is so deep inside my throat. I enjoy this so much I lose all track of time. I have no idea how long I devote my attention to this beautiful and tasty cock before he pulls me off him telling me this is so intense he needs me to stop. I crawl back up his body as he fumbles in his bag for a condom. Once this is in place I climb on top of him impaling my body on his shaft. Leaning back as far as I can I ride him as he inserts his thumb into my labia. He rubs my clit making me moan loudly as I cum washing his balls with copious amounts of my juice. Now we are both moaning as we lock eyes gazing at each other, watching our expressions change as we ride out our journey to heaven together. I cannot hold this position for too long my legs are not strong enough for me to keep going. I collapse on my lover as he rolls me over onto my back pulling my legs up into the air so that he has one foot on either side of his head. He pumps inside me I am lost in oblivion with just the sounds of his balls slapping against my buttocks, my moans and his panting. Oh god help me I want to burst, this is what it has all been about, this pleasure, this man who knows me so well. Please don’t stop let this be how it will be for us. I want these feelings to go on for ever yet I don’t think I can take much more. Do I want him to stop or keep going, my body doesn’t know, my mind doesn’t know. My body is screaming

’stop now, don’t stop, keep going, no I can’t take it, I don’t want this to end’

My mind is just so confused it goes blank letting the pleasure wash over me. Then he has stopped he is pulling away from me. I am alert now, why has he stopped I need him inside me again please!!! But he has other ideas. The condom is discarded as he climbs over me he places his cock over my face as he buries his face back between my thighs. Wow Its been ages since I did this, I pull his cock down into my throat as I feel him lapping up my juice I explore him with my tongue trying to swallow him as deep as I can I love the feel of his cock jerking in my mouth as I fondle his balls. Then he gives a couple of hard jerks and I feel the first spurt as he cums in my mouth. This is followed by several more spurts of hot liquid as he fills my mouth. Some I swallow the rest I savour waiting until he has climbed off me offering his lips for a kiss as I share the rest of his cum with him. This is the first time he has done this, I can see by his face that he loves it. We collapse into each other’s arms as we murmur how good this has been and we must do this again soon. After a short rest he reaches into his bag for some wipes so we can clean up then he pulls out his clean clothes. Silently we both dress, me in the brown skirt and top which I can see he admires. He in his black trousers, blue shirt and tie. I run my brush through my hair. We are both ready to start our day. He in his office me back in my place of domesticity. We kiss passionately before making our way back to our cars. There are other cars here now and there are dogs barking in the distance. A man passing us gives us a knowing wink. One final embrace as we reach the cars then off to our separate lives. Both with a secret smile on our lips and a twinkle in our eyes. We will talk later, but its good bye for now.


Lonely Gal said...

Wow! How HOT! lucky YOU!

Lady in red said...

thanx LG

Anonymous said...

nice one, xx

Cherrie said...

That day at work must have gone by quickly for both of you! Or slowly, if you had another date behind the holly bushes at 5 p.m.!